Dominant Female Doctor

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The Appointment With The Dominant Female Doctor

My ten-year marriage has been stale for some time. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about other women and it has affected our sex life. My frustrated wife set up an appointment for me to speak with a therapist. What the hell right!! I’ll give it a try. I walked into the office and took one look at Dr. Silver and was stunned by striking features. She was gorgeous and wearing a tight silk blouse and a skin-tight skirt. Ok so maybe this is not a total waste of time. At least I have something to fantasize about. After some small talk, she got me to admit I was bored with the same old vanilla sex.

She was such a dominant female doctor, so controlling and open so I told her everything about me. When I confessed I watch dominatrix videos she smiled and sat next to me on the couch. She unbuttoned her blouse and kissed me.

  • “Mr. Jones you are a submissive and your deep desire to be dominated is coming to the surface.”

I agreed as my huge hard cock provided all the evidence the dominant female doctor needed. She locked the door and demanded I remove my clothes which I quickly complied. She then removed her blouse and skirt to expose her bra and panties. My cock stood at attention almost cumming at that moment.


Possession Of Your Cock

dominant female doctor

She then removed a collar and leash from her desk and collared me.

She started to caress, kiss, and lick both sides of my cock. I groaned with delight. The dominant female doctor briefly sucked my cock then moved to a closet and came back wearing a strapon. She used the leash from the collar to pull me to my knees shoving her dildo cock in my face saying,

  • “Suck my cock!”

I couldn’t control myself as I started to swallow and suck her cock.

  • “Ummm… take it deep down I want to hear you slurping on my cock. I want you to lubricate it so when I peg your ass it slides right in.”

The dominant female doctor then grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face. When she was sure her female cock was well lubricated she had me lie on my back. She lifted my right leg off the ground and then slid her body alongside me. When she got into position I felt her cock slide into my asshole. At first, I was tense but as she slowly penetrated me and started to slide it in and out I started to get turned on.

The dominant female doctor sensed my pleasure and reached her hand through my legs and started to rub my cock and balls as she penetrated me deeper and deeper. She started to moan as she pumped faster and deeper…so deep I could feel her leather strap on my ass. She stroked my cock in rhythm with the penetration until I shot a huge wad of cum on my chest. Suddenly, she stopped and moved to my chest and scooped up my cum, spread it on her dildo, and moved me to my hands and knees.

  • “Now I am going to doggy fuck you with your cum. Get ready.”

I can’t wait.

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