A Submissive Fetishist with Two Dominant Mistresses

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As I sat in my office, staring into the void, she passed by my desk. Mechanically, my eyes fell on her suit then on her long legs and pumps. As a fetishist, I couldn’t help it.

It was then that Lauren approached me

– You seem to like her legs.

Caught in the act, I could only acknowledge her.

– Yes, I appreciate it when a woman shows off.

– A little more than that. Just now, I’m going to have a drink with a friend, would you like to come?

– Why not.

We found ourselves at the end of the work, to reach a bar located a few streets away.

Her friend was already waiting for us, a glass of wine in her hand.

Lauren made the introductions. Her friend’s name was Victoria.

Once settled, Lauren started teasing me.

– So you take advantage of the time at work to admire the legs of the assistants?

Immediately, I protested.

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Just a Little Fetish

dominant mistress

“Maybe a little fetishist side?” She asked, stirring her boots, to make them go over from under the table.

– Fetish, I don’t know, but yes I appreciate women who wear heels and stockings or tights.

She nodded, then changed the subject. Various subjects ensued.

After finishing our drinks, Victoria asked me if I wanted to come and have another drink with Lauren.

I didn’t refuse the proposal and settled the consumption.

On returning, the two women had risen to put on their coats. Victoria was brunette, dressed in a blouse and tight-fitting jeans with boots. As for Lauren, she was blonde and wearing a black dress with tights and boots with a heel.


Victoria’s Apartment

Victoria lived on an adjacent street near the bar, in a beautiful high rise building.

When she reached the second floor, Victoria opened the door, took off her jacket, walked into the living room and sat down on a sofa.

After placing my things in the entrance, I also entered the living-room, but as I entered the room, Lauren placed her hand on my shoulder and said:

“Since you’re a fetishist, you’re going to lick Victoria’s boots.”


I was a little surprised but not unhappy with this order. I knelt down and approached Victoria. She then forced me to stand in front of her and kiss her boots. I started by laying a delicate kiss on her shoes, then another and another. I quickly pulled out my tongue to better lick them. After being busy with the task, Victoria told me to do the same with her feet.



Kiss my Feet!


I was surprised that Lauren was no longer in the room, but I was too busy to look for her. I kissed Victoria’s feet, licked them, sucked them and massaged them. At times, she forced me to take one fully in my mouth and play with the other.

Victoria seemed to enjoy this moment. After about ten minutes, I heard the sound of Lauren’s heels coming back into the room.

She approached me and said,

“You seem to like it, so we can go a little further,” she said, passing a necklace around my neck.

– Get undressed now! : Victoria ordered me, you can only keep your boxer.



I looked up to meet Victoria’s eyes. She was firm and left me with no choice. I got up and a little awkwardly, I started to undress in front of these two women. While I was performing, Lauren took advantage of it to feel different parts of my body.

When I was completely undressed, Lauren went to sit on the couch and pulled me by the leash to get me to come closer to her.

“Now you’re going to take care of my feet!”

I began by taking off her boots. Meanwhile, Victoria got up to pick up refreshments. I then was put on all fours to lick her feet. I had dry mouth after getting busy from Victoria, but I made sure to apply myself by sucking each of her toes.


Wine Time


Victoria came back and served Lauren without taking care of me. She sat down on the chair and began to discuss everything and nothing.

At times, Lauren would give a small blow on the leash to guide me. Victoria rubbed her feet along my body giving me small blows.

Going up on Lauren’s calves to kiss them, I could see that she was not wearing pantyhose but stockings, which increased my excitement and erection.

As the hour progressed, the two women ordered pizzas, without asking me if I wanted anything.

After a long time of taking care of her feet, Lauren asked me if I wanted to quench my thirst.

I answered positively. Lauren motioned me to straighten up and approach me by pulling on the leash and then told me to open my mouth.


Open up to Quench your Thirst

She took a sip from her glass, then spat it out in my mouth. She repeated the process twice. To the taste, I could see that it was white wine, which did not quench my thirst.

I was afraid that Victoria would ask me to go, but she did not. She got up and went to open. I could hear the exchanges of chit chat, then she reappeared with the pizzas.

As Victoria began to cut the slices, Lauren stood up and pulled on the leash to tell me to follow her. As I started to straighten up, she slapped me to tell me I had to follow her on all fours.


Potty Time


I followed her as I paced my cadence. She led me to the toilet. She placed me in front of the toilet, removed her thong and lifted her dress. It was not fully shaved, but just what it needed. She sat down and began to relieve herself, all before my eyes. She let me go and seemed to appreciate the situation. In a mischievous tone, she told me to come and wipe her off.

I approached my head to her legs and she hugged me into her vagina. I pulled out my tongue and began to tongue down her slit. The taste of her cummy mingled with my saliva. The taste was not unpleasant.

