Cuckolding and Feminization

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Cuckolding and Feminization Is Best For Men

I am Mistress Persia, a married white female who owns and has trained my husband, subgee, to be my maid, cuckold, seamstress, social director, and lackey. I use cuckolding and feminization as the primary means of training him. It is in my belief that happiness in a marriage is attainable only when the female is in charge and the male is completely subservient to her.

Although there are many ways in which a male can be subservient, experience has taught me that a male will be fully and permanently submissive only if he is completely cuckolded and feminized. Anything less, and lapses will occur, which typically lead to unpleasantness in the home.

sissy chastity

Some think that this it is cruel or mean for a wife to dominate her husband this way or that she must beat him into submission. Nothing could be further from the truth. More than 50% of all males admit that they would prefer to be subservient to their wives if they were allowed to do so and if society would accept it.


Men Must Treat Women Better

Add to them those who are ashamed to admit it, and the figure is closer to 85%, I believe. Most marriages fail. They fail because husbands do not treat their wives properly. First, they do not pay attention to them. They take them for granted.

At best, they no longer pamper them, as they did when they were dating. Second, they expect their wives to be their servants. They not only fail to do their share but fail to appreciate that even if they don’t abuse them openly, they act as if they have the right to do so. Fourth, they fail to show the love and devotion they promised when they were married. They may have affairs with other women. At best, they do not concern themselves with their wives’ needs and desires.

Husbands have been mistreating their wives in this way for centuries. Until very recently, women have been treated like property, rather than as the intelligent, beautiful creatures that we are. In our grandparents’ time, females were not supposed to enjoy sex. They were not permitted to vote or drive or hold good jobs. The slaves in America were freed before women gained these rights.


Women Should Always Take Control

Many injustices against women continue. Our language demonstrates it. Think of these everyday expressions: “It sucks,” “You’ll get fucked,” “You might as well bend over and get ready to take it,” “She’s just a girl,” “That’s girl stuff,” “It’s a chick flick.” More openly or less so, these expressions convey the notion that females are inferior, in some ways even repulsive. If women tend to act deferentially toward men, at least in public, it is because even today they are conditioned to do so.

Women must take control, especially in the home. That is where child-raising occurs and where children can learn the proper role for women. It is also where males are most susceptible to being put in their proper place.

Women outnumber men. We are the majority, and it is only democratic for the majority to rule. We are more intelligent than they are, and our better scholastic performance proves it. Our senses are more developed: we see more colors, smell more scent, hear more sounds.

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Males Need to Be Guided By A Female Superior

We rule with love, not hate or brutality, as men tend to do. We train men to be good sissy maid cuckolds by using love and sexual allure, not force. Women have to be abused mentally or physically before they are reduced to the brutality that comes almost naturally to so many men.

Because males tend to be physically more powerful, they are better suited for menial work. Even though they are often unaware of it, males like to please and to serve and get a wonderful feeling when allowed to do so. Males respond well to routine and to uniforms that signify their status. When put into maid’s uniforms, they become servile, submissive, and vulnerable.

Males are more prone to become criminals than women are. To save them from themselves, they need to have their decisions made for them or at least to be firmly guided in the right direction.

Women Are Better Suited For Ruling a Society

Throughout history, there have been societies ruled by women — societies that were productive and successful. Male-dominated societies tend to be warlike and destructive. They have obscured the success of female-dominated societies as they have glorified male power and domination, but they are having an increasingly difficult time in doing so.

Common sense and bitter experience teach that the love, stamina, and emotional strength of women are far more effective means by which to govern a society than the bluster and bullying of men. We learn that males rulers had 100 wives or 800 concubines. We are supposed to consider examples such as these as signs of male sexual prowess. What we don’t learn is that no man could satisfy many women.

Over an extended period, a male is capable of having sex no more than several times a day, and even then his fertility will drop. A woman can have sex 100 times a day without tiring, and it does not affect her fertility. So, in reality, women have greater sexual capacity than men, even though popular culture suggests just the opposite.

“Women not only can but should have multiple lovers. It makes them healthier and happier. “ There are women rulers today who have male harems. Even more significantly, the males in those harems are dressed and treated like subservient females. This may be unusual, but it is sensible and practical.


