The Last Submissive – Mistress Elisabeth Hunter (5)

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Miss Lilly picked up the signed and witnessed document and put it on the cot. She returned and stood over me. “Lick my boots, slave,” she commanded.

I inched forward on my hands and knees, bowed my head, and put my tongue out. Beginning to licking the tops of Miss Lilly’s patent leather shoes, first the toes, then shifting around the side to reach her four-inch platform heels. I felt myself growing harder by the moment.

I had done this before with professional Doms, but this was real, and somehow far more intimate, as I had met Miss Lilly in a vanilla setting, and now here I was at her feet, naked. Knowing she had a cane somewhere and would use it at the slightest provocation. As painful as that blow she had inflicted on my thigh had been, I was eager to please her. I licked her shoes with a fervent passion.

“Enough, slave. Now stand up.”

I rose unsteadily to my feet. I kept my eyes cast down at her feet, but couldn’t help but notice her lithe, leather-clad figure, and I could not avoid the fact that the head of my very hard, erect cock was only an inch from her crotch.

She reached out and took my manhood firmly in her hand. “Very nice, slave. Now let’s get you prepared for Mistress Hunter.”

She led me by my hard dick to the wall off my right elbow, then turned me around to face the center of the room. “Spread your arms and legs, slave.”

I did as she instructed. She released my engorged cock and took my left wrist, lifted it a little above shoulder level, and locked it with a shackle mounted to the wall. Then the same with my right wrist.

Shackled away by my Mistress

She stood in front of me so that my cock slipped between her legs, then pressed her breasts against my chest, bringing her lips close to mine. “Comfy, slave?” she whispered.

I shifted my wrists inside the metal shackles. “Yes, Miss Lilly.”

“You won’t think that in thirty minutes.” She knelt down, and shocking me, took the head of my cock with her beautiful, full lips, drawing me into her mouth. I felt her tongue glide around the glans, teasing, and as she did, I realized it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. I moaned.

She took the shaft of my cock more deeply into her mouth and began to stroke in and out. Oh, my god, I couldn’t believe how good that felt. I started to pant and groan with pleasure. She seemed to have a sense of exactly how aroused I was; just as I approached a climax, she stopped.

“There . . . nice and hard for Mistress.”


Now she turned her attention to my ankles, pulling them apart wider and snapping metal shackles around each. Now I was spread eagled, restrained against the wall. She rose to her feet and in a sudden blurring motion, I saw her right hand swing out and then come back swiftly, the motion ending with a stinging slap to the left side of my face that caught me totally off guard. I heard someone—me—cry out in pain, “Owww!”

“Ah, poor thing, you didn’t see that coming, did you?”

“No Mistress,” I acknowledged, my voice raspy.

Slap! This time her left hand landed on my right check, a stinging blow even harder than the first, totally stunning me.

A loud buzzing noise filled my head, and over it I heard her voice, “Do NOT call me ‘Mistress’ in this house, slave! There is only one Mistress, is that clear? I am Miss Lilly!”

No Pain No Gain

“Yes, Miss Lilly!” I blurted, my eyes watering and both cheeks stinging with pain.

From somewhere her cane appeared, and she caressed the shaft against my ribcage. “That’s better.” The cane went back into its place, tucked into her leather belt, on her hip.

Then she reached to my left, out of my peripheral view, and a red ball gag swam into view. “Open wide, put your tongue out.”

I complied, and the ball went into my mouth, completely filling it. “Close.” I closed my lips around it, the ball resting on my tongue and pressed against the roof of my mouth.

Miss Lilly looped a restraint harness around my head and buckled it snugly in place. “There,” she cooed. “Just how Mistress Hunter likes her slaves . . . hard and silent.”

Shall we test it?

She pulled the cane from her belt with her right hand, brandishing it in front of me. “Let’s test, and see what sort of sound comes out.”

The cane disappeared out of view and a second later I heard the dreading supersonic sound of it slicing through the air. It landed with an excruciating impact on my left thigh, opposite side of the first blow. I screamed, but all that came out was a sharp, muffled groan. The pain was extraordinary; tears immediately welled in my eyes; I felt the same fiery heat radiating out from the point of impact.

It’s beautiful!

“Ah, perfect, just the sound a properly gagged slave should make,” said Miss Lilly with a sadistic edge to her voice. “Mistress Hunter likes her slaves seen but not heard. And—” she paused, taking my still-erect shaft in her left hand, “—if you think the cane hurts against your thigh, I want you to forever keep this in mind should you be tempted to be surly or disobedient.”

It was just a flick of the wrist, but the impact of her cane against my engorged member sent an excruciating dagger through my groin that buckled my knees. I screamed three times against the gag; what came out sounded like someone dragging heavy furniture across a concrete floor in three spurts. My lungs heaved. Oh, my god, I never wanted to experience that pain again.


Miss Lilly took my chin and lifted it sharply so I looked into her eyes. She held my gaze and in her beautiful eyes, I saw a glimmer of sympathy. “Dear slave, I think I shall call you ‘Grunt,’ because you grunt so loud. Now, a piece of advice . . . what you just felt from my cane is nothing compared to the pain Mistress Hunter is willing to inflict—trust me, I know from experience—so you would be wise to obey her without the slightest hesitation. You are her possession, her slut, her whore, and she will do with you as she pleases. Think of yourself that way and all will go well. Cling to your former identity and her cane will cut your soul in half.

A Mistress and her Cane

Don’t go there; for your own sake, I warn you, don’t go there. Do I make myself clear? Nod your head if you understand.” She released my chin, still holding my eyes.

Looking deep into her eyes, I saw compassion. I gave her my nod of understanding.

“Good. Now let’s have a glass of water and take a little blue pill so you’ll stay nice and hard for Mistress Hunter for the rest of the evening.”

She loosened the ball gag and let it fall out of my mouth, dangling below my chin. She turned on her heels and walked to a small table against the opposite wall, near the open door. I watched her pour a glass of water from a pitcher and pick up something from the table top. Back over to me she came and placed the pill on my tongue.

Take your Medicine Slave


“It’s only Viagra, it’ll wear off sometime tonight, long after Mistress Hunter is done with you.” Now take a drink of water.”

She tipped the glass and water splashed into my mouth. I felt the pill go down my throat. Then the glass tipped again and another drink of water. I gulped it down.

“Perfect.” Miss Lilly sashayed back to the table, put the glass down, then returned to me. “We’ll leave the gag where it is; Mistress Hunter will want to hear your replies at first.” She wiped the saliva from my mouth, wetting her hands, then reached down and took my throbbing member between her lubricated hands and began to stroke.

The sting from the cane evaporated at her touch and in under a minute I felt I was rock-hard again. A soft moan slipped from my lips.


Miss Lilly leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. “There, there,” she said, “nice and hard. Mistress Hunter will be pleased. Now I’m going to leave you now and let her know you are prepared to meet her.”

With that, she spun on her heels, walked over to collect my contract from the cot, walked to the doorway, flipped the light and slammed the heavy oak door behind her, leaving me in pitch darkness, with only a faint crack of light at the bottom of the door.

The world around me fell silent. I tested my shackles; no hope of escape. I was terrified.

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