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The Naughty Therapist

Appointment With The Naughty Therapist The images of legs, high heels, assertive looks, and women in black latex and leather obsessed Paul so much that…

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A Brief Explanation Of Sadomasochism

What Is Sadomasochism? Sadomasochism (S&M) is giving or receiving pleasure from acts of inflicting pain or humiliation on a person. The term sadomasochism (or “S&M”) refers to the respective writings of the Marquis de Sade relating to the pleasure of hurting others and Leopold Van Der Masoch who wrote the eulogy of sexual submission. The…

How To Adopt The Look Of A Femme Fatale

Become The Femme Fatale You Have Always Wanted To Be You’ve all heard of the femme fatale. The type of woman men fantasizes about all the time. Do you dream of becoming a femme fatale in order to seduce the man of your dreams? But wait a minute, what is a femme fatale?  In comic…

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