Online Dating: Slave Selection Lets Women make the first move

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Remember when the U.S. was voted the 19th flirtiest country (out of 20), based on the fact that fewer American women initiate the first contact online?
Well, here’s your opportunity to unleash your Female Power.
When you imagine a fetish dating website, you might think of a scary den of Internet iniquity full of untrustworthy characters. Slave Selection isn’t like that at all. In fact, it’s an incredibly nice website — a very supportive community of people who are into Femdom and FLR (Female Led Relationship) and aren’t shy about it. If you’re into Femdom, or if you can’t get your kinky D/s fix from other dating websites, Slave Selection is definitely worth your time.

Signing up for Slave Selection is a quick process. Enter your username, email address and you’re done.  Once you’re done that, you can add as much or as little information to your profile as you’d like, and start looking for Femdom’s lovers in your area.

The site is free for users and puts the women in the driver’s seat. Men can’t send messages to women without authorization, but they can pick a real GIFT with a little note in your wishlist ?!
Your privacy will be protected, and your name and address will never be shown to your generous gift-giver.
It was set up this way so female users could avoid the “the constant bombardment of unwanted advances from men” and “hold the power of communication so they can focus on the men they desire.”

Do you initiate contact online with men? Does it work? Would you prefer a dating site where women control the communication? Would you try Slave Selection?


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  1. I am looking for mistress to keep me as sissy maid and slave 24/7 and she rent me out and make things off of me to a man or any woman to.

  2. I am looking for a Male Email Slave to train, use and own. A Slave who is ready to give me unending pleasure and please me.

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