Foot fetish: My first experience with a Mistress!

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I was a young man with a Foot fetish at the time when I came to this country for college. I didn’t know what to expect as far as the lifestyle but I knew that I had to try to get accustomed to it and find a woman asap that could help with my Foot fetish towards women’s feet.


Indulging in Desire: My Journey into Foot Fetish Obsession

Foot fetish
As a kid, I always enjoyed seeing girls’ bare feet especially when they were walking around in their summer sandals while wearing shorts. It wasn’t until later in life that I developed an obsession with female feet. This obsession began one day after watching a video where a girl was sitting down, she then took her sandal off and showed her toes. Her toes were incredibly long and pretty, which made me start thinking about how nice it would be to have them wrapped around my cock. That’s when I started looking up pictures of beautiful woman’s feet online.
There is nothing sexier than a pretty pair of feminine feet. I also like having a foot fetish. For example, I enjoy just staring at hot young women’s bare feet and imagining myself sucking on their toes. Sometimes it feels so erotic to see a sexy woman’s toes wiggle as she walks. Another thing that I love doing is smelling a woman’s shoes before she puts them on. Scented sneakers are the best!
There was one other reason why I wanted to visit Florida; I heard that there are a lot of opportunities for work and good-paying jobs there. So I packed all of my stuff into my car and left.

Behind Closed Doors: The Sensual Surprises of a Generous Employer

I worked at this gas station for a few months. I was a cashier and helped customers with gas, oil changes, batteries, and anything else that they might need.
The owner of the gas station was married to an older woman who was quite wealthy. She had a rather large house in a quiet neighborhood. Her husband was gone during the day to work and rarely ever came back to the store.
On one occasion the wife called me over to her office and told me that she wanted to give me a special bonus. I was shocked because I never expected such kindness from her. She said that she wanted me to take care of something for her. I was curious as to what she meant by that, but I knew that it probably involved her feet.
She told she would come back in an hour because she had something to deal with first and she walked out the door and I heard the door lock behind her. I waited patiently in the middle of the room for what seemed like forever. Then I heard the lock slide open and I turned around to see her standing there wearing a white dress that hugged every curve of her body. She smiled and gestured towards the chair across from her desk. I sat down and she motioned for me to close my eyes.

A Divine Connection: Exploring Foot Fetish Bliss with a Commanding Mistress

She then took off her heels and placed them on the floor in front of her desk. Then she slowly walked towards me, causing her dress to ride up a bit and reveal her toned legs. As soon as she reached me she removed her pantyhose and threw it aside. Her feet were surprisingly soft. She gently rubbed her feet against mine until she brought them together. I opened my eyes and saw that she had painted her toenails red. She then took her hands and spread my legs apart. With her toes, she began to massage my balls. I felt like I was in heaven.
  • “So what are you going to do?” I asked.
She smiled, completely ignoring my question, and said,
  • “You will obey everything I tell you to do.”
I  found myself suddenly saying,
  • “Yes Mistress!” out of nowhere.
  • “Good. Now get your ass in my lap,” she commanded.

Lingering Scents: A Sensual Journey into Foot Worship

She told me to lay flat on the couch and she pushed me backwards onto it. Then she put her bare feet against my face and I licked her toes. I sucked on each one of them and then moved up to suck on her arches. She told me to suck and lick her feet as much as I wanted to. I did just that. I was surprised at how good it felt.
After a while, I asked her if I could smell her feet. She let out a giggle and said,
  • “Sure, go ahead.”
I moved her sandals aside and inhaled deeply through my nose. Her scent was intoxicating. I went to move closer to her but she grabbed my arm to stop me.
  • “What are you doing?” she asked.
  • “Um… nothing my arm was getting stiff” I lied as I got back to licking her feet.
I moved toward her again and she guided my face towards her feet. She smelled so good. I loved the feeling of her smooth soles pressing against my lips. For a guy with a Foot fetish like me, It was like heaven.
  • “Now tell me how nice my feet smell,” she demanded.

Seductive Commands: Exploring Submission and Foot Worship

I began to describe the wonderful aroma that surrounded her bare feet. I then proceeded to tell her that I loved the way her feet tasted and that I wanted them all to myself. She giggled and said,
  • “Good boy.”
I continued to praise her for a while and then she told me to go into the bathroom and wash my face. When I came back she had changed into a pair of black lace panties and a pink bra. She also had a pair of high-heels on.
  • “Sit down slave,” she instructed.
I did as she told me to do and she walked over and put her foot on my shoulder. She slowly pushed me down on the couch until I was laying down and proceeded to slide herself into me and I could feel her warm vagina touch my dick. She sat on me for a moment and I tried so hard to resist the urge to come and then she got off of me.
  • “Mistress I have to pee,” I said.
  • “Go ahead slave but be fast” she instructed.
When I returned to the living room she had laid out a bunch of items on the coffee table including a black leather paddle, a riding crop, handcuffs, a blindfold, and a ball gag. She motioned for me to sit down and she sat next to me. She pulled her foot away from me and asked me to reach for the ball gag. I grabbed it and she placed it in my mouth and closed my lips around it, feeling the plastic against my tongue. She then tied on the blindfold tightly.

