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How to convince your wife to dominate you

I dominate my husband and I have been doing it for 5 years now. I want to talk to you about the following subject:

“How can a man who wants to become a submissive man convince his wife to be his dominant?”

dominate your husband

This is a fact that a woman can naturally be a Femdom but it is often a desire of his partner to live a domina/submissive relationship. Some submissive men can be afraid to ask this of their partners.

If you are one of these men, I am talking to you.

To start, you have to think about several different things.

First, you fantasize about female domination but maybe your wife doesn’t.

There are probably some troubles with your couple. You should try to solve the problems.

You must make the first step but do it slowly. For example, you don’t talk at the beginning of your wife about the chastity cage.

For a woman who has never heard about a chastity cage, this object can be seen as a torture tool. Your wife loves you and she doesn’t want to hurt you. She probably wouldn’t understand how you could enjoy wearing it.

You can start by explaining to her this is a sex toy to play with during your sexual relations.

Don’t talk about the fact that some submissive men wear it all the time.

Secondly, you must not require, you just offer.

To be more precise, you should offer yourself as a gift. In the beginning, you must forget all the BDSM scenarios you dreamt about.

femdom bdsm games

You must find what she could enjoy about this kind of relationship. I have seen too often many submissive men asking their partners for some punishments. You must remember you are not the one who decides this in the relationship. You are the one who obeys and does whatever your mistress wants. In your case, you must help your woman to find what she likes and enjoy.

Don’t be what we could call a “subdominant”!!!

Thirdly, you must be patient but you must still progress even if it is slowly.


You must give her some time to get used to and enjoy this new kind of FLR relationship.

You must offer to try different things until she doesn’t want to come back to your former relationship.

Do you still want some advice?

There are no magical “recipes”. Each situation is different. Some men asked me to analyze precisely their situation.

Now, I am trying to give you some general advice. You could pick up the most appropriate ones for your situation.


You must serve her and be helpful to her.

She is tired when she comes back from work. You help her to remove her shoes and you massage her feet. She is doing the housekeeping, you offer to do it for her. You tell her that from now this is your duty to do the housekeeping. If you want to watch a soccer game on TV, you must ask her permission in case she would like to watch something else.

You always have to remember that your proposal is but she is the one who will decide.

You must do all the tasks she doesn’t like to do. She’s probably going to enjoy this new situation. If once you don’t do the housekeeping, she is going to ask you to do it.

At this point, maybe you could start to explain to her what you are expecting from your relationship.

For example, you could tell her that you think she is the one in your relationship who has the most ability to make the decisions. If she agrees, you will ask her opinion each time you have to make a decision. You could give her some time to think about this new proposal.

You can tell her that these new rules in your relationship could stay your secret.

When you talk to her, you must use some respectful expressions

A few years ago I wrote an article about “Yes Darling”.

Don’t say anything other than “yes” or “thank you” but “Yes Darling” or “thank you Darling” or “Darling what do you want for your dinner?” or “Darling May I help you?

Like that, you show her how much you love her and you are here to adore her.

What about when you are in bed?

If it is not already the case, ask her to come over. Find some advantages for her.

If it is already the case, make her taste your tongue.

To be over the man is a sexual position that femdom enjoys a lot. They are in control.

Follow this simple rule; do what you can but do not enjoy sexually first. You have to wait she does it first and maybe several times. Then, you can tell her this new rule is part of a game.

You have to buy some sex toys and just show her in the beginning. Maybe, you will have to explain to her if she does not already know what you can do with them.

foot worship

You should try to be funny. Maybe you could use some of these sex toys after a while. She has to get used to it.

What about the chastity cage?

This is a great debate. I think you should try to use it very quickly, even if a lot of women are reluctant at the beginning.

You can give two reasons for the fact you should do it.

The first reason, this is a sex toy for a sexual game. If you wear the chastity cage, you can’t do anything for several days. Then, you will look forward to your next sexual night. You will be crazy about her.

The second reason, the chastity cage is a good tool to prevent you from masturbating.

You can tell her that you are addicted to masturbation. This is the only way to stop you from doing it

Then she allows you to wear it. I don’t know if you have to wait a long time or not to give her the key to the chastity cage. It depends because each couple is different.

The last thing, you have to be sure that you want to live as a submissive man before starting anything.

Some men are not ready for that and will never be. This is just a fantasy for them

Written by Marie-Severine from the French blog jedominemonmari.com


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10 thoughts on “I DOMINATE MY HUSBAND”

  1. I’m a submissive white husband , I use to not be butthe past 5 years my wife has began to earn more money , she handles the bank account, ,when I get paid my money ges into the acct, she gives me what she thinks I’ll need for that day. I have began to have ED problems and have found it stimulating to pleasure her my Goddess, by massaging her n baby oil that leads to me eating her fat ass, while she rides her 10 inch dildo. She tells me to eat her ass while She gets fuck by a real big dic. After she cums she gets on all fours and spread her fat ass and I know my role I eat her ass like I’m starving while jerking off.

  2. My fiance.makes me have sex with her at least 5 times a day minimum. Sometimes triple that on weekends. At times she will force me to stay in bed with her all day and pleasure her over and over.

    She always orgasms first no matter what, and if she let’s me orgasm it will be the last. She owns a host of silky lingerie and is a sex Queen. The pleasure is all about her and sometimes she won’t let me orgasm and won’t tell me when I can again. She has many multiple orgasms. I love how powerful she feels. I’m amazed by her. She’s also beggining to move her bedroom dominance outside of the bedroom. Now she run the show and I submit and obey as she wants.

    I massage and pamper her daily like she deserves, like the true Godess she is. She controls my entire body and I love how she loves the power she obsurbs over me.

    I love how she has controlled my orgasms for the past 2 years and how her orgasms are all that matter to her.

    I massage her daily

  3. Picking dominant women in the first place works the best. Liberally free women who have no qualms in ordering their men around can be detected in Frank conversations about being in charge. Working women are liberated because they make money for themselves and don’t have to depend upon men. Women that divide household work and hold the guys to do it is a good sign. I found that women who demand pleasure during lovemaking is a good sign.

  4. I can relate 100% sex with my is she takes a bath then lies on the bed on her belly as I oil her up and massage her, it leads to me eating her ass then she gets on her knees and tells me to eat her fat ass as I jerk my lil dic off

  5. Being in a totally female dominated marriage was wonderful for me. Unfortunately her illness caused us to part.
    Now alone, I need to find a dominant lady who would like a serious relationship with a retired, financially secure submissive man. I do Laundry, housework and provide any and all sexual needs and will accept cuckolding, BDSM and full ownership. I live in Plano, TX but can relocate. Permanent or part time position.

  6. I worship the ground my wife walks on and crave the time we have and when she allows me to massge her and rub her body down. And her ass has me n a trance. I have come to realize that her pleasure is more important than mine. I am so thankful for the chance to eat her ass that makes me feel so submissive and love to ride my dildo and jerk off n front of her she is my dominant my goddess and I love her

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