True Confessions of a Dominating Facesitter

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Dominating Facesitter


If you saw me in action now, you’d probably swear that I’m a facesitting expert from way back. I guess I am a bit of a natural, but this talent is a fairly recent discovery – one of those “happy accidents” you hear about. My name is Diana Cooper and I’ll tell you all about how it happened.

Dominating Facesitter

I’ve always thought of myself as a rather docile girl, to be honest. The whole idea of dominating anyone was completely foreign to me – the kind of thing “mean girls” did or something.

But all that changed when I met Bud. Bud was my “adventurous boyfriend.” I always knew we weren’t really serious about each other, but we had a lot of fun experimenting. And wow, could that man eat pussy! He was so good at it and got so into it, I thought my heart would explode from the waves of the orgasms he would give me. I got to where I just craved having his lips on my clit and his tongue buried deep in my cunt. If I didn’t have it every few days, I’d start feeling crazed with the need or something. Looking back, it’s a little funny. We didn’t always get along really well outside of the bed, but in bed, there was a lot of chemistry!

Bud worked for an insurance company. He was some sort of Grand High Puba or something – I don’t know. It was an important position that made him a lot of money and meant that he had to go out of town on business trips here and there. So he went out of town for one of these business things and he was out of town for almost two weeks – a lot longer than usual. I was one big oozing pile of horny while he was gone. My vibrator got one hell of a workout for those two weeks, I can tell you that for free! But even with all that hot and hard vibrating clit and cunt action going on, it wasn’t enough. It was actually more like a tease than a release most of the time. What I wanted was his mouth – those talented and fleshy lips and tongue. Damn, even now as I write this, I get wet just thinking about how good he was at eating pussy.

Dominating Facesitter

So finally, he gets back to town and I’m one horny bitch, more ready for cunt licking than I am for a hug or dinner or even saying, “hello – welcome home!” But you know, in polite society you say the right words and give the right hugs and dinner comes before dessert, so I went along with everything – looking forward to the payoff at the end when we went back to my place and he gave me what I was craving.

But then he started pissing me off. He started talking about how he’d been doing some thinking and how we should decide if we were just fooling around or doing something serious because he was ready to settle down into something more serious. And I started feeling really pressured and that just made me mad. All I wanted was a nice long orgasm and he’s talking about all this commitment crap. And I’m trying to be polite but mostly I wanted to tell him the honest truth – that I didn’t find him interesting enough to commit to. I didn’t say that though, of course. I figured it might reduce his enthusiasm for later activities if I did and I wanted my payoff, right?

So we finally get back to my place and he still won’t shut up and let things go. I keep trying to kiss his neck and touch him – trying to get him all worked up and in the mood and he’s just yacking it up about how much I mean to him and what he means to me and finally, I’d had enough. We were in my bedroom by then and I just pushed him, making him land back on the bed pretty hard. Then I stripped off my panties, climbed up on him, and straddled his face – my knees on either side of his head, thighs crushing his face, and I sat my wet cunt right down on his mouth. I just wanted to shut him up and get his mouth busy where it belonged. Facesitting never felt so good.

For a moment or two, he tried to push me off him. I refused to move though, and actually ground my hips against him, making it harder for him to breathe. Finally, he gave in and drove his tongue deep into my quivering cunt hole and then licked me and sucked me while I sat there and ground against him while I came and came and came again. I know I was flooding his face and neck with pussy juice. I squirted all over that man’s face. It was so intense and beautiful and I couldn’t get enough. I felt so much power. He was completely under my control, whether he liked it or not.

Dominating Facesitter

We had a few more facesitting sessions after that, but finally, we went our separate ways. He figured out that I was never going to be serious about him. Last I heard, he got married to some mousy little girl. I bet he doesn’t eat her cunt the way he ate mine. I bet he misses it too.

And me – I can’t get enough of Dominating Facesitter. It’s one of the first things I do when things get sexual between me and a new guy. Not all guys want to be dominated, but most of them at least play along the first or second time around. When I find the one that really gets off on it, maybe I’ll get serious about him. Until then, I’m having lots of fun.

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5 thoughts on “True Confessions of a Dominating Facesitter”

  1. Very good story. Love reading it. I love eaten pussy. Perfect way to pleasure woman. I would love a woman like that. Pussy is sweet and juicy. Tastes so wonderful.

  2. My Mistress loves to queen me (sit on my face) near the end of our session. I know I’m not getting her off and I wish she would allow me to get her in a position where I know she would get off. But she only wants to queen me. I really want to get her off. It’s my duty as her sub bitch.

  3. She loves to tie me down on the bed, get my THING hugely erect, bind my balls, then sit on my mouth to get orgasms. She has sometimes slapped my erect THING about while I perform with my mouth on her. When she begins to climax, my throbbing THING undulates with excitement. Hearing her and feeling her pussy in my helpless state, My THING ejaculates into the air without any touching by her. She observes this ruined orgasm display by the hugely sexcited THING as she orgasms on my mouth. When she is sexually fulfilled by my “mouthing”, she will slap the inflated THING all over, to see IT struggle for more physical release. Then the THING is stroked into the air until IT ejaculates again, from her controlling ministrations. She will never Touch the head when she strokes IT, because that would help the THING to squirt out Its essence. She wants IT to struggle for ITS orgasm.

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