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 I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who hasn’t been lied to, cheated on, disrespected, or mentally or physically assaulted by a male or some males, at least once, during their life. Granted, it’s not as typical and accepted as it was even 20 years ago, but I go back to 50 years ago and further. Before females universally found their voice and not only stopped the trend but found how easy it was to turn it back against their oppressors.

Only one reason why males ruled in the past

There was always only one reason why males ruled. Females have always been superior to males in every aspect of life, but males were blessed with one advantage, merely ONE defining area of nature and genetics but it made all the difference in who ruled who. Superior upper body strength. Imagine if both sexes were born with the same physical standing. Who do you think would have ruled since the beginning of humanity?  The ones who matured quicker, who weren’t driven by egos, who were more sensible, intelligent, and forward-looking. The ones without the y chromosomes.
I don’t need to convince anyone about any of this. I knew this by the time I was ten years old and if I knew it, so did you. The key was accepting it, both boys and girls. We were all being told the same thing, that females were the weaker sex and they should bow down and submit to the stronger, dumber, more violent, and insufferable males of the world. Even the Holy Bible made reference to it, for chrissake!
Of course, it did! The Bible was written by men!
Men who never met, saw, or heard one word from Jesus. Much less God.  But, yeah, let’s make it clear, so it was supposedly said, so it was written.

 A strong believer in Matriarchy and Gynarchy

All of that just to say I believe in FEMALE LED EVERYTHING. I subscribe to the philosophy of the Matriarchy, the Gynarchy, and every other Archy out there that promotes and preaches FEMALE SUPREMACY.  I’ve read every article and book and absorbed this lifestyle that puts an end to male privilege and the failed patriarchy that has led to where the world stands today, and what a mess it is.
This is the age of women, the age of girls, where every male will someday be ruled by every female, regardless of age. I choose to believe that day will come, though not in MY lifetime. I don’t have much time left. So, I’m determined to live my own private remaining years under the authority and ownership of the precious female, to serve those who have the proper disdain for males and can blame me for every continuing sin performed by males in the past and the present time. I want to be that sacrificial male. I was born to be the one. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I wouldn’t change even if I could. The heart wants what the heart wants and mine is committed to a Female-Led Relationship.

Always wanted to be in a Female-Led relationship

Female-Led Relationship
I met Cyndy in 2014, shortly after the end of my nearly 40 years of marriage. We had a great run, my ex and I. We just ran out of steam. She had always preferred a “normal” sexual relationship but I had always desired, craved actually, a female-led lifestyle. Early in our marriage, I attempted to sway her to become dominant but she just didn’t have it in her. I gave up and accepted that FEMALE LED life was always going to be an unrealized fantasy.
Without going into why and how, though, we eventually decided to go our own ways romantically. It was just time, we had the friendliest little lawyerless divorce, split everything 50/50 and we are still best friends to this day.  And, it was then I determined to chase my lifelong fantasy, to find a woman to answer to. I joined an alternative dating site and put myself out there.  I hid nothing, I was an open book printed in large type highlighted by a yellow marks-a-lot.
I made it clear I  wasn’t looking for a pro-Dom to schedule “sessions” or become a client. I was searching for a continuous, everlasting, Female-led Relationship. It wasn’t long until Cyndy contacted me. She wasn’t the only one but I liked her looks and her profile and she lived close by.
We spent a week messaging online, seeing if we wanted the same thing without either of us exposing the depths we were actually willing to explore until we met face to face.  I learned enough though. She was clear about who the boss was going to be, and it wasn’t the one with y chromosomes.

My first date with Cindy

We made a date where I would pick her up and we’d have dinner and drinks then it would be back to her place. I was excited but nervous as fuck. (“As fuck” is currently my go-to phrase, to express comparisons)
We never got around to that dinner and drinks. We sat on the couch and suddenly we were making out like tenth graders. She led me to the bedroom put her hand on my chest and pushed me back onto the bed. She just stood there, hands on her hips, staring at me.
  • “Get those clothes off. Everything. Now.”
I heard myself say
  • “Yes Ma’am”
And I did so hurriedly, not even trying to be cool about it. Just threw my shit to the floor. She told me to lie on my back, she was going to tie me up spread eagle. OH BOY! was my first thought, not concerned one bit about what could be coming my way. She was still clothed except for her shoes and without another word got on the bed, pulled a binding rope from a drawer, and tied me to each bed post. Hmmm. I got concerned.
I started to ask what…..
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”, was the apparent response.
She got off the bed and entered the bathroom and came back with a razor and shaving cream. Still dressed. She crawled back on the bed straddled me and sat on my chest facing my feet.
She, only, said,
  • “hold still”
Then, she shaved me clean till I looked like a six-year-old. She didn’t ask me if it was alright, she didn’t care if I cared, she just did it.

Cindy, a real Domina

Then to my surprise, she got off the bed and untied each limb. Told me to stand up and put my hands behind my back. I did and out came the handcuffs. I just stood there, my hairless cock standing at full mast looking so young and weird.
She next took one of the ropes and deftly tied it around my balls leaving her about a three-foot leash to guide me with. And she led me back to the living room couch where we started the night.
You may wonder what my mindset was through all this. I was a little scared, but it was a good scare, I liked not knowing what was next. Cyndy had my attention and she and I BOTH knew it. Now, back to the action!
Cyndy sat on the edge of the couch and pointed to the floor between her feet. I went to my knees, but she said
  • “SIT”.
With my hands tied, it was a clumsy landing but I plopped down in position facing her. By now I knew this was going to be a COME TO JESUS meeting. She would talk, I would listen. I wouldn’t speak unless it was a YES MA’AM or NO MAAM response. I instinctively knew this. Cyndy still gripped the rope and pulled it tautly toward her and she placed one foot on my right shoulder and the other against my youthful looking dick pushing it down between my legs.

Finally, being myself in a Female-Led Relationship

She leaned forward and patted me on the head like a faithful puppy. She said to me,
  • ” Here is what I expect from you. Don’t interrupt me. I’ll tell you when to talk.”
I had looked down and never saw it coming.
WHAP!!!  Right across my right cheek!
I swear to God I saw stars, I heard bells ringing in my head, colors flashing red and yellows. It was like the Roadrunner dropping an anvil on the coyote head cartoon. This was new to me!
In my fantasies, nothing ever hurt! I’m learning now that it’s all gonna hurt!  One thought flashed in my mind, I remember. It was “Wow, she’s a southpaw. Huh!”
My NEXT thought comforted me, though. It occurred to me that I could take it. It was what I always wanted. I was living my fantasy. I felt a Nirvana settle over me, I felt comfortable and at home. She lectured me for a good half hour and every oppressive rule she laid out for me made me more and more submissive and I watched myself dive deeper into the depths of my desires, my humiliation, my degradation.
Cyndy possessed the proper disdain for males, for me.  Whatever she wanted, I gladly complied. Whatever I wanted, she gave it to me and then some.
I don’t know if anyone will read this, much less pass it on. But it felt good to write it down and hit send. I’ve got a lot to tell you, anybody, if they wonder where this all leads to.

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