I couldn’t help but stare at Mistress, she was beautiful.  Her outgoing personality and strong confidence put her in a class of her own.  There was something mysterious that attracted me to her, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Mistress thought for a moment.  She glanced me up and down and then said,

  • “Tomorrow night, I want you to come to my apartment and cook for my friends and me.”

I thought to myself, I am a great cook, happily, I replied,

  • “Yes.  Not a problem.  I can’t wait to cook for Mistress and your friends.  Mistress, what should I make?”

Mistress giggled.

  • “That’s one of the few decisions I’ll leave up to you.  Surprise me.”  “Bring all your food supplies with you.  Be there at 4:00 so you have plenty of time to prepare and cook.”

So excited for the evening with my Mistress

I was extremely excited about my time to serve Mistress and her friends.  I spent the rest of the evening looking through recipes on the internet.  When I came across pasta recipes a brilliant idea popped into my head.  There was a small Italian shop that sold all the ingredients to make stuffed shells and sauce.  It would be harder to prepare but would taste delicious.

The next evening, I showed up at Mistress’s apartment with all my food items.  I was excited for the evening and when Mistress opened the door my heart stopped at the stunning site before me. I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful Goddess had shown an interest in me being her toy.  Mistress had dressed to kill. She had done her hair and makeup as if she were going out on the town.  She wore a crisp white blouse and a black leather skirt. Expensive fishnet stockings and a pair of heels showed off her legs.

All I could say was,

  • “Wow, Mistress!  You look fantastic!”

Mistress flashed her pretty smile and gestured for me to come in.

Introduced to my Mistress’ friends


Mistress’s two friends were dressed equally impressive.  Mistress introduced me to her friends. I was delighted to be in the company of her friends. So, I figured it was going to be a fantastic night but very rough on me.

I felt underdressed in the presence of the three well-dressed women. Of course, I knew that Mistress would soon change that.  I commented,

  • “Wow everybody looks fantastic Mistress.”

Mistress giggled.

  • “You will too, I actually have some clothes for you.”


  • “You do?”

Mistress explained,

  • “Yes.  Well, it’s more like a uniform…”

Mistress’s hands grasped my shoulders, focusing my attention on hers.

  •  “I thought it would be fun to dress you up like a butler since you will be serving us tonight.”

I laughed nervously.

  • “Oh.  O.k.”

The notion of serving them excited me.  I would do whatever you wanted.  Little did I know my thoughts were not far from the truth.

I got down on all fours and Mistress road me into the bedroom. She closed the door and held up a silky thong.  It was shiny and black and very formal looking.

  • “Of course, if you’re going to be my butler you’ve got to be a sexy one.”

A very sexy butler uniform

I took the thong. I had never worn a silk thong before.  The fabric was extremely smooth and silky. My cock stirred just from my fingers touching the fabric.  I could only imagine what it would feel like when I slid the silk over my cock that is locked in the Torture Puzzle chastity device.  It was clear to me that an erection would be immediate, and I knew that would be painful.  I began to worry about the pain of being constantly aroused in front of Mistress and her friends.

  • “Mistress, you want me to wear these,” I asked surprised.


  • “Yep.  I’ve even got a few accessories to go with them.  You’ll look super sexy all dressed up in these.”

Mistress held up a black bow tie and white shirt cuffs to go around my wrists.  I would basically look like a Chippendale in a silk thong. After this thought, I was silent, wondering what I was getting myself into.  I was excited about the possibilities the night offered, but nervous about how embarrassing it could end up.

Mistress could see me pondering.  She did not want me to think about it too much.

  • “Remember what I said before.  I like things to be done my way.  If you want to be with me, you will do this.  Trust me, it’s going to be a lot of fun for us but you are going to have it very very rough.  Now strip those clothes off.”

I pulled my shoes and shirt off as Mistress stood and watched.  Then, I unzipped my jeans, hoping I could control my arousal.  I focused concentration I was able to prevent an erection as I slid my pants and underwear off.

Incredibly sexy with this outfit

Mistress commented,

  • “oohhh.  Very nice.  I just love having a naked man locked in chastity in my bedroom.”

Mistress’s words broke my concentration and my control.  My cock began to barely grow when the cruelty of the Torture Puzzle almost brought me to my knees. I quickly pulled up the silk thong, which only tormented me more.  The soft fabric caressed my cock and made it even more painful.  Mistress was delighted with the result.  You rubbed your hand over the silk, along the length of the Torture Puzzle.

Her tongue parted my lips and pushed slowly and deeply into my mouth.  She teased my tongue and squeezed my ads. Through sensual kissing and soft strokes of my ass. Mistress brought me into extreme agony due to the Torture Puzzle.  When my breathing was heavy and my kisses erratic, she knew that I was ready to burst.  Mistress pulled away.