Sissy Male Subservience is The Right Lifestyle for a Man

I have communicated with thousands of sissified males and many more who were interested in the subject. I have never met a sissified male who felt sissy male subservience to women was wrong, even though many believed before they became subgees that it was terribly wrong. By contrast, there are fewer and fewer women who believe that women should be subservient to men, and the vast majority who have experienced that lifestyle now reject it.

Not all males should be dominated by women. Only most. Not all women should dominate men. But most at least have the capacity to do so. Most women can learn to run a household by controlling their male and making life much better for all involved.

What I would like to see happen:

Women Should Be Respected More In Our Society

cuckolding and feminizationFirst, I want women to be respected by men. Women deserve to have things their way. They deserve the first chance at a new position, the first place in line, better service, and a better price. Their opinions should be deferred to, their advice followed. Women should be elected to public office. Their gender makes them better qualified than males. To a far greater extent, our society needs to recognize the truth of sayings such as the following:

“She’s a woman; we should listen to her;” “Let’s ask a woman; she will know what is best;” “Follow her lead;” “Let’s get the bull out and have a woman make the decision;” “We better choose a female if we want it done right.” If you make statements such as these, and you should, you will get a skeptical look the first time, but many people will come to agree with you, particularly women, and you will gain favor with women.

Males Wearing Traditional Female Garb At Work

Second, males put into traditional female positions should wear traditional female garb. When a woman becomes a police officer, a firefighter, a member of the military, or a security guard, she wears a male-looking uniform. Her uniform matches the job. That should be equally true for a male who is a maid, a nurse, a cheerleader, a seamstress, or a beautician. At a minimum, he should wear panties, bra, nylons, and nail polish. As a maid, my husband wears a maid’s dress, makeup, long hair, bra, panties, and apron. He works faster, better, and more happily dressed in this manner.

He keeps his mind on his work and forgets any silly masculine pretensions or aspirations. Dressed fully as a sissy maid, a male knows his place and remembers it. He knows he is a servant and inferior to all women. He will treat his woman owner with the reverence she deserves, and if he disobeys, he can be quickly and effectively punished. With regular doses of corner time and, when necessary, a harsh spanking, a sissy male will be far too intimidated to transgress. And sissy wimps who are dressed as such would not even think of engaging in criminal behavior so many other males practice.

cuckolding and feminization

Feminization Training as Punishment For Men

Third, I want to see males more effectively punished for committing violent crimes against women. Any such crime should result in castration and two years of extensive feminization training followed by seven years of service to the victimized woman. A raped or battered woman suffers far longer than that from the crime, so this punishment would be more than fair. It would also be effective because that man would never again disrespect a woman, much less harm one.

Child Rearing for Men

Fourth, I want to see boys raised the way girls used to be and often still are. Boys should do housework, sew, and play with dolls, which will start to teach them to take care of children. It is in childhood that we form our ideas of who we are and what we should be. We need to change the ideas that boys get. Boys need to learn to serve and worship their female superiors. They need to learn to be beautiful and passive. They should grow up dreaming of wearing a beautiful wedding gown when they marry the woman of their dreams — a woman they will love through obedience and devoted service.

Fifth, we need to understand that in every relationship one person must lead and that person must be the woman. Males must submit to their wives the way housewives in the fifties used to submit to their husbands. They should wear what their wives tell them to wear. They should stay home and do the laundry, housework, and cooking. When these chores are finished, they should make themselves pretty, practice their feminine mannerisms, and serve as secretaries to their wives.

My Husband As A Sissy Secretary

As my social secretary, my husband has the job of arranging dates for me with lovers or potential lovers. Dressed as a smart secretary, he reports to me daily about what and who is on my schedule and who may wish to be. He also helps prepare me for my dates, laying out clothes and helping me dress.

I find it both exciting and wonderfully efficient to have a sissy secretary husband who reads my appointments to me and asks me when I want to see a particular man. It is particularly exciting when he sits there in his short skirt with his nylon-clad legs crossed demurely at the ankles, like a proper sissy secretary. I love having him brush my hair as I prepare for a date and chat with him about the man I am going to meet.

