Sensual Domination Session (2)

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Male Humiliation

Yes, please.” “OK, I will give you more. Just remember the smell and taste of my dominant pussy. Isn’t it good?” “Fantastic.” “It is. What if I told you that you could get this everyday for the rest of your life. Would you like that?” “Oh yes. I would love that.” “I can help you with that. But first tell me how badly you really want it. You see, I can make this happen, but just as easily I can deny you as well.” “I want this. I do want it so bad. Please, don’t take it away.”  “Wow, so you really want it. You crave it? Maybe you are addicted to it? Is that so, Matt?” “Yes! I’m totally addicted. I don’t want you to stop. Please don’t stop.”

“Have you ever heard of male humiliation?” “No, I don’t think I want to be humiliated but tell me why a man would want that.” Well some men get turned on by women taking control and humiliating them. Sometimes they are forced to worship their dominant pussy and since you’re so addicted to the smell and taste of mine, maybe one day you will have the opportunity to worship mine and be punished if you don’t. “That sounds quite nice.”

The Smell And Taste Of Her Dominant Pussy

I kept going for a minute or so, before I very gradually slowed down and eventually came to a stop. I could see how Matt was moving around to try to find my magic fingers while I continued to massage his neck, but kept my hands and fingers away from his face. As I gradually stopped my sensual massage, I could see that Matt was regaining his normal state of mind. And then like the flick of a switch, Matt looked up at me.

What happened?” “Oh, don’t worry, I think you just fell into a deep relaxed state. Are you awake now? You have to believe, I did not try to hypnotize you. As a matter of fact, I neither believe in that nor do I have the skill to do so. Do you want me to continue working on your neck?” “Yes, I’m fully awake. But it felt like I was dreaming, but I can’t remember. I had such a wonderful experience. I do recall this delicious taste and smell, but I cannot put my finger on what it was. Can we just take a short break before you start again?” “Sure, no problem. Let’s change the subject. By the way, what are your plans for the weekend? Do you have anything exciting going on?”

Losing My Power Entirely

No, not really. Probably just staying home to decompress, relax and get ready for next week.” “That’s a shame. A young, successful and incredibly handsome man like you should be living the high life.” “Well, once I’m away from here, I’m really a much more modest and quiet person. I enjoy not being the one that makes the decisions all the time, if you know what I mean.” “Sure, like now right. You’re just lying back and letting me do all the work.” “I know this may sound strange, but, it is such a fantastic and liberating sensation to let someone take charge of everything.” “So you say that you actually prefer not to be the one in control?” “Yes, isn’t it strange. I sometimes have fantasies of losing my power entirely, and be completely in the hands of another person.”

“Interesting,” I said. But inside I already knew this. I was happy that Matt came so far already. It shouldn’t take to much to push him over the edge. “So is there someone in your life. Someone you’re seeing?” “No, it’s not even that I don’t try. I just can’t find a girl I find interesting. I’m not sure if I’m too picky, or what? “Oh, no. You shouldn’t settle for second best.” “I just can’t get comfortable when I’m alone with a woman, if you know what I mean.”

dominant pussy

A Personal Question

“Sure, but women can be pretty strange, too.” “Yeah, but when I’m with you I am so at ease. I just don’t understand it.” “Well. I’m here for you. And I’m glad you feel OK. Especially, since that’s my objective.” “Marie, can I ask you a personal question?” “Absolutely. Go ahead.” “You always say so many sweet things about me. And you always make me feel so special. How do you think I look? Am I ordinary looking, better or worse?”

“Neither,” I quickly responded. “What do you mean?” “Matt, you are a catch. If we weren’t working together, I would hit on you.” “But, but, I never knew that.” “Well, like you I have never been able to accept mediocrity.” “So how do you find that special someone?” “Well, it’s difficult. Once you find someone you believe can be that special someone, you need to be very patient but also persistent.” “So have you ever found anyone?” “Yes. There are always potential candidates, but I have so many criteria I need met before I am sure. And in the end, they always find a way to disappoint me.”
Criteria. So you are very selective?”

Forget The Fucking Rules

“Yes, I am. Basic criteria such as appearance, character and life situation. But then there are deeper levels where I am looking for a certain compatibility.” “So what would be a good match for you?” “Well, it is very important to me that the person is totally comfortable in my presence. Someone that would trust me completely. For example, how do you feel when I’m around?” “Oh, you always make me feel very nice and comfortable.” “How about when I give you your massage? When you feel my hands on your body?” “Wonderful. I get this tingling feeling all inside of me. My body gets excited. I know it’s suppose to relax me, but instead your hands touching me, makes me more excited.

“Well, how do you feel right now?” I used my left hand to slowly move up around Matt’s neck. My other hand moved over his ear and through his hair. “Oh, Marie.” “You didn’t answer me. Do you want me to stop?” “No-no. Please continue. I just can’t describe this feeling. It’s that good.” My hands and fingers continued to slowly work their magic. Matt could not keep his body still anymore, and his breathing was getting much faster. I repeated the teasing several times, until I felt Matt’s hand grab my wrist. “Don’t stop.” “What do you mean, I said. “I’m only here to give you a massage. There are limits to what I can do.” “Oh, for heavens sake. Forget the fuckin’ rules for once.”

Stop Our Session Here

“Yes, but I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with taking advantage of you. Since I am working for you, I’m not sure if it is right.” “Come on, Marie. I need this.” “I just don’t know. You have heard my point of view, but I still haven’t heard you say anything about me.” “About you. You are so beautiful and sexy, so I could never understand how you could keep the guys away.”

“But, what are your feelings for me?” “Until today, I cannot say I was sure. I certainly was confused. I have always admired your figure, your face, and the way you dress. I’ve been looking forward to every one of our sessions, and I rearrange my entire schedule just so I wouldn’t miss one.” “So you like me and appreciate me. I guess I already knew that. And if that’s all, I think we should stop our session here.”

To Be Continued…

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