Size Queen Grannies Think Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Lame

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Size Queen Grannies Think Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Lame

Or rather, they think that Kim Kardashian is lame in her interracial sex tape. Quote from one of the Grannies: “What’s wrong with her. She’s just laying there.” Yes, through most of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Kim chews gum like she’s bored and just lays there while Ray J does the hump-a-rama. One of the Size Queen Grannies even visually illustrates that big Ray J’s big black cock is a two hander with “space in the middle.” Another of the Grannies obviously knows about big black dick and admits there is a saying: “Once you go black, you never go back.” While watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape online, one of the Grannies exclaims: “Oh my God, look at it!” “The end of it is purple!” “What’s taking him so long, he’s young.” LMAO, I must inform the Grannies that big black cocks sometimes take longer to get erect because much more blood is required to flow into their huge black schlongs to make them rock hard, but once they are erect, they are monster meat. Then while Kim Kardashian is taking Ray J’s big black cock up her ass, one of the Grannies explains, “That’s Greek. That’s what the Greeks do. From the back.” If only the Grannies had their own reality show… Ray J could make a guest appearance!



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