How to Properly Fit Your Sub Into a Chastity Belt

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The step of a domme putting her sub into chastity belt is an important one. She is asserting her absolute control over his sexuality, including his ability to masturbate and even to attain an erection. There is almost no stronger signifier of her ownership than putting him in a chastity device. So, the choice of which one should be carefully considered.

But first, some basics. Most male chastity devices (hereafter called chastity belts) are not truly tamper-proof. Unless the chastity belts involve piercing, they can usually be removed by the male. But that isn’t really the point. The point is that your sub should WANT to wear it because it pleases you. It gives you control over him. But males are weak and need to be controlled, and that’s why I recommend random, at least daily, checkups. If the sub never truly knows when or if he will be called upon to snap a pic of his chastity belts to send to you, he will be more inclined to wear it. In other words, it’s all about the control.


How to choose a chastity belt?

Now that that is out of the way, we can focus on the choice. There are essentially 5 major concerns when choosing a  chastity belt:

  • price,
  • comfort,
  • security,
  • cleanliness,
  • and noticeability.


Now, of course, you’re going to have your sub pay for it, so you should assess his finances. It should be costly, but not break his bank. You want him to show his commitment, but have him be available to continue to show his devotion. Cost is important because you don’t want it to be a cheap toy he just forgets about and never uses. It should make him feel the pain of buying. I know for many dommes, financial domination is never the point, but trust me, you want your sub to feel this is an important purchase. Moderately priced options include the Chastity belts series, 3000,6000, or 6000S, if he’s on the smaller end (and let’s face it, he probably is). Other options are the PA (Prince Albert) series. If it is your particular enjoyment, these can be ordered in pink for extra humiliation.



This brings us to comfort. Again, this is a tricky subject as the ultimate comfort level should be determined by the domme. Keep in mind though, if this is a device you want your sub to wear all day, it should not bring him crippling pain. He does need to get through his activities. Of course, during playtime, if you want to inflict some amount of pain, there are models with spikes such as the Master series. However, for everyday use, I recommend the Chastity Belt, PA, or JailBird series.



Next is security. As mentioned, your sub can slip out to pleasure himself at almost any time unless a piercing is used. Devices with piercings include the Master Series, the de Lurigancho series, and the YiFeng series. Note these models may not be practical for full-time use as many of them use a plug that must be removed to use the bathroom as well. For everyday use, the Chastity belt or PA series offers sufficient security.



Next up is cleanliness. It is in this step you should have a full discussion with your sub because most models will leave a bit of urine in the tip and if that grosses your man out, you should respect that, while also maintaining control. Here the chastity belt series excel, as well as the Jail Bird. The Chastity belt will still require a bit of cleaning but overall is much easier to clean than some models.



Finally, is the question of noticeability. If you want your sub to wear his out and about, a good strategy to adopt is one where the device may make a bit of noise but one that only those familiar with chastity belts would recognize. Again, for this, I would recommend the chastity belt or PA series.

In summary, the chastity belt or PA series (some available in pink!) offer a truly useful combination of moderate cost, bearable comfort (but he’ll never forget he has it on), decent security (remember, random checks are key), ease to clean, and minimum, but not zero, noticeability.




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