The Origins of High Heels

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People can tell when someone is wearing high heels without even looking at their feet. Studies show that wearing high heels affects your posture, causing you to appear more attractive.


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Other medical studies show that there are increased health risks to causing pain, for example, bunions are those large painful bony bumps that appear on the inside of your foot at the big toe joint. High heels are also notorious for causing musculoskeletal disorders! Pennsylvania State University, 2001 states: “The higher the heel, the more it forces the body into an unnatural posture to maintain its center of gravity. This can significantly increase back pain.”

In 2016, for the first time, women bought more trainers than high heels.

According to Mintel (2016), for the first time, women bought trainers more than high heels in the UK. Are high heels, therefore, going out of fashion? Dear reader, as a writer on femdom fetishes, I can conclude that high heels may be on the decline in popular culture, but they are also, therefore, growing in value anywhere that you may see them. Despite low class “Gansta fashion”, heels are too iconic of power when combined with sex – to ever diminish from even the old fashioned vanilla community, and there may be the case that in the future – only a very individualistic and particular type of woman will wear high heels…

The History…

High heels started as a practical type of shoe for military horse riding in Western Asia. The story goes that the Shah of Persia, Abbas The First, sent his horsemen on a diplomatic visit to Europe. These horsemen wore medium-sized heels in order to keep their heels locked and stable in a horse’s stirrups (which are the foot loops that dangle on either side of the saddle). Heels were therefore invented for the moment when a soldier would posture up off the saddle to gain some suspension and accuracy when firing a bow and arrow.

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Upon witnessing these magnificent horsemen, the aristocracy in Europe decided to culturally appropriate these heels into their own fashion. It was particularly the men who wanted to wear high heels at the time, as they wanted to emulate the strength of the Persians.

Eventually, Queen Elizabeth the First started wearing them to appear more dominant. The general public started adopting high heels only in the early 1600s, and initially it was the men who wore them to accentuate and complement their butchness in order to achieve manliness, but eventually, women started to copy men’s fashion.


Famously, King Louis the Fourteenth of France, was quite a small man. But it was thanks to him, that one of the major turning points in the fashion of high heels, was when he started wearing red heels – today mimicked by a design patent owned lucratively by Christian Louboutin designer heels. Suddenly after King Louis’s example, everyone in the courts started wearing them, and then in the late seventeenth century – much of the public including men started copying this trend in their boots.

In the eighteenth century however, philosophers talked about how men were more rational and women were more sentimental and emotional. Thanks to these philosophers, it became untrendy for men to wear high heels anymore, and instead, they became more popular with women. When all said and done, it was mainly in the 1860s, that women’s high heels started to become sexy – in part thanks to the developments in photography and pornography where women would be seen in these photographs keeping their heels and boots on…

From then on, pin-up girls would be seen wearing high heels during World War Two, and in Hollywood during the 1950s – high heels would evolve into “stiletto heels” due to the rise in the idea of sexiness being integrated into women’s fashion. Marilyn Monroe quotes, “We owe the man who invented high heels, so much…”. Monroe was without a doubt speaking on behalf of women, glamour, beauty, and sexiness, of which she was famous for transforming into incredibly valuable assets for women to dominate fashion as we know it today.




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