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Advertising with Femdoming offers opportunities for dynamic, multi-layered relationships with a fast-growing audience of BDSM and Femdom engaged readers. Through our medias, you’ll have the chance to communicate your message to 10,000 + Femdom readers.


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Finding your target audience is hard. Capturing their attention can be even harder. Investing in sponsored content helps marketers do both. You can provide content for our magazine posts or social media posts in the form of stories, useful how-to information, with pictures, or video’s and we publish it on our media platforms. We provide detailed advice and assistance to you if you don’t have writing or blogging experience. In other words, we show you how to make the most of your content and then we give your content wings!
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We send a monthly email newsletter to 62,369+ opted-in femdom lovers recipients. The newsletter is very well received and drives large numbers of viewers to our website. We offer an exclusive article advert within each newsletter, linking to your online destination of choice.
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