humiliation of slave

Ways to sexually humiliate your hubby in order of degree :

  • Make hubby wear women’s tights/panties under clothing.
  • Talk about a very well-endowed ex-boyfriend (WEEB) privately using comparative terms.
  • Drop subtle hints to hubby that the best sex of your life WAS NOT with him.
  • Mention something you did with/to a well-endowed ex-boyfriend that was more illicit than anything you’ve done with hubby.
  • Drop hints that you were more sexually permissive with WEEB specifically because his cock was bigger. Say things like, “Are you kidding? For that cock, I would do anything.” or “Well, don’t you think he deserved it? With a cock like that?”
  • Choose a semi-attractive male friend (or find a discreet one) who would openly have a crush on you. Train hubby to accept that you enjoy and deserve the extra attention. Use talk about how you enjoy innocent attention while giving hubby a handjob.
  • Tie pink velvet ribbon snugly around hubby’s balls.
  • Make hubby walk around the house in women’s tights and t-shirt.
  • Make hubby wear black tights under clothing with ankles exposed.
  • Make hubby wear PINK tights under clothing with ankles exposed.
  • Casually mention how you LOVE giving a guy a blowjob. Be sure to use correct verbiage: Don’t say things like “I love giving you blowjobs.” Do say things like “Giving a guy a blowjob is my favorite thing.”
  • Gradually replace blowjobs with handjobs.
  • If/when hubby complains about the infrequency of blowjobs, tell him, “I don’t see YOU giving blowjobs and getting cum in your mouth. When you taste a load of your own cum, then I’ll start giving you more blowjobs.
  • Start telling him to defer his orgasms during sex. (“Don’t cum. Not yet.”)
  • Train hubby not to cum until you give him permission.
  • Train hubby to pull out and cum on your leg/foot. (Wearing hosiery makes this more exciting.) Eventually tell him he should always cum on your foot, even without your direction.
  • Gradually replace penetrative sex with handjobs for him. Talk about how it’s more enjoyable for you.
  • After handjob, have hubby taste his cum from your fingers.
  • Make hubby wear a male chastity device
  • Talk about a very well-endowed ex-boyfriend in front of friends.
  • Google “beautiful uncut cock” and find a picture of a beautiful penis about 25% bigger than hubby. Print it out and frame it and keep it on your nightstand. Tell hubby is your ex-boyfriend’s cock and you like to look at it while falling asleep and during sex.
  • Choose a semi-attractive female confidante (or find a discreet one) who will meet your hubby. She will act as sort of an accomplice or like a comedic “straight man” would. Choose someone whose attention your hubby would enjoy, but who wouldn’t distract him from you. (Don’t tell her I said that. 😉 ) Educate confidante on helping to gently humiliate hubby sexually.
  • Gradually mention humiliating tidbits to her about hubby, in front of hubby. (“Michelle, have you ever made your guy wear women’s tights? I make my hubby walk around the house in pink tights.” or “My best sex ever was with a college boyfriend. His dick was huge.”)
  • Have hubby model tights in front of female confidante.
  • Give hubby handjob in front of female confidante. Make him cum on your foot in front of her.
  • Have hubby wear pink tights and give your confidante a foot massage.
  • Loan hubby to female confidante to walk around her place in tights.
  • Have hubby cum on confidante’s foot while you watch and help.
  • Mention a fantasy of getting pregnant by another “type” of guy who is very different from your hubby.
  • Ask hubby if he has ever thought about giving another guy a blowjob.
  • Encourage hubby to think about blowing another guy. Pet him while talking about it. Train him to associate your affection / his orgasm with the idea of servicing another guy orally.
  • Have sex with another man
  • Have sex with another man and make hubby watch
  • Have sex with hubby’s friend (find a discreet new friend who is completely isolated from your circle of friends/family specifically for this purpose. Have him establish a friendship with hubby first.)
  • Have hubby spend guy time with your lover — fishing/boating/camping trips. Train your boyfriend to gently brag to hubby about fucking you or making you cum a lot.

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