A slave used by his Mistress for her own amusement

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Just as Mistress entered the bathroom, his hand reached from the shower cubicle for the towel. He didn’t hear her enter but still jumped with shock when she ordered him to step out keeping his head looking at the floor. Then, he felt her hand pulling his ear while telling him to touch his toes. He felt her gloved hand examine his back.

  • “Open your legs” Mistress ordered.

After he did so, Mistress started inspecting his rear end.

  • “Stand up and look up”! she said.

He obeyed and again he felt her gloved hand touching his body. This time it was the genitals that she was examining.
He took a deep breath as she touched him, trying hard to control himself. Mistress held his balls in her gloved hand and commented on the fact that he had not played with himself while showering.

He thanked Mistress for her kind words.

  • “Get dried quickly, do not put anything on, and report to me in my chamber, quick now, my guests will be here soon”.

Quickly he dried himself, spraying himself with a body spray, and brushing and combing his hair to keep it neat and tidy.

Mistress shouted,

  • “Hurry up boy”!

In a soft voice, he replied he was on his way.

Summoned in his Mistress’s bedroom!


He reached her chamber and knocked on the door.

  • “Enter!”

He was commanded to get in and so he did.

Mistress arose from her chair while telling him to turn around. She then placed a black shiny “piny” around his waist and tied it with a nice bow on his back. She spun him round, stood back, and looked at him.

  • “That looks good on you slave”, she commented.


  • “Thank you Mistress”, he replied.


  • “Now slave, this afternoon I have two Mistresses that are very dear friends of mine visiting. You will wait upon their every need. If they ask you a question, you will reply to them right away. They may want to play with you. Whatever they wish, you will do!
    If for any reason you upset them, not only, they will punish you, but so will I! You will get twice what they give you.
    “DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR”? she shouted at him.

He gulped and answered nervously that he understood.

The arrival of his Mistress’s friends

Once more she examined him. It was only now that he saw in the mirror what his Mistress was wearing.
She wore a black collar around her neck. Her hair was tied in a tight ponytail.

She wore a white see-through blouse, where you could perfectly see the bra she was wearing. The blouse and that beautiful bra made her chest stand out. Her skirt was also black, made of leather and the length of the tall black boots matched perfectly well. The skirt was tight so he could see clearly the outline of her panties and suspenders.

He took a deep breath to help keep his feelings under control.

He was helped by the sound of the doorbell ringing.  Quickly he went to answer the door but Mistress sent him to the living room while she answered the door herself.

He heard her greeting her friends warmly as she directed them to the living room.

Mistress invited them to sit down for a cup of coffee.
The slave went to the kitchen and prepared the coffee. He also filled a plate with biscuits. On the tray, he also put cream, cups, spoons, napkins, milk, and sugar.

He returned to the living room with the tray and placed it on the coffee table.

Mistress asked her friends how they would like their coffees served.

He served the coffee to the Mistresses as they wanted, offered the biscuits, and retired to the back of the room to await further instructions.

Coffee and food for the ladies served by the perfect slave!

He could not help but notice that the two guests were dressed the same way as his Mistress but with a different color. Where his Mistress was in black, one was wearing green and the other red. Their attire glistened in the sunlight that was entering the room.

Now it was time for him to bring the buffet that had been prepared for the guests and with it cold beers and chilled glasses. This he dreaded as he was never any good at pouring beer. His fear showed when the Mistress in red asked him to pour her a beer. He removed the cap, picked up a glass with a napkin,
tilted the glass, and slowly poured it.

He did it perfectly, somehow he managed to do it properly.

Once the Mistresses had their plates full and were sat down, he went back to the room to await instructions.
Mistress asked them if they would like another beer and both of them said yes, please.

Slave went to pour the beers in fresh cold glasses when the Mistress in green told him she wanted hers in the same glass. He went over to where she sat and stooped to pick up her glass. The Mistress in red commented on the shape of his arse, and how round it was. With that, the other Mistress looked and agreed. It was indeed a nicely shaped arse. One she would love to see bound to a whipping post or a bench.

