Applying for a Slave Position under a Training Mistress

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Slave Position under a Training Mistress



Slave position


This is in response to your listing in reputed FEMDOM internet site “” for a slave position. It would be an honor and privilege for me to be allowed to train and serve under you. I shall abide by all rules and orders given and shall obey you at all times without question and serve loyally.

I am Mowgli from India and I am a 50-year-old widower. After 20 years of happy married life, my wife died 10 years ago due to illness. I have not remarried after her death.

Her name was Roma and it was love at first sight. After dating about a year and living together for a couple of years, we realized that we were made for each other. Hence we got married. She was a physics teacher in a nearby Christian Missionary School.


LED Relationship

It was a WIFE LED marriage and by our very natures she was the dominant partner and I was very much her submissive. I can say that, due to this relationship, I have some degree of experience in trying to satisfy a Mistress. I have no shame to admit that, once we understood our respective roles, she used to humiliate, abuse, and punish me regularly and I simply loved it and wanted more.

A typical day started at 7 am in the morning, with my licking her feet for half an hour while she kicked me in the face to encourage me to do my best. Then half an hour of massaging and pressing her breasts/back/thighs and calves. This was followed at 8 am by my daily maintenance caning of 12 strokes with a 4mm thick 31/2 feet long flexible rattan cane.


Heavy Caning

Slave position

Caning was administered over cotton shorts pulled very tight over the buttocks. My wife firmly believed the pain should be felt and remembered. By me throughout the day and accordingly, put full force into each stroke. Each attempt to shift position/ rub ass etc invited six more strokes. This painful deterrent ensured by taking the full quota of daily punishment without any fuss or murmur whatsoever.

The cane edges were trimmed weekly to keep them in top skin cutting condition while giving the strokes and I should admit it was extremely effective and I had red and purple welts over my ass and thighs all year round.

The ritual of daily maintenance caning, was followed by breakfast which, because of welts all over my ass and thighs from innumerable cane strokes, I could only eat standing upon at least 300 out of 365 days.




Daily Routines

Other routines of the day followed and I had a foot licking session again late evening before supper. Since my wife’s untimely death, I am feeling very lonely nowadays and I feel I can satisfy my inner urges only through a Mistress. Hence I humbly beg to offer myself for the post of a slave.

People around me are not aware of my kink as I live in a conservative society in a small town. I have been mostly forced to keep my impulses to myself. I’m seeking to find inner peace and fulfillment of my deep subconscious desires through my Mistress.

I understand that slave training requires enormous effort and time from your side. So I am quite willing to compensate suitably in return for the privilege of being trained by a Mistress.

I’m humbly requesting a Mistress to please consider my application for slave position favorably and oblige.

Eagerly awaiting a positive reply from Mistress.

Obedient slut


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  1. I love this website so much that I feel the need to masturbate so much but don’t even need to; I cum automatically & it feels so good not having to forcefully do it! I especially like all of Mistress Cindy’s essays for she has made me feel right at home & wecome me in to a comfort zone etc. It’s great to be a member of this outstanding organization & I will always post my ideas here as well as my fantasies etc.

  2. I am a male slave 61 years of age. I have never had a mistress and would really like to serve one. I am still married but do not see my wife in the position as a mistress. Please …… your willing slut

  3. I’m 36 Male submissive new too this life I want too become a 247 slave too a mistress I’ve tried every site too no avail. I’m in nm plz help me become the. Slave I desire too be I’m willing too sign a nonconsensual contract.

  4. I have been trying all of my life to submit unto pro Domina ladies but to no avail. I don’t know what to do but beg & I am even willing to do that! I don’t know what it takes to be an attractive submissive male but if anybody would be so kind as to help me learn, I would be of mush grattitude. Am I dressing wrong, speaking improperly, too stupod or what? I’m very desperate to find a Dominant woman to serve for the rest of my life in real time of course & if anybody could help me with my struggle I would give them anything. Thank you

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