How I became the slave of Mistress Layla!

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One night, I’m taking a late-night walk to get some air. I turn into an alley thinking that this would be a shortcut. Soon, did I realize that this would be a mistake?

After some time being in this alley that seems to never end, I begin to hear what seems to be heels walking behind me. As I turn the corner, I notice that the sound keeps getting closer and closer. I turn around wondering if there really was someone following me. As I suspected there was someone following me.

But as soon as I began to see who it was, I blacked out.

Kidnapped and locked in a cage!

After what seems to be an eternity, I slowly start to see my surroundings once again. But as I am starting to wake up, I notice that I am not in the alley anymore. It seems that I was in some kind of cage in what looked like to be a home. As I look around my surroundings, down the hallway I begin to hear the same sounds of the heels that were in the alley. The heels come into focus right in front of me and out of curiosity I like upwards and see a woman that I’ve never seen before.

She looks down at me and introduces herself.

  • “Hello there, my name is Layla and I’m going to be your new Mistress”.

I thought to myself, is she serious? I’d never seen this woman before until the alley. She begins to explain the situation:

  • “I’ve been following you for quite some time now on your daily walks and thought it was time to introduce myself. So, I thought that this was the best way to do just that”.

Still in shock by the whole situation she walks away from view. After a little while the Lady that calls herself, Layla comes back and shows a collar.


Then, transformed into a slave with a collar and a leash!

Mistress Layla says,

  • “Do you accept to be my slave?”

Out of nowhere, I reply back saying

  • “yes Mistress”.

She seems pleased with my response. Mistress opens the cage door and fastens the collar around my neck. As soon as the collar is fastened around my neck Mistress pulls out a leash and attaches it to my collar then begins to guide me out of the cage. Mistress then orders me to stay on all fours and follow her to the hallway.

  • “Stay on your hands and knees while looking at the ground and follow me”.

As I am led down the hallway by my Mistress, we enter a room.

  • “Take off your clothes slave and put them on the floor”.

I do as commanded and put them on the floor. She grabs my clothes and puts them in the closet. After she puts my clothes in the closet, she yanks on the leash and orders me to follow her into the kitchen.

Finally, naked in the kitchen accomplishing the required chores!

We enter the kitchen and she sits at the table.

  • “Now slave, your first duty will be to make me breakfast understood”?

I reply back

  • “yes Mistress”.

I go to the fridge and pull out a carton of eggs and crack them into a pan and begin making some scrambled eggs. As I finish making the eggs I pull out a plate to put them on then hand the plate to Mistress. As she takes the plate I go back on my knees and await my next order.

  • “Well, slave, that was a good breakfast. You see those dishes over there by the sink?”.


  • “Yes Mistress”.


  • “I have to leave for a little while and I expect those dishes and the rest of the house to be cleaned when I get back, understood?”

Knowing that these seem like they would be easy tasks to accomplish, I agree with:

  • “yes Mistress”.

As she leaves, I begin to do the required chores as ordered not knowing what would happen if I didn’t complete them.

To be continued



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