Trained As Her Fuck Toy (5)

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Make No Plans For The Weekend Submissive Fuck Toy

The submissive fuck toy changed his routine to ensure that his new pink underwear was always washed and dry. He was ready for a new day and had gotten used to the new plug when he came downstairs on Tuesday morning to find a white envelope on the doormat. Hurriedly, he opened it and read: “Submissive fuck toy; be at the shop at the usual time on Friday afternoon and make no plans for the weekend.” He wondered what was going to happen this weekend and the rest of the week passed in a haze until he entered the shop as usual on Friday. Instead of a bag, the lady handed him an envelope and smiled at him. He went into the changing cubicle and opened the envelope.

“Strip to your underwear and face the mirror.” He quickly obeyed and as he stood facing the mirror in his pink lingerie, he could feel his exposed nipples hardening. As usual, the lights went out and he was pulled through the mirror door. The maids were in their latex catsuits this evening and they held him as the trainer approached. She was dressed in a latex nurse uniform with a short skirt and was wearing a latex mask resembling a female face.

submissive fuck toy

The Medical Examination

“Hello submissive fuck Toy, you do look cute in your undies. You will be seeing your Mistress tomorrow. Tonight you need to be prepared for the training experience that She wishes you to undergo and She will be watching at tomorrow’s event. First, my maids will fit you with a special helmet. I will then conduct a medical examination and start the cleansing process in preparation for your transformation tomorrow.”

She made a signal to the maids and then watched as he was fitted with a latex hood and then stripped and strapped down to a medical examination chair. The helmet was fitted with eyeholes and nostrils but his mouth was filled with a firm latex plug. Strapped to the chair he watched as his legs were spread and elevated. The trainer then approached and withdrew the plug from his ass. She handed it to one of the maids and he felt her hands checking his chastity cage and feeling his prostate. He heard her chuckle. “Mmm, your Mistress has got you nicely stretched now. We’ll soon have you all clean for whatever else She has planned after the transformation.”

The Anal Cleansing

He then felt something else being inserted into his open anus and straps being fastened around his legs. “Ok, the first liter,” ordered the trainer and he felt warm fluid flowing into him. “Lie back and relax, ever had an enema before?” He shook his head which was about the only movement left to him. “Well, you must hold all the fluid in until I allow you to release. You won’t have much choice since your ass is well plugged but when I remove the plug you must try to hold back until I tell you. We will repeat the procedure until you can hold it long enough. We have all evening to get it right.”

He could feel his body filling up with the fluid but could do nothing except wait until the flow stopped. After some minutes the trainer withdrew the nozzle. He clenched his anus as the probe withdrew but the pressure was too great and the fluid gushed out. He heard girlish laughter and the trainer said:
“Oh dear, try again sweetie,” and inserted the probe back into his anus. Once again he felt the fluid flowing into him. This time when the flow ceased, the probe was left in to plug him fully and he saw that the trainer and her maids were now standing around his torso.

Let’s See How Long He Holds His Enema

One maid attached a suction device to each nipple and then followed up with two latex breast forms, while the other started to paint his body with liquid latex after spraying some cold liquid over him. He could smell the latex and feel it covering his body as she applied an even coating down to his waist covering the latex breasts and sealing up to the neck of his latex hood. “Right,” said the trainer as the maid stood back to check that the whole front of his body was covered. “Let us see how long submissive fuck Toy can hold this enema.”

She reached down and pulled out the probe. This time he was ready and clamped his sphincter managing to hold back the flood for nearly a minute before the pressure became too great. “Much better sweetie. We’ll keep practicing but first, you need to have some new panties.” He felt the maids unstrapping his legs and watched as they pulled a pair of latex panties onto him. They fitted snugly, enclosing his caged penis and although they covered his upper thigh and buttocks, he could feel that his arsehole was still exposed. A new sensation then intruded into his senses. Something else was being inserted through the anal opening.

Latex Pussy

“Excellent” he heard the trainer say, “just nicely stretched for the latex pussy. Now fill submissive fuck Toy up again and carry on with the latex.” Once more he felt warm fluid flowing into him until he was uncomfortably full. Both the maids were now painting the liquid latex onto his body forming a smooth second skin that bonded to the latex panties and the previous latex layer. He felt the chair being tilted until he was upright and latex being painted onto his back as well. In the vertical position, the fullness of his bowels was even more uncomfortable but securely plugged as he was; he could do little about it.

