The Rise Of Dominant Women

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Dominant Women Are Changing The World

Dominant women are changing the world more than they ever have in recent years. The game has changed on what metrics are used as far as which gender is superior. Now it’s made irrelevant by women. They have raised the bar so high that it’s impossible for men to achieve and now the gender gap is exponentially increasing. More dominant women are graduating from Ivy League colleges while most boys are dropping out. It’s finally going to a stage where a man will be out of a woman’s league. When that day comes, even a heel mark of a woman’s shoe on a man’s chest will be considered a sign of Honour.

Hence we are already in a stage of Female Supremacy. However, unlike men, women like continuing to grow. We are gradually entering a stage of Gynarchy, where 90% of the jobs will be taken over by women leaving men penniless. More rights will be given to Women and eventually, it will go up to a stage where all human rights will be declared void for men giving women more power to make decisions that change the world.


Always Respect Women

So here is a message to all men in the world; never disrespect a woman, always put her happiness above yours. Never think of yourself as worthy of being at the same level as her, always be at her feet. Even when guests come, only she has the authority to decide whether you should get up and sit next to her or stay at her feet.

Never consider yourself worthy of sleeping with her on the same bed, always sleep on the floor with her shoes kept on top of you. Do not let it fall off!  If you do, that means you get to stay awake the whole night. Remember! It’s not about you, She must easily find her shoes in the morning when she reaches down. If you think that this is too much, I will tell you. It is never too much to please the dominant woman in your life.

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