A World Ruled by Dominant Women: A Submissive’s Dream

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It was just the wrong age to get born in. He should have been born into a world ruled by dominant women.

“Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” 

But all he wanted was a loving partner to serve! The macho world news endlessly reported man’s tyranny over woman, and he despaired ever to find one to serve, to love, and to be loved by.

“A woman was raped while walking home early this  morning .”

“A woman murdered while on holiday is thought to have been the victim of an honor killing. “

“Women’s pay for doing the same job is still less than men’s in significant areas of the labor market. “

“Female Genital Mutilation is still practiced in many countries. “

” 3 out of 4 women sampled have said they’ve been the victims of sexual harassment. “

A world, full of misogyny!

The daily diet of misogyny was unrelenting. Why don’t they see what he sees? He just wants to reflect and magnify the light of a sweet woman. If only there could be some such one out there in the darkness, who wants to shine and pass her light through him,  happy to lead him, and both satisfied and fulfilled to find in him a dedicated conduit for her light! It’s just a gender reversal he’s looking for. An alternative approach to an accident of birth that’s mutually satisfying and unfashionable.

It’s all he ever wanted to manifest unless she wanted it otherwise. She could free him to shine his own light if she saw fit, but for now, that was a pipe-dream. He couldn’t even find her. Couldn’t be her emanation even. So the darkness started to engulf him, till he felt like he was drowning in his shame. He wanted to exchange whatever power he had left in him totally over to the tender care of a woman.

The Dream

Dominant women


One night he dreamed he was in a world ruled by dominant women. He was abducted at gunpoint and led down into a dungeon where he was introduced to lots of ladies who started quizzing him.

Soon they were feeling him all over and cracking lewd jokes at his expense. Then he realized they were starting to bid for ownership of him. They were assessing his value as a prospective slave. At first, he was enthralled. But he was really sad.

” So this is my future then “, he thought. “To remain in the dark and tormented unless I’m very fortunate indeed and get a loving mistress.” 

The dominant women forced him to strip and taunted him for his size. Then it became clear that one especially mean-looking woman had seen off all other bids.


She ordered him to kneel as she took out a whip and started lashing his back. All the other dominant women thought it was hilarious when she took out a dildo and ordered him to start sucking on it.

  • “You’ll better get it good and wet darling “, she snarled at him.“Cos you’re going to need plenty of lubrication! “

She started to push it into his mouth until he nearly choked.

  • “Now bend right over. ” she said, “You need to learn who’s boss.”

Several dominant women pushed his head down and his bottom up until he was doubled up and his chin scraped against the floor. She walked over in front of him and, tugging his head up savagely, she resumed the oral thrusts, only now she was wearing the dido around her middle.

  • “You’re mine now and you’re going to earn me lots of money, aren’t you, my little slut? “, she crowed.


  • “Aren’t you”, she repeated.

You’re her Little Slut, right?!

When he never answered she took her whip and beat him savagely on his butt.

Dominant women

  • “Aren’t you?”

She asked him again but he never answered, and after several more lashes she got mad at him and going around behind him started anally penetrating him. The thrusts were slow at first, but then got faster and faster, and the man started screaming with pain. The last thing he remembered before he passed out was the cheering and laughing of the other dominant women wanting to have a shot.

Then he woke up in his Angel’s arms.

  • “It’s ok darling you were only dreaming “, she laughed embracing him.

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