The Day My Sissification Started – A Submissive’s Life with a Strong Female

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I always had a thing for strong women. Not just any woman, I loved Females who took advantage of being Female. Most of them just lived their ordinary lives on the principle of gender equality. What a load of rubbish. Men and women could never be equal. Women should be given more. They should never have to do anything they didn’t want to. A female intern should be able to order a senior male member to make her coffee if she so desired. This was the natural order of things. One such strong female that I often dream of worshipping is my younger sister Amanda or Mandy as we often called her.

We attended the local community college together but our social statuses were far apart. I was the nerd and social outcast while she was the prom queen and head cheerleader.

Giving in to the Temptation of a Strong Female

Today, I’ve decided enough was enough I could not resist the temptation anymore. She normally had her practice on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. I made myself free in the afternoon and then listened out for her to leave the house.

Shortly after, she left. I then quietly snuck into her room. I have never been in here as we’ve both been taught to respect each other’s privacy. The room was deliciously feminine and the smell of perfume still lingered in the air. I quickly scanned the room for what I was looking for. I was just in luck. She had just changed into her uniform and her used undies were still lying on the floor. The smell of her pussy was still strong.

As I picked it up, lust immediately overtook my senses. I eagerly began stripping and wrapped it around my throbbing own dick.

The Aphrodisiac of a Strong Female

The smell of her pussy was a really good aphrodisiac and despite wanting it to last, I quickly tipped over the boundary. I shouted to myself as was my fantasy.

“ Yes Amanda, Yes Amanda make me your sissy” as I moaned sexually. I shot much more than usual with ropes and ropes of cum shoot out when suddenly ‘Ewww don’t get it all over’.

In shock, I immediately tried to cover up.
“Don’t bother I’ve already taken photos. Remove your hands and show me.”
“Wait!! What are you doing here??? You’re supposed to be at practice?”
Really ?? Well, Guess what doofus. It got canceled. The coach had an accident, so it has been delayed. A much different ‘accident’ than your LITTLE brother. She snickered. Hahaha hahaha. That’s your penis?? It’s a tiny little thing. It’s so small. She mocked me.
Mandy, please let’s just put this behind us and forget it. You’re my sister. You shouldn’t be seeing me naked.

Get on Your Knees!


Ohh so now I’m your sister, she mocked. You should have thought of that before you jerked off with my panties. Since you like my panties so much, keep wearing it until mum comes back.
“But it’s covered in cum. Please!! I’m a man!!! I can’t wear your panties! I protested. “
“Is it? Are you? Real men don’t beg. But you are begging me, aren’t you? My sister asked. That’s not how you beg. Get on your knees and do it properly. “
“Please please Mandy don’t make me do this as I got to my knees and started begging. “
“Nope, not feeling it. Bark like a dog and whimper. “
“Woof Woof” I did as she asked.
“Alright fine, don’t wear it. Thank yo— Nope don’t thank me yet. I said don’t wear it. Instead, I want you to put it over Your head. “

Put The Damn Panties ON!

“What, but but but you said I didn’t have to wear it.”
I did. Putting panties over your head is not wearing panties. Plus adjust it so that the cum covers your face.”
“Nooo, I won’t do it.”
“No? Perhaps you would like me to upload the evidence? “
“Didn’t think so.”
“For making me upset, lick up all your little puddle first before putting it over your head.
“Don’t lie to yourself little brother. Look at how much pre-cum YOUR LITTLE DICKLET is leaking. And that’s right after you came. That’s right, you heard right, that thing between your legs is mine now and I name it Little Dicklet. You’re just the transportation.”
“She wasn’t wrong. I was throbbing pretty hard. This was playing out exactly as my fantasies went. While worried about the direction it was going and the loss of control, it was turning me on pretty strong.”
“Things are going to change a lot around here little brother.”

Changes are Happening

And change a lot it did. Using the blackmail photos, she forced me to give up all my passwords. Passwords to my Facebook, passwords to my gmail and the most damning of all passwords to my porn memberships.
“See Little brother, you love this. You love being made to squirt your little load and lapping it up in front of your little Sister. ”
She read out my favorites from my pornhub membership. Pegging, spit roasting, forced humiliation, chastity, forced feminization, sissification…. My oh my. I never new my pin-dick brother was such a pervert.
But don’t worry that’s what younger sisters are for aren’t they? So that an older brother may humiliate himself for her pleasure. I’m establishing some rules of conduct for you Little Brother. Kneel.
“Firstly, you must never address me as Mandy. Mistress if we are alone or Miss in public.
You must never speak unless spoken too.

It’s Mistress… Do you understand?

When requesting permission to speak, you must kneel on all fours in front of the female you wish to speak to and beg permission.
When being spoken to by a Female, you must kneel as well.
A female is always Miss or Mistress or Goddess if you like. The point is you must show respect.
You will always come like a little doggy that you are when I ring this bell.
The most important rule is You must obey any order that a Female gives you.”
From where I was kneeling, I was held in awe of the manner my sister took control of the situation. She really was a Goddess. But an order from any Female, what about mum or my classmates? I asked, worried about the consequences.
“Shut up” “What did I say about speaking?”

Aww My Little Dicklet

My Younger sister pulled me up and proceeded to give me a proper knee-ing in My Little Dicklet. I was on my back in pain when she was done.
“You – knee -Must -knee- Always – knee – Beg – Permission – To – Speak!! And I -knee – Didn’t – Hear – knee – The – knee – Honorific.”
“That you would humiliate yourself or embarrass yourself obeying every order a Female gives you is not my problem. The rule is any Female regardless of age. Even our young cousin sister, you must obey her as well or else………….”
“However, I’m not without mercy. If you find that you cannot obey an order, you may come and explain the full circumstance to me but if I find your disobedience unreasonable, I would deliver a punishment five times as bad as what was just delivered.

I Will Obey

Still reeling from the pain, I made up my mind to try my best to obey every single Female where possible. I was also strangely turned on by the rules my Younger Sister imposed.

“I will be going off to cheerleader practice now. When I finish with practice, I want to find you in the Female Locker Room spanking Your Little Dicklet and edging yourself while shouting Nikki’s name. I want you to embarrass and humiliate yourself. If you please me, I may consider letting you cum. Displease me and the kneeing would be like a walk in the park. ”

Nikki? O no I cried inside. My Sister knew I had a crush on her cheerleader from young. She would never give me a chance if I obeyed my sister’s command. In my subconscious though, I was very turned on by my sister’s cruelty.

This Was Her Gift

“Consider this my gift to you she said as she threw me a key. This is the key to her locker room. You can find her used panties here. Have Fun, Little Brother she laughed cruelly. By the way, a bit of advice, there are still other students about during practice. Don’t get caught, we wouldn’t want someone else to blackmail your naked ass, she laughed as she kicked me in the ass playfully.”

“Dismissed. See you there Little Brother or I will ruin you”

I could tell she meant it as the intent in her voice was palpable.

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