At last, the two maids stood in front of him and the trainer spoke. “Right submissive fuck Toy, the latex will take a little while longer to cure. When it has I’ll return and let you flush out the system before I do a final purge which you will be expected to retain until I order you to release. Back soon.” He watched the three women leave the room. He could feel the latex tightening on his body as it cured which made his fullness even more uncomfortable. His nipples ached where the suction cups were clamped to them but he was securely strapped to the frame and could do nothing but wait.

Hello Dolly

After what seemed like an eternity he heard the click of approaching high heels and the trainer stood in front of him. She beckoned and one of the maids appeared pushing a full-length mirror. He looked into it and saw himself – a pink rubber doll. The latex hood was styled as a vacant female face complete with a blonde wig, his body now sported two large breasts with exaggerated dark pink nipples and the latex pants totally hid his caged cock.

“Hello Dolly,” said the trainer “a new submissive fuck toy for the weekend. I’m going to unstrap you now so that you can squat and flush out. Then I’ll fill you up for hopefully the last purging and the maids will give you a final skin before you are caged for the night.” She unstrapped him and pointed to a plastic bowl. “Squat over that and I will release your plug. If you can control the flow I shall be pleased but surprised.” He followed instructions and as the plug was withdrawn he felt the pressure release and tried to slow down the flow with little effect.

“Hmm, a good effort but you were very full. Hold out your arms now.” He did so and she attached wrist restraints which were attached to a rope running up above him. His arms were pulled up so that he was standing slightly stretched. He felt the nozzle being re-inserted in his anus and this time watched as the trainer squeezed a rubber bulb to fill him up again. He could feel the maids behind him as they started to apply another latex skin.

submissive fuck toy

The Sex Doll

Once the trainer was satisfied that he was suitably full, she reached forward and squeezed a latex nipple. The pressure transferred through the suction cup to his real nipple and he squirmed slightly.
She laughed. “Excellent, everything working nicely. The girls will finish off so that you are properly latex. We can’t risk any rips tomorrow when the class uses you. Your Mistress will be watching and we all want Her to be happy. Good night now, once the latex has cured enough one of the maids will secure you for the night in a nice warm cell.”

She walked away and left him watching in the mirror as the two maids carried on applying the liquid latex. The smooth pink skin now formed a seamless surface from the mask over his face to his ankles. The latex pants made him appear sexless from the front and he could see that the mouthpiece of the mask was actually a removable ballgag surrounding red latex lips. He wondered what was going to happen the next day as the maids finished off and walked away carrying the tubs of latex and other equipment that had been used.

Sleeping In His Latex Suit For The Night

Time passed and eventually, one of the maids appeared in front of him and checked the latex skin. Apparently, it was OK because she walked behind him and he felt a collar being placed around his neck, his arms being lowered and unclipped from the rope. “Come,” she said and pulled on a leash attached to the collar. He followed and was taken to a small cell with a cushioned floor where the leash was attached to an eye hook close to the floor where he was left. A dim red bulb gave a sinister half-light by which he could just see a bowl of water in the corner but his gag was secure and he still felt very full.

He checked the leash without really expecting that he could release it and once he found that he was securely held, he laid down on the floor and eventually fell asleep. An increase in light levels woke him up and for a little while he struggled to remember where he was. His body felt strange and his arse felt full. He sat up and felt the plug in his arse making him even more uncomfortable as he was standing to relieve the pressure. The door opened and one of the maids entered. Unlocking his leash from the wall she pulled and he followed her, staggering slightly. Outside he found the trainer waiting for him. She had changed into a latex skirt and blouse making her look like a stern teacher carrying a cane.

