My way into FLR (2)

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A weekend FLR full of emotional importance was coming to an end. Deep and important talks alternating close intimacy and BDSM which had filled me with joy and made me feel calm. It seemed I wasn’t just another poor “wannabee” sub. She looked down at me and she said :

  • you will sleep in My room tonight, but first I want you to make a pedicure on my toes!


I jumped to get the polish and paint, then I returned and knelt at her feet. An hour of intense focus on the job. I simply couldn’t afford to fail here. When I had finished She looked down at me and her feet. She smiled and told me it looked nice letting me lick her toes. Then, she forced them into my mouth. She rose and made a gesture for me to follow Her into her bedroom. It was a 20 by 30 feet room with a large bed in the center. At the end of the bed, there was a mattress and a blanket. She said :

  • you will sleep there, but first, you will go with me!

In the bathroom, She gave a sign for me to go down.

  • you must learn to receive My divine juices where and when I want you to!

She spread Her legs and took a firm grip on my neck so I had my mouth a few inches from Her pussy.

  • Open your mouth slave!

As I did She gave me a golden Shower I would never forget. On and on She let Her urine pour into my mouth, I gasped in order not to waste any of it. Having finished, She told me to stand up.

  • I want you to shave now, and after that come into my room on your knees slave.



Punishment and chastity device


My mouth was full of Her divine taste and I enjoyed very much to shave being very careful that no hair was left. I brushed my teeth and started towards Her bedroom on my knees.

She pointed at Her bed.

  • on your back and lie down!

To my surprise, She took a cock ring, and after that a CB 6000. She inspected me carefully removing 10 pubic hairs with a pincer. She put the chastity device in place and told me to kneel at the chair holding to the armrests. I saw Her take a single tail Bull-whip from the closet.

  • Two hits from every single hair you’ve missed, She said.

The pain struck me hard and intense, with no warning or warm-up. I had to scream after 18 hits, my back burning from her punishment. After 20 hits She went to stand over me saying :

  • I need to train you hard, this will be a lesson!

I kissed her feet and thanked Her for taking care of me. Then, I fell asleep after some time on the mattress at the end of Her bed. In the morning I got up to make Her a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit salad. I discreetly asked her to remove the collar before I got a shower and went to work. I could see the marks from the whip on my back in the mirror and they still made me feel alive and it really hurt.  As I came back from the shower, She told me with a smile that a friend of Hers would pick me up and take me to my office. She told me that the chastity device should be in place no matter what.


The mysterious friend of my Mistress: My boss Jo-Anna!


As I waited at the gate I saw a small black BMW convertible stopping in front of me.

  • jump in joe! she said with a laugh.

I could have disappeared if possible because the lady in the car was my boss Jo-Anna. She is a dark tall slim woman with dark hair and always a smile on her lips. She told me that she would pick me up and deliver me back every day, that I was to use the stairs, not the elevator to our office on the 12th floor, that she would text me when it was time for lunch so she could check that I only took healthy food at the restaurant.

As I had on my CB 6000 she thought it is best that I used her bathroom. She also took a small key from my pocket(I didn’t put it there) – to take off my CB6000 in an emergency.

  • To think I’ve had a slave just under my nose for so long time without smelling you, she said in a deep voice and a big smile showing her immaculate white teeth.

I was too shocked to react. It was like taking part in a movie without knowing the manuscript.

As I came back to my new home my Mistress Claire came to the door and waved to say thanks to Jo-Anna. She looked at me and told me to follow her into Her bedroom. She dropped Her dress and went to the bed where She laid down on her belly.

  • You give me a massage boy!, She ordered.

My new Mistress Claire in charge of all matters now!


I went to the bed and began to massage Her divine body, starting at her neck and shoulders followed by deep intense strokes on her back. After half an hour She turned and ordered me to give a massage to her feet. I worked gently but on and off with pressure and She obviously enjoyed it. She ordered me to open my mouth and pressed her toes into my mouth and I used my tongue and lips to worship her toes. She put the collar around my neck and locked it. This was what really touched me emotionally. She in this way continued to signal an interest in me as Her sub male.

When I had done some cleaning in the bathroom and the kitchen, She told me to dress as She wanted to have dinner at a restaurant I very often had been at. I felt a little worried that one would recognize me with a collar around my neck – but oh luck – we were directed in a corner of the restaurant with a dim light. As we sat at the table the waiter came up and asked me what we would like to have. I was just about to reply as Mistress Claire in a soft but determined voice ordered our meal. When the waiter was gone She said to me:

  • I am in charge of all matters. You must learn that and accept it!

I bowed my head, flushing, and said :

  • Yes off course Mistress Claire!

To be continued



Femdom – A Significant Part Of Sex



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