Femdomme, A Significant Part Of Sex

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Different Aspects Of A Woman

You might already be aware of BDSM. Long gone are the days when it was considered to be a shocking lifestyle. These days, you will see it in commercials, books, television, and movies. More often than not, it is referenced with things that are related to popular culture. However, what you might not be aware of is that BDSM has another aspect that is led by femdomme. Apart from this, there are several names for female dominants which are Mistress, Domina, Dominatrix, Goddess, and Madame. It is the women who dominate the scene in a femdomme scenario.

These women have different personas apart from the mommy persona or the sexy girl next door persona. You will find different female personality types in BDSM webcam. Femdomme can come in different sizes, shapes, sensibilities, ages, and ethnicities. One unique thing about this is in the case of femdomme, it is not necessary to include orgasm or sex. As a matter of fact, the submissive or the submale might not even reach the climax. These scenarios usually are not about the man having an orgasm.

The History Of Femdomme

The relationship between the two partners can prove to be satisfying in other ways. If you are a femdomme, you should know that it is not about punishment or pain. It is just about satisfaction and release. There are some dominatrixes who tend to do everything, while there are others who just concentrate on their specialty. Another thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t limited to a male submissive. Female dominant can do this job, too.

Femdomme has been in existence for ages. For instance, take a look at ancient Mesopotamians. They had a goddess, a badass one named Inanna. You will be able to recognize her due to the Akkadian name, Ishtar who is the goddess of war and love. She is known to be the one who ran the show in the pantheon of Mesopotamia. She was the picture of female dominance and was known to subject males to her will using unbridled sexuality and raw power.

How To Achieve The Desired Look

For worshipping her, followers would perform rituals of pain and pleasure for yielding states which bordered between agony and ecstasy. These rituals were meant to be transcendental. Romans too didn’t shy away from femdomme. However, there’s was much darker than what used to be practiced in Mesopotamia. The Roman woman in power would force slaves to perform oral sex and other types of activities as sexual gratification. As a matter of fact, they were even known to make their lovers wear thecas, a type of chastity belt and treated their lovers as sex toys.

There are many types of clothing materials and styles the dominant woman wears in order to achieve the desired look.

»»   PVC is a shiny material, easy to care for that is comfortable for wearing. The material stretches over the curves and shape the body but isn’t a one size fits all.

»»   Latex is another kind of cloth that doesn’t require attention and time. This is in high demand in the world of fetish-wear.

»»   The queen of fetish-wear is leather. There are various kinds to choose from. Some of them are pretty flexible and soft.


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