Get the Fuck Dolly Ready For Class

“Prepare the doll for class,” she ordered and the two maids quickly escorted him to a small dressing room. Here he was directed to another bowl and as he squatted, the plug was removed from his latex-clad arse to allow him to relieve himself. This time it was not replaced and he sighed inwardly with relief. Then they sat him on a stool and applied some makeup to his latex face, combed his long blonde hair, and put some high-heeled latex ankle boots onto his feet. Latex gloves with the appearance of red painted nails completed the preparations and he was led back to the trainer. She walked around him, checking his latex skin, fingering his now open ass, and checking that his doll-like appearance was up to her standards.

“Very good maids. Now Dolly, touch your toes!” With some difficulty, he reached down towards his toes, but in the latex skin and the four-inch heels, they were impossible to reach. He started to stand up again but was quickly stopped. “Stay down.” The cane swished through the air and he felt the impact on his buttocks even through the latex pants. “Punishment is still possible,” said the trainer, “you will find that stripes will still come up under the latex with the correct use of the cane. Stay in that position while I instruct you for today’s class.”

The Submissive Fuck Toy As An Accessory

She prodded his exposed arse hole with the tip of her cane. “Your Mistress has kindly permitted me to use Her submissive fuck toy as an accessory for one of my final Mistress teaching sessions. You were so useful for the last one and She hopes that this one will help to train you for Her future use. She will be watching so I advise you to be obedient and work hard to please Her. Your gag will be removed during the session but any undue noise or complaints will be strictly punished of course. You need no more instructions, dollies are just there to be used.”

She gave two more strokes of the cane to his backside and picked up his leash. “Come.” She led him through to the adjoining room and standing him in the middle, detached his leash from his collar. “Stand still there and wait” She walked away out of his sight and he stood in the empty room. In front of him against the wall, he could see a large throne-like chair. Next to it was a table with several whips and floggers on it. He wondered whether this lesson was in the use of the implements that he could see and wondered how tough the latex skin that covered him was.

Continuing The Dominatrix Skills Course

As he thought about this he heard the sound of voices behind him. They got louder and were complemented by the sound of high heels. The noise reached a peak and then there was silence behind him. “Welcome ladies,” he heard the trainer say, ”today is the penultimate session of your course in Dominatrix skills. You will find a range of dildos and strapons on the table by the door and a rubber dolly for you to use for practice. I shall expect some teamwork for this exercise and you have two orifices to use to gain experience. This is a free-form session and we have an experienced Mistress to observe and give a critical assessment of your skills.”

The door by the throne opened and he saw a figure that could only be his Mistress enter and take her seat on the throne before him. Masked as usual and clad in skin-tight leather with tight-laced high-heeled thigh boots, she made an awesome figure looking down on him. Without a second thought, he fell to his knees and heard her tinkling laughter. He heard the trainer hiss behind him. “Do a good job for Mistress or you would be severely punished for disobeying my order to stay still. Obviously, She has conditioned you enough to always kneel to Her. Now my trainee Mistresses will use you for Her entertainment.”

Make Sure Your Technique Is Correct

Suddenly, he felt gripped by several pairs of hands and forced to his hands and knees. His gag was removed and replaced by a lifesize rubber strap-on cock worn by a lady in a satin corset. As he started to suck on it he felt his exposed ass being lubricated and penetrated by another. “Take your time ladies, make sure that you get your technique right. You’ll find that all the dildos will fit that harness so that you can find the one that suits you best. The dolly’s hole has been well cleaned and should take any of the dildos available with adequate lubricant.”

From there he lost track of the number of times that his mouth and ass were raped. After a while, he found himself laid on his back on a padded couch and his legs held up and apart as a succession of the women took his ass again and again. He caught pieces of their conversation as they discussed the relative merits of strapons to double ended dildos and several of them had orgasms as they used him. His own whimpers and groans were mostly ignored or else smothered by a rubber cock or one of the women straddling his face with a wet pussy.

Goodbye Toy

Eventually, the session quietened down and he was left lying across the couch with a dildo left up his sore anus. He felt one of his nipples being twisted and opened his eyes to see his Mistress looking down at him. “Hello my submissive fuck Toy, or should I call you fuckdolly. You should be able to take anything your Mistress likes to use on you now and be happy as well. I’m pleased that your ass training has gone so well, I shall enjoy using you all the more. I may even be able to whore you out for more strapon training. Goodbye now Toy, I’ll use you soon.” She walked away and he lapsed into unconsciousness.

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