A Wonderful Midweek Surprise from Dominating Mistress

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Mistress It is a Wednesday night and as usual after preparing dinner and cleaning up I retrieve the basket of dirty panties to wash.  As I get the sink ready to wash the panties Mistress comes behind me and tells me to take a sniff of the dirty panties, you know you want to sniff them.  I bend down to take a sniff and Mistress pushes my head into to the pile of panties, and I love the sent.  My dominating Mistress then tells me to bring her a glass of wine before I started washing them.  Mistress calls out to me to do a better job then you did last week..

As I am doing the wash I hear the door bell ring and some female voices.  Mistress calls for me and I go in the Living room where I see she is being visited by 4 girl friends.  Mistress tells me to get a bottle of wine and 4 glasses, which I did.  Then Mistress gives me 4 small bags and tells me to give each lady a bag.  Mistress then tells me to stand in the middle of the room and strip naked; however, you may keep your heels on. Mistress then tells her friends to look in the bags which contain sex toys.  Who wants to go first asks Mistress? 

Who’s first Mistress?

The thing is we are going to try these toys out on my house wife, and she is going to love all the attention.  Mistress tells me to get down on all fours and craw over to the first lady who lubes my ass up and thrusts a large dildo into me.  She asks me how does it feel/ “oh so good doesn’t it”  She is a good slut. When the friend is done Mistress tells me to craw to the second lady who has a paddle to spank me.  Then I craw over to the third lady who has a realistic dildo and she tells me to suck it off. 

Then I craw over to the fourth lady who has a strap on but before I please you you must please me and she slips off her panties and spread her legs wide and tells me to serve her pussy.  When done she asks the other ladies to do the same forcing me to please them.  Then the lady with the strap on stood and striped naked and asks Mistress where can I fuck your slut Bitch, she looks to near a good hard ass fuck now.  Mistress has me lie down on the table and asks two of the ladies to hold my legs up and back as I feel the big strap on thrusted into me. The ladies all take turns in fucking me over and over.  Finally Mistress tells them that’s enough for now. 

Back to cleaning Sissy!

Mistress calls me over to her and she pulled me down over her lap and spanked me telling me that I am a slut whore.  Then she asks if I finished washing the basket of panties and I said no.  So, why are you in here playing around, go right out there and finish the panties.  I can hear the ladies playing around with each other in a lesbian way. 

The End!


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  1. Likewise on Midweek Surprise. Sub services all the lady guests than gets serviced by all of them with strap on. One happy sub

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