  • “Yes dear!, the Mistress in red agreed. A good whipping and, then a good fucking with a strapon, I just love fucking an arse that has been freshly punished.”


The perfect slave can control himself!

Slave stood up holding the dirty glass and was about to move when a Mistress told him to turn round. He did as he was told.

  • “I wonder, the Mistress said what is under the “piny”?”

Then, he felt the “piny” being lifted as her hand moved underneath.

  • “What is this I have to hold off, why I wonder is it getting hard and bigger? I do hope the slave can control himself!”

He heard her say.

  • “It will be worse for him if he cannot!,” his Mistress said.

He gulped, tried to think of other things, tried not to think of what their touches were doing to him.
Without warning, he felt a sharp stab of pain on his arse.

  • “Enough!” one Mistress said, “I want my beer now slave!”


  • “Yes, Mistress,” he replied and went to pour her beer.

As he placed it by her side, he once more felt a hand on his arse, feeling every inch of his cheeks. He
gasped when the Mistress moved her hand inside his legs and touched his balls. He was biting his bottom lip now for he was being turned on. It was agony for him to keep control of himself.


“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you slave!”

Just as he thought he would no longer be able to hold it, he was again told to pour another beer. He did and went back to the room.
He heard as the Mistresses discussed him. They wondered why he was not in chastity, how often he was allowed to wank, and what size strap-on was he able to take? Both Mistresses said they would love to play with him.

His Mistress made a gesture with her hand that drew his attention to her. He stepped forward, and dropped to his knees, head bowed.

  • “Clear the buffet away slave” she commanded him!

He stood up and took everything into the kitchen. Once more he returned with a cloth and started to clean the side tables. He was stopped by the Mistress in green, he felt her gloved hand once more under his “piny”, playing with his cock and balls.

The Mistress in red started to feel his arse with her gloved hand. He felt his cock stirring, becoming harder. It was made worse when one of the Mistresses removed his “piny”. Now his own Mistress could see just how hard he was.

  • “Don’t you dare cum until I tell you slave”, Commanded his Mistress!


  • “No Mistress”, I won’t.

The slave is begging his Mistress to stop!

The Mistress in green was now tormenting him, he loved the feeling of her smooth leather glove on his shaft; he so wanted to relieve the pressure that was building up. The other Mistress was now feeling between his legs, rubbing her gloved hand up against his balls.

Now he was pleading for mercy, begging the mistresses to stop.

  • “What’s the matter slave, don’t you like being played with”?

With that, she started to move her hand up and down his shaft in fast mode.

  • “What is this?” she cried out as she stopped wanking him.


  • “What is this on my glove?” she asked. You wretch, you have started to cum, haven’t you?

He could not speak but nodded that he had.

  • “Lick my glove, clean slave”!

He lowered his head and started to do as he was told. The other Mistress continued playing with his cock, moving her hand up and down his shaft.

  • “0h God”! He cried.


He could no longer control himself. He felt his cock pumping as his head was pounding.

  • “Look at the mess you made with my glove, skirt, and boots you wretch”. “Get your tongue working and lick your mess up, you useless piece of shit”.


Led to the dungeon to be used by the Mistress for her pleasure!


His own Mistress now started to scold him for not obeying her. As he licked his cum up, he heard all that was being said. He heard what was going to happen to him. His heart sank. He now dreaded what was about to happen.

Then, he realized that things were about to change and he was not sure what was coming when everything went black as Mistress hooded him. He shuddered as she secured the hood to his head and then placed the collar tightly around his neck. He heard the leash being snapped into place on the collar. Then, he felt the pressure on his neck as Mistress pulled hard on the lead.

He moved to relieve the pressure on his neck when he felt he was being led to the dungeon to be used by the Mistress for her pleasure.




Domestic sissy service for Miss Eli

Femdom Take-over


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