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Great dominatrix commercial!

Great Dominatrix commercial!

Advertisements can shape beliefs, norms, and behaviors of individuals in a society, so ways females are portrayed in advertisements are important because of their potential consequences. For example, research has shown when female viewers watch portrayals of women’s achievements in advertisements they often become more inspired to succeed in their future careers rather than sticking with stereotypical roles for women, such as homemaking.

dominatrix commercial

Previous research studies have examined female portrayals in print ads and television commercials, mostly focusing on stereotypical portrayals of females, including show them in domestic settings, non-career oriented, not physically active, non-authoritative, inferior to males, sexual objects, decoration, and associated with domestic products. However, female roles in society have changed over time, and correspondingly portrayals of females in advertisements have changed as well. Furthermore, in recent times there have been increasing numbers of females portrayed in powerful positions in ads.

Females are shown as experts, athletes, sexually subjective, and in control of their decisions. Although numerous research investigations have studied stereotypical portrayals of females in ads, there has been little research studying recent trends in female portrayals in advertisements. It is important to understand these trends and their impact on society. This dissertation aims to add to the study of ads which portray females in powerful positions. Power is a multidimensional concept previously studied in various disciplines, but there still exists a need to understand feminine power and its dimensions as portrayed in the media.



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10 Hottest BDSM FEMDOM Scenes in movies and videos

Unless you’ve been living under the rock of repression, odds are you’re at least familiar with the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey.

It’s also spawned a film trilogy whose first installment, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, dominated the box office over Presidents Day weekend with a record $94.4 million take, and a global haul of over a quarter of a billion dollars.

The film centers on Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a romantic, virginal English lit student who falls for a surreptitious 27-year-old billionaire, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Little does she know that Grey has a dark past, which manifests itself in his desire to slap, whip, and smack around women with a series of tools in his red-tinted “playroom.” Anastasia isn’t into it at first, refusing to sign her suitor’s dom-sub (dominant-submissive) contract, but eventually relents after falling for the kinky bastard—albeit as a free agent.

BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) is a catch-all phrase that includes a variety of kinky endeavors—from inflicting pain and/or humiliation to the use of restraints—but involves a dominant who controls the session and a submissive who surrenders control. The BDSM scenes in the Fifty Shades of Grey film are tame by virtually any sexually active person’s standards. Take it from an actual dominatrix. YES, In real life it was FEMDOM. But there have been a plethora of movies that have tackled DOMINATRIX BDSM in more unique and interesting ways. So, If you think the Fifty Shades franchise deserves all the credit for making BDSM mainstream, think again. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have been tackling roles with onscreen BDSM for years. Here are 10 movies and TV shows that invited A-list actors to explore their own FEMDOM shades of grey/gray.

We take a look at 10 FEMDOM BDSM films which shocked, stimulated and spanked their way to notoriety.
femdom bdsm

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