Dominant Maree And The Boxing Match

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The Grappling Match

It has been about 15 years since I met my dominant Maree. When I met her, she was there in the background, quiet and reserved. I eventually approached her and found her very intelligent and we were soon dating. She had come from a large dairy farming family, mostly boys, and was working in a nursing home when I met her. There was a lot of lifting equipment in the facility that wasn’t working and she was rolling and lifting patients by herself. I didn’t realize the significance of this until later. I was working as a prison guard at the time and complained that a lot of the female guards disappeared when there was trouble.

My dominant Maree said she was as tough as any man and could do anything a man could do and on top of that she could have babies. I laughed at this and she immediately demanded to wrestle me. We both stripped naked and circled one another. When we started grappling and we were locked together and she was very strong. I managed to turn her and drop her face down and she landed hard on her tits.

I pinned her in an arm lock and applied pressure until she begged me to stop. Then, I rolled her over and we had sex. She was sore and not happy with me, complaining about how sore her tits were and she wanted a rematch but this time it would be a boxing match. She said, “Be at my house at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday which is my day off with two pairs of boxing gloves and we will see who’s the weaker sex.”

The Boxing Match With My Dominant Maree

I arrived on Tuesday with two pairs of 16 oz. boxing gloves. The biggest I could find. I thought she was letting her emotions overrule her common sense. My dominant Maree was sullen and only said hello. I knew I could easily beat this soft bitch. A few goods hit her soft belly and it would be over and she would be begging me to stop again.

Her lounge room had been cleared to fight. She took a pair of gloves and went to her bedroom. I sat and waited. We had agreed to box like 2 men boxing, both stripped to the waist, she asked me not to work on her tits and I agreed if she wore high heels which would bring her up to my eye level. She was 2 inches shorter than me. I also thought it would make it a little easier to work on her belly.

She strutted out of her bedroom looking drop-dead gorgeous. Gloves on ready-to-box and a blue silk top draped over her shoulders. Her plump tits and belly wobbled as she strutted past me with her large bum swaying and looking very sexy. She went to her corner, dropped the top and we met in the middle of the room and touched gloves. She said, “Remember, No rounds, this is a fight for equality and it’s not over until there is only one of us standing!” We went back to our corners.

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Surprised by How Hard She Hits

She came out with her arms raised flexing her biceps which I now noticed were as large as mine, not bad for a soft woman. We circled one another waiting for one of us to throw the first punch. I hit her hard in the stomach, she buckled and grunted a few times and to my surprise stood her ground. I was staring at her flopping tits when she hit me hard on the jaw with a big right sending me reeling backward. The fight was on, she buckled me up with a punch to my stomach followed by another right to my jaw. I was in trouble. She could box and come at me again wide open and confident and I punched her squarely in her solar plexus.

She let out a shocking howl and it was obvious she had never been hit in the solar plexus before. Backing off, she looked at me surprised, angry, and very wary as we circled one another carefully. I punched dominant Maree in the face and she then charged me hitting me about 5 times in quick succession. Surprised, at how hard she hits, I backed right off. This was turning into a real fight and she was a tough opponent.

Big Trouble Now

I swung at her head and she ducked and came in low, punching my stomach up into my diaphragm hitting my solar plexus. The pain was excruciating, I was in big trouble. She used me like a punching bag for the next few minutes until I recovered. It was about 10 minutes into the fight and she knew she was on top of me controlling the fight. I had to get some good hits into her to slow her up. Dominant Maree was circling me throwing punches at every opportunity. I was in trouble and was in fear now of being badly hurt. She was ruthlessly wanting to win this fight. The smirk on her face said it all.

I was after her ribs and solar plexus which she now guarded vigorously while she attacked my stomach. Her punches were coming hard and fast and that smile on her face was unsettling. She was overconfident and her guard was down and I hit her hard on the jaw and in her stomach. I was trying for her solar plexus and she returned the favor hitting me square on the jaw and I went down, dazed. She stood over me and I was looking up at her plump tits while she said, “If you are stupid enough to get up I will hurt you really badly.”

A Win For All Dominant Women

I got to my feet and hit her hard in her ribcage. It really hurt her. I swung at her head trying to drop her but she ducked and hit me in the chest, then my jaw and she almost succeeded with another diaphragm punch. She then repeatedly punched me in the stomach and jaw again and I was feeling weak in the knees and there seemed to be a lull.

Dominant Maree was putting all her strength and thigh muscles into a big right and she clocked me so hard she almost took my head off. At this point, I was unconscious before I hit the floor. This fight was over, she was happy and made her point. I felt emasculated. When I recovered she was looking down on my body in disdain and strutted off with both hands above her head giggling and laughing saying, ” A big win for female supremacy.”



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