Mistress Sombra Teaches You How to Play with Your Whip

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Mistress Sombra is here to show us some fun ways to play with your whip. She is a member of The Alley Wynwood, which host’s a vast variety  of different kinds of events including the Regale of Femdom event!

Watch Mistress Sombra Wield her Whip Around and Around


The Miami Dome Squad


All of the Mistress’s that are apart of the Miami Domme Squad are professional Dominatrix who work directly out of The Alley Wynwood. They do tour and have show’s on a regular basis, if your interested in seeing them or partaking in a session you can feel free to reach out!

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Passionate Letter to My BDSM Goddess, My Mistress, My Life – A True Slave Experience (2)

The Alley Wynwood and Their Miami Domme Squad


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