Sex slave for two pretty female friends!

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I met up with a female friend of mine Diane and her single friend Kathy. She wanted to set me up with her. So we had a coffee and chatted a bit at a table. I could tell her friend Kathy liked me. After an hour or so, I proposed we go back to my place for a bite to eat, and they liked the idea. So we got in our cars and they followed me back to my apartment.

Back to my apartment with the two female friends!

After we arrived, I took out some small cakes and offered them drinks. I asked them jokingly what they liked sexually. My friend Diane said she liked getting her feet sucked and licked. So I told her I could do that for her! Her friend Kathy wanted to try it too. So I lay down on the floor by their feet and they removed their shoes and began smothering my face with their lovely smelly sweaty feet. I couldn’t see anything with four feet all over me. I opened my mouth and they started pushing their beautiful feet deep inside my mouth.


They took turns fucking me with their feet. I started gagging because they tried to go really deep inside my throat. One of them pressed their feet on my nose to smother me, and the other covered my eyes with her feet. My God, I enjoyed every minute of it!

I had another idea and asked them if they ever tried face-sitting, and they said no. They were both young, in their 20s. So we went to my bedroom, and I stripped to my boxer shorts and they stripped to their panties. Then I lay down on my bed and asked them which one wants to sit on my face, and my friend Diane wanted to do it. She was quite curvy, so I’m happy she said yes.

First experience of face-sitting for the two friends!

She got on the bed and stood on top of my head and slowly bent down and then spread her ass cheeks apart and sat on my face. I was immersed between her ass cheeks and I was in heaven!  I could smell the stench of her dirty ass, but I loved it! My cock was becoming rock hard, it took only 2 minutes to become like a totem pole. Then I felt my boxer shorts being taken off and my hard shaft being sucked over and over.

Even though I was being smothered, I could hear them both giggling. I heard her friend Kathy say she never sucked a dick before, and she loved it. I felt her licking, sucking, and even biting my rock-hard cock. It didn’t take long for me to explode in her mouth. All the time, I could barely breathe with that beautiful curvy ass of Diane on my face!

Then after half an hour or so, they exchanged places. So Kathy took off her panties and eagerly sat on my face. She started rocking back and forth to rub her ass on my face. She asked me if I liked being under her ass, and I replied:

  • “Oh Yes!”.

Trying to be a good slave for these young women

Then she got up and turned around and sat on my face again, but this time her pussy was in my mouth.  She pinched my nose so I couldn’t breathe and said:

  • “I want you to suffocate under my pussy Rick”.

Then she started grinding her pussy on my face over and over. I could feel liquid falling on my face. So, I figured her pussy was getting wet. I was being smothered and drowning under her wet pussy.

Meanwhile, I heard Diane say:

  • “My turn”

Then, I felt her lips surround the tip of my cock, then she slowly went all the way down to the bottom of my shaft. She kept doing this, sucking my cock slowly up and down. I could tell she had done this before. She was older than Kathy.

After a few minutes, I felt the sucking stop. I felt her mounting me, and riding me over and over. I heard her say:

  • “You’re going to father my baby Rick!”

Then, they both started laughing. I couldn’t do anything since Kathy had me pinned under her ass. So I just let her mount me and enjoy the ride. I heard Kathy say:

  • “I want some of that too”.

Next thing you know, they switched places, and then Diane plopped her fat curvy ass on my face again, and Kathy opened her legs and slowly mounted my cock.

  • “Wow, I’m not a virgin anymore!” she yelled.

Diane started clapping and said,

  • “Welcome to the club, now enjoy!”

I could tell Kathy was enjoying it because she was riding me quite violently. it even hurt me a bit lol.

Diane told me:

  • “Did you have enough, little slave?”

On a collar and leash, like a good sex slave!

I told her we can try something else. I had them both sit on my sofa. Then I told them I was their sex slave and my job was to pleasure them. They loved that idea! I had a collar and leash and put it on for Diane. She pulled the leash and opened her legs. I buried my face in her dark hairy pussy and ate it all up. I loved getting her pussy hairs in my mouth.

Then she gave the leash to Kathy and said:

  • “Now take care of my friend. Do a good job, little slave!”

So Kathy pulled the leash and slowly opened her silky white legs to reveal her smooth pussy. I took care to lick it slowly, then go faster making letters of the alphabet with my tongue so she can enjoy it immensely. I had read somewhere that’s the best way to lick a woman’s pussy. She began squirting white cum and my face got soaked in it, but I kept licking.

She started to moan at this point and said:

  • “My God, you’re drinking me!”.

Diane was happy for her. She pulled the leash back to her and said:

  • “My turn now, slave!”

and I dived right in and enjoyed tasting her juicy dark hairy pussy.

After half an hour, we stopped the fun and decided we were going to do it again and try even other fun things. Both girls had lots of other ideas in mind. We exchanged numbers. They had so much fun because they never tried any of this before. I gave them each a kiss on the cheek and they left all happy.


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