She then put her hand on my head, grabbing my hair and told me to stop, that it was enough.

She put on her thong, washed her hands and led me back to the living room.


Pizza time

The two friends were discussing, eating, without worrying about me, sitting at their feet in front of the sofa.

At times, they put a piece of pizza on a plate on the floor to feed me.

At the end of the meal, Victoria turned to me and asked if I had enjoyed the first part of the evening and if I wanted to go further.

I was intrigued by these two dominant women, I did not want to leave them already. However, this situation also disrupted me. After a few seconds of reflection, I had to admit that I took pleasure and that I wanted to go further:


It Would Be A Pleasure

– Yes, I like this evening and it would be a pleasure to continue.

“Well,” said Lauren, “go to the room!”

She got up and took the leash to guide me. As I crossed the apartment behind Lauren, Victoria asked me if I had already been sodomized.

-No never.

“Really?” Said Victoria, spanking me.

“Never, Mistress Victoria.

– Since it is your first time, to whom do you wish to offer your virginity? Asked Victoria when she arrived in the room.

“Since we are at your home, you Mistress Victoria!”

She sketched a satisfied smile and asked me to remove my boxer and sit on the edge of the bed.

Meanwhile, Victoria removed her blouse and jeans. Then she grabs a dildo belt stowed in a drawer of the night table. As for Lauren, she took off her dress and sat down behind me.


Well Equipped with a strap-on


Once equipped, Victoria approached with a tube of lubricant. Lauren pulled me to put me on my back and grabbed my legs for me to be totally offered to her friend.

With her fingers, Victoria poured the lubricant on my anus and began to spread it with her index finger. She introduced her fingers delicately into my anus and began to go in and come out. She then added her middle finger to dilate it a little more.

As soon as she thought he was ready, she took out her fingers and grabbed me by the hips. She then introduced the dildo, which fortunately was of a reasonable size for a first experiment.


Pain before Pleasure

However, the entrance was quite painful. Vitoria went there gently and took her time to allow my anus to accept and aspire. After a few rounds, Victoria was able to start accelerating the movement. Lauren had knelt down so I would lay my head on her lap so I would not miss out on the show. At times, my eyes met Victoria’s. I could observe her smile full of satisfaction.

At that moment, I felt totally offered to these two Mistresses.

As the blows became louder and louder, Lauren lifted her knees and put my head on the mattress. She took off her thong and approached Victoria to kiss her while positioning herself on my head. Through her shots, she forced me to lick her pussy and anus alternately.

After several minutes, Victoria withdrew and Lauren laid down on the bed.


Do NOT Move, Understood?

Victoria grabbed me by the leash and made me kneel at the foot of the bed with a ban on moving. Meanwhile, the two women gave each other pleasure. Victoria took Lauren with the dildo that had been used for my removal of virginity. Their bodies intermingled, combined with their moans of excitement, made me redouble my erection. For all that, I remained motionless watching them.

They continued with a 69 in which the two women reached orgasm. They then stretched out to enjoy and recover from that moment. Looking at the clock, Lauren told Victoria that she was going to have to leave.

Victoria looked at me then and asked Lauren if, according to her, I also deserved to enjoy. After pretending to hesitate Lauren indicated that I had been sufficiently helpful to deserve this reward.


Femdom’s slave Reward

Victoria got up, pulled on my leash so I did the same, then grabbed my penis that was hard as ever and masturbated me. Lauren sat on the edge of the bed and took advantage of the spectacle.

In view of the evening, my enjoyment arrived very quickly under the effect of the movements made by the hand of Victoria.

Victoria felt the ejaculation rise in my penis and directed it to Lauren’s feet. A sensation of ecstasy invaded me as Victoria dropped the last drops. Once the last drop fell, Lauren looked at me with a big smile and said to me with a mischievous look

– Now it will be necessary to clean!

Clean up your mess slave!


I was surprised and rather repelled by this idea, but I quickly realized that I would have no choice. Lauren already presented her foot still wrapped in her stocking, on which traces of sperm were clearly visible.

I got back on my knees, grabbed her foot with my hands and licked it with a tip of disgust. The two Dominant Women saw that I did not appreciate this moment, but they took great pleasure in looking at me.

Lauren wiped the drops on the floor with her foot, to make sure I did not miss any. She ends up inserting her foot in my mouth so I suck it to the fullest.

Once her foot was cleaned from my seed, she congratulated me and we went back to the living room. They allowed me to walk as if to signify that the evening was over.

Have a Good Weekend

As I grabbed my pants, Victoria asked me if I had any obligations and offered to stay until the next evening. Having nothing planned, I accepted the invitation.

Lauren finished dressing and kissed Victoria languidly. She then put her lips delicately on mine and wished me a good weekend.

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