Female Led Relationship and Female Bred

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I never realized there was a difference between a Female Led Relationship and a Female Led Marriage. But then my Lady told me we were getting married and I found out what the difference is!


Christie has always been, shall I say, bossy. She told me she was, the first time I asked her out. I thought she was so hot and worth it that I gave her what she wanted, “my attention”. I figured I could put up with that bossiness until one day she hit a nerve and really pissed me off. In my thoughts I would sit her down, tell her enough is enough and we would find a happy medium between us.
I always respected Females and I didn’t mind taking orders some now and then but expected her to win some as I should win some. That was a healthy Female Led Relationship in my eyes.
My family and friends will say I’m a laid back reasonable, non-confrontational man that avoids fights to keep everyone happy.
That attitude is the one that got me where I am today. Sitting at Christie’s feet, afraid to confess to whatever she’s about to accuse me of, whether I’m guilty or not. Interrogation night; a scheduled event in Christie’s household, every Thursday evening at 8:00. There she encourages me to confess my sins for the week and what I have hidden from her. Sadly, I actually have always hidden “something” from her. Hell, if I didn’t, I’d get spanked every day instead of just every Thursday night.
Let me tell you, being spanked really HURTS, still surprises me every time! She alternates between a wide leather western belt and a slim red number that whooshes and stings like yellow jackets on my bare ass. I try taking it like a man, but she’s not happy until I’m squirming and begging and literally crying pleading for her to stop. One day I scuttle away on hands and knees trying to lock myself in the bathroom. Before I could reach the doorknob, I felt my hair in her firm grip DRAGGING me back to the punishment room. I paid a big price for what I tried to do. My ass, my thighs, my lower back, even my legs, and the bottom of my feet were victims of my cowardice that night.
Female Led Relationship
We’ve been married for around 2 years, and believe me, I love her more than I can tell. I can’t live without her. She knows that, so she holds nothing back.
She gets a kick out of slapping me too. There’s not an exclusive place to bend me over when I fuck up, she just WHAP WHAP WHAPS me anywhere. It’s effective and sobers me up in an instant. She swings hard, sometimes both hands, and I see stars and hear bells ringing in my ears just like in the cartoon shows.
I still prefer that to the spankings she gives me. Slaps don’t leave marks as those belts do and they sting for a few seconds but that’s about it.
I know it sounds like my wife is abusive. I know you think that me being a male who is bigger and heavier should be able to put a stop to this. In reality, we have way past that point by now. I vowed a long time ago to never raise my hand to a Woman, it’s just not in me.
At least, she has held up to her promise to never humiliate me in public or in front of my friends and I appreciate that. On the other side, her sister and my BF’s Wife have seen me receive some harsh measures several times. They think it’s good and fun and they egg her on. Of course, my darling Christie obliges.
This is my life in Female Led Relationship and I accept it. To me and her, it’s the natural order of things. Just like now, she’s sitting in her chair and I’m butt naked sitting at her feet, looking up at her. She will ask me if I’ve lied to her this last week (I most certainly have) and I’ll say no as she pops me one across the face. Then she will ask again. She wants to hear Yes but not right away, so I’ll deny and her open hand will flash out and WHAP! Just a little harder each time.
That’s how interrogation goes here. About a half-hour of Q&A then another half-hour of BMA. Busting my ass.
I love her though and I want to keep her happy. She’s my WOMAN and I’m her boy. So let’s get this done. I’ve got housework to do.




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