Femdoming Ideas For Your sissy husband (2)

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Maintaining My Female Dominance Over My sissy husband


This is the second part of my fun and humiliating activities for your sissy husband. Enjoy reading my list as the activities get spicier.


(11) Setting a nail salon appointment for your sissy husband can be humiliatingly fun. Picture his reaction when you tell him to be at a specific nail salon for his mani/Pedi appointment you booked. Be sure to let him know that he doesn’t need to worry his pretty little head because you took care of all of the specifics. For my sissy husband, I always request clear nail polish, rather than a color. I don’t want him to be humiliated in an unappreciated manner, but my friends have made their sissy husband get pink toenail polish as a punishment. Similarly, you can also schedule waxing and tanning appointments for your sissy.


(12) The Strapon is one of the best tools to clearly establish who is superior in the relationship. Unfortunately, many wives draw the line here and refuse to peg their spouse. They are really missing out. Wonderful things can happen with pegging your lingerie-clad husband. First, it will break down some of the mental barriers he may have been desperately holding onto in the relationship. When he is screaming like a sissy bitch the first few times and be squeamishly embarrassed afterward due to mixed emotions, he will love you even more after definitively taking control of him.


And no, it won’t magically make him gay. He wants to submit to you and will desperately want to have sex, “regular” sex with you after the experience and you will have control of whether that will actually happen. If you are willing to jump into pegging your sissy husband, please keep with it.  A goal should be to make it a regular experience that he knows is going to happen. I actually defined the occurrence to be the final Friday of every month in order to make him very cognizant of his actions leading up to the pegging. Misbehave?


I’ll up the strength of the pegging. Remember when he would be in control and pound your vagina during sex and you were in slight pain for days? Maybe he needs to experience the same. After a while of regular strapon play you will come to find that his selfish masculine edge will disappear and he will become beautifully attentive to serving you with his blossoming submissive side.


You may also find that his erogenous zone will expand from not only his penis but also to his cute sissy butt and his prostate gland. I now peg my husband either once a week or every other week. A fun side benefit is that it is actually a great exercise for you both, especially in the core region. When someone at the gym asks you your secret ab workout, it’ll put a smile on my face which usually humiliates him.


sissy humiliation


(13) Humiliation as a fetish is hard to define and regularly misunderstood. You may see comments on the Internet criticizing wives for even inquiring how to humiliate their husband with responses like “If you love him why are you humiliating him?” Uh, because it turns him on and he yearns for it. See why is it confusing to you? How can something be humiliating if your partner wants it to happen? Take forced feminization, for example, another wildly confusing subset of the so-called sissy fetish. If your partner is turned on by wearing panties, why would you need to force him to do it?


Is it because it is considered taboo and a form of controlling him? So getting back to humiliation, there are so many ways to do it. In public, you can take him shopping for lingerie for him. You can order dinner and drinks for the two of you. No more manly beer. How about a girly cocktail for him. Worried about what the waitress thinks? Who cares and add an extra tip, which is what she really cares about.


Other ideas could be taking a non-identifiable picture of him dressed up and pretend to blackmail him to get info out of him or get him to behave or act how you desire. Maybe up the ante and post the non-identifiable picture somewhere online for comments or messages. I’ve dressed my husband in panties, stockings, and a bra and had him pose bending over where his face could not be seen.


I, then posted a humiliating Craigslist ad online simply seeking comments and responses. If you think the ad is humiliating, you should see how humiliated he’ll be reading the responses. When he does, don’t be alarmed that he’s turned on. You may think he’s turned on by the response itself, but it’s without a doubt due to you humiliating and controlling him. Have fun playfully threatening him that “if he doesn’t behave” you might respond to the comments or messages.


(14) Butt plugs and sissy husbands are a fun combo. Think about it for a moment. Something penetrating him all day is a great reminder of who is in charge. Every movement of his will move the plug and every time he sits down it’s like you are pegging him. You will need to find the right size plug for him, which can change over time. When wearing a plug, your partner will need to have the right pair of panties on. My husband wears a bikini, boyshorts, French cut, or briefs panties, since those types can fit his so-called “manhood” or chastity cage in his underwear with spilling out, but for a plug, he’ll need to have a bit tighter panties on so the plug has some pressure to stay in him.


I’ve actually found that him wearing a thong under his is other panties is a good combo. When he is wearing a plug, you can always have some fun with him. Even the slightest patting on his backside will push the plugin his butt further. This can be done discretely in public, which adds to his desired humiliation. Have his thong pulled up a bit so if you desire, you can yank it up to further push in the plug. Repetitive thong yanking will somewhat simulate you pegging him on a smaller scale. Overall, the main aspect of the plug is the constant reminder of his submissive role. Feel free to couple a plug with his chastity cage.


(15) Teasing your sissy partner is good mental reinforcement. I continually comment to my submissive husband that he “looks so cute in his panties” or “sweetie, this bra might fit perfectly.” If he’s locked up, I love to tease him about how “frustrated” he must be in not being able to get an erection or tease him about keeping him “locked up” for several more days. Playful teasing actually gives him pleasure through attention. I mean it’s his fetish, so playing along with cute verbal domination will let him know you care.


