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Nicki Minaj Goes Full Dominatrix In New ‘Only’ Video

Nicki Minaj Goes Full Dominatrix In New ‘Only’ Video

Full dominatrix, how does she even do it!? Her rhymes are some of the most provocative hip-hop has to offer, and Nicki Minaj certainly hasn’t watered them down for Only going full dominatrix.

The rapper announces in the opening line that she hasn’t slept with Drake or Lil Wayne, who also feature on the track, before going into sexual detail and reestablishing herself as a ‘bad b***h’.

It seems apt then that her explicit new music video portrays Nicki as a dominatrix, flaunting her famous curves in black fish nets in a scene that could have been taken right out of the vampire movie Blade.

Onika emphasizes her chest with a push up black bra and in between whipping a riding crop she stares seductively at the camera from behind a lace masquerade mask in her underground sex dungeon.

A vampiric-looking Chris Brown’s face appears on screen, wearing colored contact lenses and grills as he sings the hook of the track.

ONLY – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown



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