My Yapoo Video Experience

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My Confession

This is a confession of a yapoo video lover femdom slave to his Japanese Goddess Chairwoman Naomi.

Dear Chairwoman Naomi,

I am a 50-year-old American male living in Los Angeles California. A place many Japanese people like to visit. I discovered Your yapoo videos soon after You began production. I am a TV Producer in Los Angeles.

At first, I couldn’t imagine being a full subhuman toilet slave after watching a yapoo video. Slowly, I watched your movies and some more than a few times, touching myself and imagining I’m the yapoo in a yapoo video being used as a femdom toilet slave. Then one day in 2001, I found myself negotiating a BDSM session with a beautiful Asian Mistress in San Francisco named Aja. I told Her no scat, no marks, and no needles or blood. I soon found myself immobilized on a St. Andrews Cross as I looked down at the Mistress holding my penis in her hand as She reached for a needle.

My BDSM session with a beautiful Asian Mistress

I said:

  • “We agreed on no needles or blood!”

She said:


  • “This for my pleasure this is what I want.”

I watched helplessly as she took a needle out of its protective package pierced the skin of my penis. I told her as she was reaching for the next needle, that “I would rather eat shit than be Your pincushion”. Her eyes lit up and she said

  • “That’s my favorite.”

The needle was quickly withdrawn which hurt even more. I looked down and for the first time in my life, my penis was bleeding.

I didn’t have much time to contemplate my bloody penis as I was being taken down a hallway to another room of the basement where we were. This room was more of a domestic setting as opposed to the dungeon look and feel of the first room.

Mistress Aja tells me to lay face-up on the floor and do as I’m told. A puppy pad was placed under my head to contain any spills or mess. She looked deeply into my eyes, into my very core, and said

  • “Do you want to please me, do you want to make me happy?”

I said:

  • “Yes, Mistress!”

She said:

  • “Good boy”

She put a chair over my head and lowered her beautiful ass down just over my mouth and said:

  • “Open.”

yapoo video

Becoming a human toilet!

I opened my mouth instantly. Mistress pushed on her stomach and was working to move some of her waste out of her body and into my toilet mouth. First came a stream of Golden Nectar and as my mouth filled with her urine, Mistress said

  • “Flush.”

This instruction “Flush” repeated several times until she had emptied her bladder into my toilet mouth and cesspool stomach. She said

  • “Good boy” and again said “Open.”

Soon, a dark nugget was working its way out of her and dropping into my toilet mouth followed by 2 smaller ones.

  • “Chew” she said it again “Chew” and again “Chew.” “You will keep chewing my shit as you masturbate and you must ask to cum and swallow my shit as you cum and you will associate your orgasm with the taste of my shit and swallowing my shit do you understand me?”

I nodded yes and again she said:

  • “Chew Chew Chew” while looking into my eyes.

I was jacking my cock off as I was chewing on a mouthful of shit.

I was living my BDSM fantasies!

Real shit! I wasn’t watching a Yapoo video I was living it. Soon, I grunted I was going to cum and she said

  • “Swallow my shit as you cum! Swallowing my shit and your orgasm will be connected!”

After I came on the floor, I wiped my cum off with a paper towel. She was beaming and let me know she was very pleased and happy. I got dressed and went to my hotel to take a hot shower and rinse my mouth with Listerine a few dozen times and brushing the shit off my teeth. I was thinking about how it had been the worst and best session of my life. Since then I have consumed the waste of several women in LA.

If You ever come to visit or if You have a Japanese girlfriend who lives here or is planning to visit it would be a dream come true to be a toilet for a Japanese Goddess. Over the years, I have come to have a kind of spiritual relationship and feel for Japanese Female Domination. It is also my religion. I am an atheist about god, but I believe women are living Goddesses and if I could belong to a Japanese Mistress it would be a spiritual experience and connection for me.

Your Personal American Gaijin Toilet Slave

I have never admitted any of this to anybody before. Mistress Goddess Naomi, you are the first woman I ever saw who used a man as a toilet and period blood worshiping. You changed my life. It would be an honor to be filmed as your toilet slave but I would request a mask.

Please know there is a very submissive admirer of Yours here in Los Angeles and if You or a friend ever come to LA it would love to welcome and hopefully have an opportunity to receive Your holy sacrament as Your personal American Gaijin toilet slave.

Very respectfully, submissively, and sincerely Yours,

Slave Candidate

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