  • “Very nice.  Let’s not get too excited.  You still have a job to do.”

Mistress helped me put on the bow tie and cuffs and then stood back and admired my outfit. I looked incredibly sexy.  She loved the way the Torture Puzzle looked against the thong.

  • “Very sexy,” she commented.

Mistress took my hand and pulled me toward the door,

  • “My friends are going to love it!”

I hesitated.

  • “Wait…uh…don’t you think I should wait a few minutes, Mistress.”


  • “Why?”


I looked down at my cock.

  • “You…know..uh….for me to calm down a bit.”

Feeling a bit awkward in front of these women

The shy, innocent look on my face excited Mistress.  Many guys would show no shame in walking around with their cocks showing, but I could not let my cock get hard.  These were not the guys Mistress was interested in, for she, it was always a thrill to see the fear in a boy’s eyes.  Not a frightening fear, but a fear of being exposed and humiliated.  As planned, she had created that fear in me.  She smiled and grabbed my collar.   Mistress pulled me toward the door, using my collar like a leash.

  • “Oh don’t be shy. My friends are going to love it.”

Mistress pulled me down the hallway leading me by my collar.   Once in the living room, Mistress released my collar and announced,

  • “Look at our butler.  He’s so sexy, isn’t he?”

I stood up in the middle of the room blushing and feeling a bit awkward.  They commented,

  • “Sexy, I might say.”

I was surprised to see them reach for my cock inside the Torture Puzzle and even more surprised that Mistress smiled seductively when they squeezed it.

They added,

  • “Yes, this is nice.  I think I should keep it this way all night.”

Instructed to serve and obey them

The girls all laughed, and I blushed even more.  I was beginning to realize what the night was going to be like.  I was blushing on the outside, but on the inside, I was excited, knowing that I would be the attention of all three girls.

Mistress said,

  • “Good, and I have a few more rules.  Since you are a butler tonight, you will address them a Ma’am or Miss, is that understood?”


I smiled.

  • “Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress continued,

  • “And butlers don’t talk so no talking unless you have a question or are asked a question.  If you hear this bell,” Mistress rang a small glass bell, “it means we need something, and you must come to us immediately.”

I had three girls staring at me while I was locked in chastity and wearing a thong.  I was being instructed to serve and obey them.  This was a new experience for me, and I never anticipated how extremely hard would be for me.

Mistress finally dismissed me,

  • “Time for you to get to work.  Set the table and get started on the cooking.”


  • “Yes, Master.” Replied I.


I headed off to the kitchen and the girls sat down in the living to chat and watch TV.

Spanked by one of my Mistress’ friend

Luckily, I picked a tasty meal to cook. All I had to do was bake the shells and make the sauce and garlic bread.  I had just finished putting the shells into the oven when I heard the bell ring. So, I looked over to see Mistress smiling at me.  I thought it was humorous to be paged by a bell, given the small size of the apartment.  The kitchen, dining room, and living were almost one big room.  A bar counter separated the kitchen from the dining room. The dining room was not much of a room at all.  It was actually the back of the living room.  A small oval table and chairs were the only hint of a real dining room.

I hurried over to the couch where Mistress sat and played my part well,

  • “Yes Ma’am,” I asked.

One of Mistress’s friends quickly spank me hard on the ass several times. She scolded me in a sweet way,

  • “Now, now boy.  Remember we must keep that ass bright red at all times.”

Next Mistress instructed me to bring them each a glass of wine.  I happily poured each of them a glass of wine.  Each girl rewarded me with a very hard smack on my ass and a few seconds of rubbing my cock locked in chastity.  By the time, I returned to the kitchen I was doing my best to overcome the pain.  Precum was oozing out of my cock and coating the insides of thong.

Never felt so alive and horny before


Throughout dinner, the teasing continued.  I served them salads, garlic bread, and stuffed shells.  Each time I arrived at the table, somebody was groping me, squeezing my ass, or even tweaking my nipples.  A few times, Mistress made me stand still while all three girls spanked my ass and tweaked my nipples.  I was not allowed to move or speak while hands slid under my thong, cupped my balls, and tease my cock locked in chastity.   I could not keep my cock from getting hard which caused me excruciating pain and agony.  The girls brought me to the edge of crying and then their hands retreated, leaving me breathless and wanting more.

I had never felt so alive and horny before.  I was ecstatic and in heaven.  My mind was in subspace and I became excited by serving the girls.  I could not believe that Mistress and your friends were still fully dressed, and yet I was having the most erotic time of my life. When I was clearing the plates, they commented,

  • “Mistress, our butler must be enjoying serving us.  His thong is soaked in cum, therefore, we will have to cruelly punish him for that later.”

To be continued