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Training femdom for men in chastity

chastity cage for training femdomI’m sure if anyone thinks of training Femdom, a few ideas come to mind. Some people think of controlling and dominating their partner, while others think of teasing and denial games. I’m sure some of you have ideas for men in chastity, but most won’t think to do the type of training mentioned in this article. That’s right, you can actually use male chastity training to train your submissive in any way you want. Want him to clean up more around the house, use chastity training, want him to eat you out more often until you climax, and lock his little dick up in a cock cage.

Now, some of you may be wondering why you should do this, you’re the boss, you wear the pants in the relationship, and he should do whatever you say. While this may be true, sometimes just being told what to do doesn’t have the same effectiveness as male chastity training can have. In this article, I’ll be giving you some psychological techniques for this type of training so it has a more lasting and positive effect on your sub male. The first step is to buy a chastity cage, of course. You should get one that is tight enough that he has no wiggle room, especially when it gets cold and his cock and balls shrivel up a little bit.

Make Male Chastity Training His Idea

men in chastity

One suggestion I would make is to let him suggest male chastity training, or at least, let him think chastity was his idea. I only suggest this because men are simple. If you try to force the idea on him, unless he is truly submissive, at least a small part of him will be resilient to the whole male chastity training process. If he believes the idea is his, he will be fully dedicated to the training process. Another way to cement the idea is to let him pick out his own cage with your supervision. This will further cement the belief he is choosing this for himself, making the whole process more effective and much easier for you.

Next, decide on something you want from him. For the sake of this article, I’ll use pegging as my example, but you could use this for anything else you want him to do. Once you decide to lock him up, leave him locked until he starts begging you to be released. Say no to him the first couple of times, making him desperate. When he starts begging even more, especially when he begs to the point that he is willing to do anything for you, offer him a deal. You’ll unlock his cock if you peg his ass first. At first, he might balk, maybe even refuse. All you should do is shrug your shoulders and say alright, but you won’t get out until you let me peg you, or whatever it is you want.

Positive And Negative Reinforcement for Men in Chastity

Make it seem like it’s not important. This will actually make a bigger impression on him than you would think. The reason is, when a person moves to one extreme or the other in the spectrum of emotion, the recipient will usually stay neutral or move to the opposite spectrum of where you are to try and center your emotions again. While this may be stupid, it’s how a man’s emotional brain works. If you stay centered and neutral, he’s off-balance and doesn’t know how to react. This will also force him to choose to be pegged. As before, this will have a more significant effect on him, making him believe it’s his choice, therefore, he is more likely to enjoy it. Soon, he will agree to do whatever is asked of him because the need to have an orgasm will make him do anything.

After he agrees to be pegged, now things get interesting. You will use a combination of positive and negative reinforcement. Positive means that you’re adding something to the equation, negative means you’re taking something away, and reinforcement mean that it is behavior that you want to see more often. You’ll use negative reinforcement by taking off his chastity cage, which is what we promised, and what he expects. Now we’re going to throw a curveball, and this is where positive reinforcement comes in. While you peg him, you’re actually going to let him masturbate and cum.

Rewiring His Brain with training femdom

I know this is about you so why should he cum from your pleasure. This comes back to men being simple. Whenever they masturbate, whatever they masturbate to leaves a lasting impression. I say this as a man, as I cannot verify this for women, but whenever we orgasm to something, it sears into our minds, and we are thinking about our last orgasms and what led to them.

Forcing him to cum to this will force him to think about orgasming from being pegged, and it will force him to consider thinking he likes it. After all, we wouldn’t cum from something we wouldn’t like, would we? After he cums, lock him up, and do the same process again. Eventually, he’ll go from asking for cum to asking to be fucked in the ass again. Now you have him where you want him. You can repeat this whole process again with another kink, fetish, or behavior you want from him. By using chastity, you’re actually rewiring your sub’s brain to exactly how you want it.

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  1. If you live in the UK Midlands and are willing to obey and accept Her aims for you and not giving Her a list of what you want, I may be able to help you.

  2. This article is full of useful information. Every Woman should read this. i hope i can find a Dominant Woman to explore these things with me. i always like the idea that the sub is to masturbate only, while being pegged or humiliated in some way and never intercourse.

  3. I live in Glasgow Scotland, and seek a Goddess 👑 Queen to worship, but can only seem to access conspicuous scammers and thieves who expect to be sent vast sums of money for Queening chairs and the like without my ever having spoken to them, and being unable to prove I’m even talking to a woman AT ALL!? Are there ANY Scottish Dommes seeking the worship, devotion & adoration of a pathetic male sub/slave??

  4. I love this. Thank You for sharing one more way to be empowered by turning our fetish against us to bring vulnerability and a distinct drop in my inferiority, done to myself from selfishly wanting to orgasm. A thought hat needs removed. Why should we even talk about my “need” to orgasm. A good rule would be to forbid me from so much as mentioning chastity, Your frustration and the fact You can’t even

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