Need Help Becoming a Good Submissive Slave? Here’s How.

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 become good femdom slave

There are lots of questions, and the last few months have forced me to think. I want to be a good dog, a good slave, a good man for a dominant women.

In this text I am requesting for help from the dominant community.

I am hoping that this way I am able to become a good slave. I hope to receive many comments. I think the questions that I ask myself, certainly all new submissives ask, and can help.

1. Does every women hide a dominant side? 

On my part, I always thought that women hid their dominance. However, it is specifically the first part of the question that intrigues me. Indeed, between the 24/7 lifestyle members and those who only do sessions from time to time to satisfy their sexual urges, there is a world. I have decided for myself to be better than I have. So, I imagine that even if it is not 100% of the time when we‘re in this position, this can be a factual quote at any moment of life. But then, what is the place for women? Some women do not necessarily want to be 24/7 Dominant.  Others have, too, maybe the wish to be able to let go from time to time?
My answer is as follows. As a slave, even if we want a 24/7 arrangement, this is up to the Dominant to choose if she wants to enjoy it full time or not.  So, she can ask for time “off” if she is not in the moodAm I right? I hope so.

2. What kind of submissive man do I need to become to seduce my ideal Mistress?

I wonder what type of good slave we should be to please the Mistress with her fantasies.
  • A dog-submitted at the foot of his mistress on all four legs like a bitch dog.
  • A whore to be used without restriction?
  • A dominant man in public and a submissive slave for his Mistress in private. 
  • An animal or a thing?
  • A dog to his mistress who comes at the first whistle
  • A piece of furniture that she can use at her whim… foot rest, coat rack, table, or worse for some human toilet
I‘m not sure that there is only one answer to this question. All tastes of lifeSome may find repugnant practices while others find these same very exciting practices.
I think that there are certainly as many types of submissive men then there are dominant women in the femdom lifestyle. So how do we find one that suits us? How to facilitate the ladies the opportunity to find us?
Here, I‘m a little confused, so I hope it is easier for dominant women to find their submissives.  And if there is something we can do or write in our profiles to make it easier…do not hesitate to tell us!

3. How do I stay a well trained slave after slave training by my Mistress?

This is certainly what I need the most help with.  So, I am a male with a strong temper and I love the game of seduction.
In terms of temper, I always thought it had to be a dominant women you would need to have a strong temper. She must be “more” temperamental than me. In the end, come to think of it, I doubt it. There is no doubt that having a strong character, makes it easier to force  obedience. It’s like with children, natural authority makes things easier. A “firmly” and “dominant” character are quickly identified by the expression of our body.  It is therefore simpler when the one we love already has this natural authority.
Also, I imagined all dominant women were to take the control of a submitted rebel. was mistaken, I lost it all to believe it. Now, I realize I was wrong. Indeed as a natural dominant on a daily basis, her efforts are not enough to change the relationship, the submissive must also change.

Exclusive relationship

I used to think all dominant women like to share their sexual slave with other Mistresses. It was quite exciting for a lot of men to be the slave of multiple women.

I do realize now that not all the dominant women like to share their sex toy. Exclusivity is required.

Then the cage of chastity. Is it a good way to take their submissives?
I will certainly have other issues to put out to pasture (besides me!) in your minds. so thank you again to all those who will take the time to leave a comment for us (me) to help me move forward and be a better slave for you dominant ladies.

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3 thoughts on “Need Help Becoming a Good Submissive Slave? Here’s How.”

  1. awesome article! slave caged also wishes to be the perfect slave.
    slave caged desperately wishes to serve his Goddess forever locked in chastity,strictly bound,dildo’d and gagged.
    slave desires to be trained to obey without hesitation,question or discussion,accepting constant frustration and humiliation as part of the rest of slaves life. this is certainly the life for slave caged.

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