I make no effort to hide the lustful anticipation I feel, and I love to see him share my excitement and joy. When your husband greets you on your return from a hot date, asks how it went, and listens attentively to everything you have to say, you know he is devoted to you. It is certainly preferable to a jealous bully who falsely accuses you of infidelity and tries to control your every action.

I practice what I preach loving my husband as much or more than any woman loves hers. I dominate him because I know it works best for both of us. He is happier and more devoted to me than ever. I rule with love and firmness, and he loves it. Our relationship functions in a way contrary to society’s marital prescriptions. Those prescriptions consistently produce failed marriages; ours succeeds.


My First Experience as a Domineering Women ‘s Subject

Female Led Relationships


14 thoughts on “Cuckolding and Feminization”

  1. Hello. I like this article but I have two questions.

    1: How does one go about finding a girl who believes in the values that you discussed here? It is extremely difficult.

    2: Mistress Persia, are you on any kind of social media ? If so I would like to follow you. Thank you.

  2. Hi I am looking for a misstress to femineise me she can film it I would like to be passable as a sexy girl I’ll sevre as obedient maid

  3. I would love to be in a feminized, enslaved relationship with a strict Dom who instantly enforces her wishes and demands with her leather whip – yes, I would love to be her sissy slave – I would love to satisfy all her wishes with my tongue – like cleaning her toilet with my tongue is my favorite – I love toilet games – I would love to serve her lover – male or female – all I want in return is to be whipped – there’s nothing more erotic to me than being
    punished by my Dom – yes, punishment is what I love –
    try me – you’ll love my tongue and it’s yours any time !!!

  4. Dear Mistress Persia.
    I am a single submissive sissy that just loved your fem dominating article above.
    I agree with you on everything that
    you mentioned in it, especially that boys
    should grow up feminized by women,
    and dream about getting married ?
    in a wedding gown to serve his wife,
    and always please her wants, needs,
    and desires.
    I was from the old macho boy attitude,
    but I now changed with an epiphany,
    and I realize that I really need to serve women now instead.
    Would you please help and let me know
    how I find a dominant woman to have
    a FLR with me?
    Would you please help and consider introducing me to any of your dominant female friends for me to serve them
    in a FLR to always please them?
    Thank you for your consideration to help me with this goal.

  5. Mistress Persia:

    I really enjoyed your article and thought you made some important points that are worth noting:

    > The need to feminize and cuckold submissive males to ensure their submission and emasculation are long-term results of the training and conditioning you have put him through;

    > “We rule with love, not hate or brutality, as men tend to do. We train men to be good sissy maid cuckolds by using love and sexual allure, not force.” —- This is a huge reason women should assume the leadership role in relationships and in their families. Women are able to see the needs of the “community” and unlike males will not take more if it means someone else goes without. (Of course we are not talking about her needs and wishes being primary here!)

    I would humbly request you try your hand at an article on training and conditioning submissive males. Thanks so much!

  6. My wife feminized me over a two year period where she started by soft suggestions such as trying panties on and then expanding to nylon stockings, high heels, skirts, etc. There were significant physical changes which began with the showing of my breasts. At this stage I began working from home and eventually changed occupations with the ability to work at home. I had laser hair removal, feminine facial surgery. I not only look female but I get hit on as much as my wife who is a very attractive business woman! We now go on dates together. I date men that know I still have a penis and they are safe and open minded. I love being cuckolded and watching my wife being pleasured by a very large cock. Yes I clean her and often have sloppy seconds. Currently I have DD breasts that are all natural. I am without a doubt happier as a female!

  7. You are the most fortunate guy in the world, I wish I was you. Enjoy every minute.Have fun cleaning up those sloppy seconds.

  8. Woman have always been superior to men. Even a man in a bra is no substitute for for the real leader all though he does look better in cute pink panties. I try to be obedient and loving when told what to do. Mistress passed away so I need some help. I do still wear my chastity belt.

  9. Um I thought this was a bus stop. My my what have I done and how did I get here? Well seems I must of took a wrong turn someware. Kueneman,J. J. Mesa,AZ

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