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Female-Led Domestic Relationship

  You are an Alpha or Bossy Woman and you are considering choosing a Female-Led Domestic Relationship for your relationship but you are still hesitating. Let me explain to you a few things. In a Female-led Domestic Relationship, you are not obliged to be a “Dominatrix in leather with a whip” or any other woman for your partner. The actual dynamics of the relationship are up to you. You are the one who makes the rules. So, Be yourself and train your partner to be the kind of man you want. One of the advantages of being the one in charge is that your submissive partner could be a masculine man sometimes and a good maid other times. If you want to be with a powerful and masculine man, you have to train him to be like that. He will act as an assertive man most of the time. Few people could guess he is, in fact, a submissive man at home. It could be very exciting for you to know that you have the power to make him do all that you want. You can also feminize him. Obviously, it is really fun to do it with a masculine man. You can ask him to wear female underwear and to put on some makeup while you are wearing a strap-on belt dildo that you are going to use on him. After that, he will become your slave, totally devoted to you. You can allow him to play some sports or to have some leisure time if he wants. Ask him to go to a fitness center because you like men with a very good-looking and healthy body. At home, he should be always ready to wear female underwear and to serve you. You have the control. You can do whatever you want. The key is to do it your way and do what works for you as a couple. It is all about improving your relationship. If your partner is a naturally submissive man, he will embrace and thrive taking your directions and orders. He will enjoy “serving” you to ensure your happiness. Obviously, most of the couples that have chosen the FLR style of domestic discipline for their relationship testify that they no longer have the tension, passive-aggressive behaviors, and unresolved conflicts in so many traditional marriages. They deal with problems immediately through domestic discipline and rules. There are so many things to say about this subject but you are the only one who can decide what is best for you and your relationship.   By Madam Join Femdom.Dating

Very sexy Christmas Mistress candy cane lips…

Find your beautiful Mistress to celebrate the holidays with today at http://femdom.dating/ . Make sure to be ready to surprise your soon-to-be new Mistress with lots and lots of gifts! There is nothing better than a sissy who brings his Mistress everything she is going to need to use on him! So get shopping so she can spoil you with all the gifts you provide for her. And always remember the more you bring the more play time will be had… We will even provide you with a basic Christmas shopping list. I’m ready for the Holiday season!!! Are you ready???       STAINLESS STEEL SLAVE COLLAR WITH RING  Treat your favorite slave to a well-earned collar. What a gorgeous way to make your collaring ceremony extra special with our Stainless Steel Slave Collar. This stunning collar locks into place with an integrated lock and can’t be removed without a key. Your sub’s face will gleam as bright as this beautiful collar when you present them with just a beautiful way to display your ownership. At the front, you’ll find a single o-ring which can be used for attaching leads, restraints, or ID tags. Diameter: Male 13.8cm / 5.43″ –  Female 11.8cm / 4.64″ Material: Stainless Steel 304   Price:  70.00 USD https://oxy-shop.com/products/stainless-steel-slave-collar-with-ring-male-or-woman?aff=177   2-IN-1 BALL STRETCHER COCK CAGE CH04 Ever got hard when you saw a Steel Chastity Cage? 😍 If not, this might be your first time. The tempting design will satisfy even the most demanding key holders. They will know their Sub’s flaccid penis is locked in a firm and sturdy cage “designed” with few silts at the right places to allow comfortable pissing and airflow. Believe us when we say there is no room for escape. Best choice for an ultimate chastity device / cock cage doubled with a ball stretcher. Combine cock cage with a heavy ring and make your sub miserable when you leave with the key for a week’s trip.   Price:  94.00 USD https://oxy-shop.com/products/2-in-1-ball-stretcher-cock-cage-ch04-3-sizes-to-choose?aff=177     ANAL PLAY BUNDLE Fully stocked with three classic anal play essentials, Oxy’s Anal Play Bundle combines an Expandable Butt Plug, Anal Beads, and a crazily shaped Ass Plug. Start your journey with Expandable Plug in order to train your a-hole for bigger challenges. Pleasurable for all, the included Almond-shaped plug penetrates smoothly, gently stretching and stimulating sensitive anal areas. Once done with Play Session, insert the Anal Beads and wear them until your next play night. Body safe and hygienic, each Oxy shop’s piece cleans easily using warm soapy water. The set includes items below: 1x Expandable Butt Plug – Anal trainer –  To inflate your asshole and stretch the cavities, simply squeeze the bulb to inflate the plug to the ideal stimulation size. Dimensions: Without pumping: largest wide at 36mm/1.4 inches  tip at 28mm/1.1 inches. When pumping, goes up to 120mm / 4.7 inches 1x Big Anal Beads – L size – For those that have graduated past the smaller butt plugs and want something more filling, Big Anal Beads might be just the right toy for…

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