(16) A surprising aspect of my submissive husband’s fetish is something called “sissy encouragement”. Another interesting and confusing thing to grasp. An example of this is to provide words of affirmation to your partner when he’s doing something humiliating. Like, if you are having him give a blow job to a dildo, verbally express that “he’s doing a great job sucking that cock” or “you’re a natural, sweetie”. This adds to the humiliation component and will give him comfort that you are alright with how submissive he is. If you are having him take Pilates lessons, you should encourage him in attending that he’ll “feel so much better about his body” and you love having a fit and trim submissive.


sissy hubby

(17) The words you choose can have a big impact on his psyche as a submissive. I’ve found that using words ordinarily reserved for the female gender like “sweetie”, “baby doll”, or “sugar” can remind him of his submissiveness. Using the words “pretty” or “cute” instead of “handsome” is another subtle way of enforcing role reversal that will not go unnoticed.


(18) Any time your partner is staying in a hotel, know that there is fun to be had. If he is staying alone in the hotel room, you need to set the rules. Maybe you’d like for him to be properly dressed up at all times in the room and maybe you’ll need to order room service on his behalf. I’ve had my sissy husband dress up in Victoria’s Secret lingerie and send me photo evidence on Kik. As I’m teasing him and encouraging him on Kik, I’m also on the phone with the hotel ordering him girly cocktails to be delivered to his room.


The knock on the door will be humiliating. Him having to throw on a robe over his sexy lingerie and answer the door is even more enjoyably humiliating for him. If you really want to be devious, you can call the hotel room service hours in advance to request a bottle of wine be delivered to his room, but specifically request that you want the bottle to be room temperature and not chilled, even if the Zinfandel or Rose is supposed to be cold.


That way you can demand he shimmies down the hall in the robe to get a necessary bucket of ice. If you are with him in the hotel, the possibilities can expand. I’ve dressed and tied my husband up, teased him and threatened to bring others into the room to amuse or entertain them and humiliate him. Actually bringing others into the equation is up to you and discussed below. But don’t let travel put a pause on your control and domination of him, which you’ll both appreciate in the long run.


(19) Involving others into your relationship is something you both need to discuss openly and not under the dominant-submissive cloak of the relationship. It could be fun having a third party or it could be a disaster. Your relationship is built on trust with each other and not the third party. Anyone who has done any research on married sissies has probably read about cuckolding or forced bi, but that very well could be out of your sissy partner’s comfort zone. That might not mean all third parties would be unwelcome. Maybe it would turn one or both of you on being watched by a third person on webcam?


Maybe a third party would be able to assist in non-sexual ways like being your sissy’s keyholder or maybe someone needs their house cleaned by a sissy maid? Once these things are discussed, these limits can be used to set the ground BDSM rules. They can always be changed if you want to reduce the interactions with third parties or expand the adventurous boundaries a bit.


I’ve already mentioned above involving third parties with employees at stores for shopping, but maybe it would be fun if you found an employee that would be alright in having your sissy try on clothes to purchase. It might be of interest to someone on commission! I also mentioned the room service orders, but maybe it would be fun if someone stopped by the hotel room while your sissy was tied up. So many possibilities that you and your partner could explore together. If you think three is a crowd, that is also fine too.


(20) Assigning tasks to your sissy will keep your partner engaged. Tasks can be your typical “honey-do list” but adding panties, chastity, a butt plug and a nail appointment for you will spice things up. Tasks can be used as a tool to get him closer to being unlocked, played with, or even orgasm, as you desire. I didn’t realize that sissies actually get excited to perform a task until I googled “sissy tasks”. Then I realized it’s like a thing. Buying panties, picking up dinner, massaging feet, etc. are just some of the few things you can officially assign to your sissy husband.


Some of these might become a regular occurrence and evolve into your sissy husband’s responsibilities. As an example, on Wednesdays, your sissy might be responsible for bringing home dinner, dressing in lingerie, giving you a massage, and serving you a drink. If this is expected every Wednesday, you must make it clear. Failure by your partner to fulfill a task or complete their specified responsibilities could lead to a punishment of your choice.


This list is something I learned over the years that works for me to keep my sissy husband in line, in a submissive mindset, and yearning for more. I wish I knew all of this in the beginning since sissies aren’t the best at explaining things. I strongly encourage you to pry information out of your partner one way or another on what he desires. As a dominant female spouse or partner, your needs and desires are obviously superior, but keeping him interested in worshipping you involves a lot of work and indulging him, sometimes, in his submissive sissy fetish.

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  1. I do slutty maid dress for my wife on the weekends when I bring her breakfast in bed, it’s way too short and she giggles each time but it’s fun 🙂

  2. My wife loves to use a butt plug on me. Then she takes it out and fucks me with her strap on dildo. When she done fucking me, she then puts the butt plug back in and queens me till she orgasms’. I’m her sissy bitch and I love it and her too.

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