Unleashing Desire: A First-Time Experience in BDSM Domination

Foot fetish
I heard her take off her dress and toss it onto the floor. Through a crack in the blindfold, I could see her breasts were soft and pretty with large pink nipples on top. I then felt her tie the cuffs to my ankles and took hold of the riding crop.
She proceeded to whip my thighs and ass until they were red. Even after I screamed through the gag for her to stop she still swung the crop against my exposed skin. It was such an erotic feeling my burning flesh burn under her grip. She hit me several more times before moving down to my dick. She slapped it hard and fast.
I cried out and begged her to stop. I tried to say that it hurt too much. But she ignored me and slapped me harder and faster and I began to cry and scream. She whipped her again and again until she was satisfied. She removed the ball gag and blindfold and told me that I was sorry a sorry excuse for a slave because I couldn’t take a simple beating.
Then she smiled and said,
  • “Since it’s your first time it’s ok. Just don’t do it again.”
I couldn’t believe what had happened. In fact, I felt ashamed of myself and wondered if I should leave. I didn’t want to disappoint her again. I looked at her and she smiled at me.
  • “Don’t worry. This was only the beginning.”
  • “Oh God! I can’t believe you used a ball gag on me,” I said.
She laughed and said,
  • “Of course I did. That’s why it hurts so bad when I slap you.”
  • “That doesn’t sound fair at all,” I replied.

At the mercy of this  beautiful but demanding Mistress

She then pulled out some handcuffs and attached them to the tops of my thighs. Then, she told me to lie down on the floor and she straddled me. She then began to bounce up and down on me. I could feel her tight vaginal walls tightening around my cock and then relaxing. I was shocked to see my dick growing so big inside of her. It felt like she was taking my entire length. It was incredible. She rode me like this for a long time and then stopped.
She climbed off of me and sat down next to me on the couch. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I responded and we began to kiss passionately. Her tongue entered my mouth and played with mine. Her hands were rubbing my chest and stomach. She then grabbed the riding crop and struck my arms and legs. Each strike caused my skin to sting and turn red. It was hurting me but I loved it.
She continued to whip me while kissing me and grinding her pussy against my dick. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. She was so soft and beautiful. I could feel her wetness dripping down my length.
She then untied my wrists and told me to stand up. She had me lay down on the couch and straddled me again. I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she whispered,
  • “I want to fuck you now.”

Finally, dismissed and asked to leave without any regard

I didn’t say anything but I nodded silently.
She moved her panties to the side and slid her pussy down onto my throbbing cock. I moaned loudly as she filled me completely with her fleshy pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth and then began to ride me. Then, she ground her clit into my pubic hair and I watched as she started to tremble. She screamed out and came all over my stomach. She collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her.
We stayed like that for a minute before she violently grabbed me with a vengeance and a fire in her eye and threw me out the door with my clothes.
  • “Better be gone before my husband gets home, I know you wouldn’t want to lose your job because he caught you in my house,” she said.
After hearing that I turned towards the door and dashed out and as I headed away from the house I saw his car pull up, and thought how lucky I was to get away and I still had my job. When I got home I thought about my Foot fetish experience with this mistress and I wondered if I would ever experience something like that again.

Training Femdom – men in chastity

The 3 Month Experiment of femdom lifestyle


4 thoughts on “Foot fetish: My first experience with a Mistress!”

  1. When you grow up as a boy in a female-led patchwork family, you learn very quickly that you have to be subordinate to the female sex and serve the ladies. I had to clean my older stepsister’s shoes and always help her put them on and take them off. Her terry slippers I always had to warm with my breath before I was allowed to pass them over her feet. When my foster mother received female guests, I had to greet them submissively with a kiss on the hand and foot, and servilely massage their feet under the table. So that I could perform this service obediently and without complaint, I first had to get used to the female foot scent! For this I had to regularly sniff the toes of my stepsister when she came home from Zumba. Discipline exercise she called it! Of course, I developed a very strong foot fetish through this, but it helped me a lot in puberty to serve the ladies appropriately. Today I no longer mind to take off a lady’s shoes on request and kiss her respectfully under the toes. I even think that this beautiful gesture of decency should be mandatory for a true gentleman.

  2. Foot service is compulsory service! Already as a teenager I had made this experience with a strict, mature lady. Shining her shoes and helping her put them on and take them off was part of the normal rules of etiquette for a budding gentleman anyway; but beyond that, I was also obliged to be submissive and absolutely obedient to her. After taking off her shoes, she always imperiously held her foot in front of my face, and I was forced to pay her the appropriate obeisance with a gentle, submissive kiss under her nylon stockinged toes. Of course, I didn’t like that at all at first, but after a while I realized that it did me and my behavior quite a bit of good to be under strict female domination. For this reason, I still visit my former governess, let her bossy me around and also physically educate me when she deems it necessary. Of course, I now gladly and willingly perform any foot service she asks of me.

  3. i personally don’t have a foot fetish, but i like the dynamic in this scenario. i also think She gives him too much latitude. She does not always seem to insist on getting the respect She deserves.

  4. Childhood lays the foundation for many behaviors in adulthood. As a boy, I had to completely subordinate and obey my older sister. My foot fetish developed because she regularly forced me to crawl under the table and pamper her feet. She was convinced that boys had to do this in order to later be considered a gentleman and have a harmonious relationship with a lady. When my sister reached cheerleader age, I also had to serve her girlfriends’ feet. Here you learn to endure any female foot scent without complaint. When I started studying, I lived with a strict, mature lady whose feet I also had to service. She taught me that a good foot servant not only cleans shoes and performs pedicures, but also discreetly licks between a lady’s toes to remove any sweaty deposits. That took some getting used to, but I quickly realized that the well-being of women’s toes has absolute priority over male sensibilities.

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