Mistress Nathalie buys a pony slave! (2)

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Mistress Maria set about removing georgie’s saddle.

  • “Good boy, you were a good pony. You did really well for her.”

She wiped the sweat from him with a soft towel.

  • “Do you like Mistress Natalie?”

georgie nodded his head enthusiastically, knowing that Mistress Maria would want him to do so.

  • “Do you like the way she rides you?”

Another enthusiastic nod and Mistress laughed.

  • “I don’t believe you for a second, you silly horse, but thanks for going along. I think she’ll take good care of you.”


Mistress Natalie returned, wearing only a sheer bra and panties, her sexy body gleaming with toned muscle.

  • “Is this appropriate?” she asked.


  • “Absolutely!” said Mistress Maria. “I often wear nothing at all for this kind of riding. Nothing, that is, except my spurs!”


  • “Spurs? With no boots? Isn’t that uncomfortable?”


  • “Not at all, my dear, if you’re wearing the right kind of spurs. Back in a moment.”



“Excellent training. Slave, you may lick higher!”


Mistress Maria left the room and Mistress Natalie gazed upon the man kneeling before her.

  • “You’re a wonderful horsey, georgie. I just know we’re going to have lots of good rides together.”

She knelt beside him and began softly stroking his skin.

  • “I love to ride my horsey naked. That’s what I used to do to my boyfriends, but I never had spurs that I could wear on my bare feet before. That’ll be fun!”

Her hand slipped under georgie’s belly, finding his erect pony prick.

  • “Don’t worry, you’ll get to have some fun too,” she said, rubbing his erection, “just not very often, of course!”


  • “Here you go,” said Mistress Maria, handing Mistress Natalie another pair of spurs. “These were made especially for me by one of my long-distance admirers.”


  • “Yeah, these look great,” said Mistress Natalie, examining the soft leather straps and sharp rowels. “Perfectly comfortable for me, and still really painful for him. Just like it should be!”

She sat on the chair in front of georgie, extending her lovely foot. He strapped the wicked goads to her lovely bare feet and began kissing and licking her toes, the sensitive instep, the spurs themselves.


  • “With you, he will go no higher than the ankle, unless you order him to,” explained Mistress Maria. “He’s learned the hard way not to let his hormones get the better of him.”


  • “Excellent,” agreed Mistress Natalie. “Excellent training. Slave, you may lick higher.”


georgie continued his worship up Mistress Natalie’s calves and thighs, not neglecting the erogenous zones behind each knee and returning frequently to her feet and spurs.


  • “God, he’s good,” Mistress Natalie moaned, her passion beginning to rise, “I could make him do this for hours!”


  • “I’ll leave you two alone now,” said Mistress Maria. “I’ll be in the dungeon when you’re done with him.”

With a smile, Mistress Maria turned and left the room.

Mistress Natalie loves to feel the muscles between her legs!


  • “Very nice licking, slave,” Mistress Natalie praised georgie. “But I’m looking to buy a pony, first and foremost,” she said, rising to her feet, “so let’s see how you do bareback.”

She slid herself sensuously onto his spine.

  • “Ooooh, nice muscles. I love to feel them between my legs.”

She collected the reins and gripped him tightly with her knees.

  • “But don’t think you’re gonna get off easy, my little horsey, just because you’re turning me on. Nothing is more arousing than a good hard ride!”


Her muscular legs drove the barefoot spurs into his flesh, and with a squeal of pain, georgie began crawling around the room as fast as he could, bearing his almost-naked rider on his back.

  • “Whoa, horsey, slow down,” commanded his Mistress, pulling back on his bitted mouth, “With no stirrups, it’s harder for me to stay on top, so you gotta take it easy, boy.”



Georgie struggles to go faster!


The firm pressure on the reins slowed him to a moderate walk, but the spurs were hard in his sides almost immediately. He struggled to go faster, but Mistress Natalie kept up the tension on the reins, causing his head to rise up. She spurred him in the belly.

  • “That’s it, boy dance for your Mistress. Arch your back.”

The pain from the spurs on her beautiful bare feet drove him forward, but her strong hand on the bit pulled him back, until georgie was prancing and trotting almost in place, trying to escape the repeated jabs from her spurs and bouncing his spine up and down against her ever-moistening pussy.


  • “Ohhh, that’s it horsey,” moaned his lovely rider, “Now UP!” 


A sharp tug on the reins and he reared up on his hindquarters, Mistress Natalie locking her shapely legs around his torso, digging the spurs into his groin. She resumed her upright seat as he dropped back to all fours, and made him prance and buck beneath her some more, gasping in pleasure as she bounced up and down on his muscular back.

  • “Up!” she commanded once more, crooking one arm around Georgie’s neck as he rose to her order. “Now go horsey! Gallop!”

He began crawling again, but this time Mistress Natalie remained low on his back, choking him with her arm to hang on and slapping his flanks with her free hand.

  • “Faster horsey!” she panted in his ear, her spurs raking his crotch and stomach with wild abandon, “Faster! Faster! Yeeeeeeeees!”

She screamed her climax in his ear, spurs jabbing with staccato thrusts as each new orgasm swept over her.


Mistress Maria wants to buy Georgie back when she returns from Europe.


As it ebbed, Mistress Natalie sat up and yanked on the reins harder than ever, driving her pussy into his aching back as he stopped and reared up.

  • “Ah! Ohhh! Yeaah!”

The extra pressure gave Mistress Natalie a final burst of pleasure. She held him up for a few trembling moments, then relaxed the bit and spurred him into a walk, riding back to the dungeon and right to Mistress Maria’s feet.


  • “So, what do you think?” asked Mistress Maria, a devilish grin on her face.


  • “He’s fantastic! I’ll take him!” glowed Mistress Natalie. “How much are you asking, again?”


  • “One dollar,” said Mistress Maria lightly, “and I’ll throw in the saddle, bridle, and those barefoot spurs.”


  • “Sold!” said the young woman on georgie’s back, and they both laughed.


  • “One condition, though,” cautioned Mistress Maria, “I’d like the right to buy him back when I return from Europe.”


  • “Not a problem – we’ll have lots of fun while you’re gone, won’t we horsey?”


Mistress Natalie agrees!


Mistress Natalie tousled georgie’s mane and he neighed his agreement. 

She dismounted and gathered her clothes, which she had laid across the whipping horse.

  • “And I’ll bet Mistress Maria would let me come over and ride you once in a while anyway, eh?”


  • “Of course, my dear – I can even get one of my other pony slaves and we’ll go for a ride in the forest together!”


  • “That sounds great, and here’s your dollar,”

Mistress Natalie dug a crisp one from the pocket of her silk pants, then put the pants and her top on, keeping the spurs on her bare feet. 


  • “One more thing – ” she asked as she mounted her human horses back once again, “Can I ride him home? I took a taxi here, and I’d hate to waste money on a cab when I’ve got this great new horsey I can ride!”


  • “He’s yours, now – you can ride him wherever you want,” smiled Mistress Maria. 


  • “Better put some shorts on him so as not to alarm the public, though. georgie!”

georgie ran off and returned a moment later wearing his saddle and shorts, kneeling once again at the feet of his new owner. Mistress Natalie tied her boots to the back of the saddle, making sure their spurs pointed down so they would dig into his back as she rode. Bidding a friendly goodbye to Mistress Maria, she swung into the saddle and rode georgie through the house and out the front door.


As Mistress Natalie rode her human horse across the yard, Mistress Maria, waving from the porch, had a thought.

  • “Hey!” she yelled, “How far is it to your place? He’s trained as a two-legged horse, too. It might be faster…”


Mistress Natalies giggle echoed over the grass.

  • “It’s only a couple of miles, and I’m in no hurry. I think I’ll make him crawl the whole way! Now giddyap, horsey! We’ve got a long ride ahead of us!”


With a bright jingle and a grunt of pain from her human steed, Mistress Natalie spurred her new pony out of the yard and into his new life of service.



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