A sexy butler for my Mistress and her friends (1)

I blushed at the comment.  Mistress added to my embarrassment.  She rubbed her hand over my wet thong.

  • “Aww… did poor baby wet his thong, is that little cock leaking all over the place?”

All I could do was moan in pleasure when they all caressed my body at the same time.  They formed a tight circle around me, and their hands slid over my ass and cock.  Hands caressed my chest and pinched my nipples.  They all had pleasant comments for me while they sexually tortured me.  Mistress started with,

  • “oohhh.  Very sexy. Seeing your cock all snug locked in chastity and that thong makes my pussy hot.”

Then, Mistress squeezed my balls gently and whispered,

  • “Mmmm.  Don’t you dare cum!”


  • “Yes,” moaned I.

Mistress released my cock and the other girls backed away.  Mistress whispered into my ear,

  • “Not yet, sweetie.  I’m not done with you yet.”

Instructed to get down on my hands and knees.


I was frustrated, desperate, and breathless.  The girls could easily see these emotions in my body language.  All three girls stared at me enjoying my erotically crazed state of mind.  Each of their pussies throbbed and heated up from their control over me.  They enjoyed the thrill of teasing me and seeing me fight back the pain and my orgasm.  Their seductive control and feminine power caused me to succumb to my submissive side.  The evening was well orchestrated to arrive at this very moment.

Mistress instructed me to get down on my hands and knees.  When she walked in front of me, she had a leather-riding crop in her hand.  Mistress dangled it in front of my eyes, making sure that I saw it.  Then she placed the flat part on the back of my neck and walked behind me, dragging the cool leather slowly over my spine.  I arched my back from the light, ticklish sensation.  My body shivered and tensed in anticipation of what was to come.

I was expecting a smack against my ass.  Instead, I felt the leather caress my ass cheeks.  Mistress slid the riding crop between my legs and lightly rubbed the underside of my cock, causing more shivers.  I breathed heavily from the wonderful feeling.  Mistress brought the leather crop back to my ass cheeks and circled the crop around them.  She continued to tease and caress my ass and cock while she talked,

  • “You did very well tonight and now we are going to take pleasure in beating your ass.”

Spanked by my Mistress

Mistress slapped the crop across my ass lightly.  The unexpected slap caused me to flinch.

Mistress resumed tracing my ass with the riding crop only to slap it again after a few seconds.  She loved the way my body jerked uncontrollably when she spanked me.  My body tensed, waiting for the next slap.  Instead, the crop traced the underside of my cock and balls once more putting me at ease.  Mistress slid the crop back and forth over my cock, causing me to rock on my hands and knees in a fucking motion.

Mistress gave one of her friends the riding crop and asked her to give me my ass beating. She took the crop and said,

  • “I will take great pleasure in doing that.”

She said to her other friend,

  • “You should get on his back so you can enjoy his body flinch as she strikes his ass hard, ride him, cowgirl.”


Then she handed the riding crop to the girl sitting on my back and said,

  • “You enjoy beating him to give me a fantastic ride also. I almost came on his back.”


In need of regular discipline


Mistress said,

  • “My, my, my.  I think he is getting off on this little spanking and I know you girls are getting off on riding him.”

Mistress laughed and moved the crop under my cock.  Then she slapped my cock several times.  The light repetitive motion caused my cock to flinch with pain.  I became lost in the erotic emotion.  Mistress asked,

  • “Are you enjoying this, boy?”

I could not lie,

  • “Yes. Ma’am.”


  • “Mmmm. Such a naughty boy.  You will find that my discipline sessions can be quite pleasurable.  Discipline is not a bad thing.  In fact, regular discipline is healthy.  Athletes become great through focused training and discipline.  I shall apply the same principles to train and condition you to be my toy.”

Mistress’s crop playfully slapped my ass and Mistress said,

  • “Mistakes will happen, but through regular discipline, you will learn from your mistakes, and you will learn what is acceptable and not acceptable. What you do not want to do is disobey me.  If you disobey me, you will be punished….”

Mistress slapped the crop hard across my ass and I jumped and yelped at the quick burst of pain.  They all laughed in amusement.  Mistress finished her thought,

  • “…and punishments will not be quite a pleasure, got it?”

I was still feeling the sting when I replied,

  • “Yes ma’am.”

Mistress’s voice turned pleasant.  She patted me on the head.

  • “That’s good my toy.  I think you have learned quite a bit tonight.

Mistress turned to her friends and said,

  • “Well girls, Toy seems to like I have potential.  What do you think?”

Alone with my Mistress after the diner

I wasn’t exactly sure what Mistress meant but they agreed with her.  They also complimented me on the dinner.  I was enjoying the good news.  I was certain that Mistress was impressed with me.  Mistress thanked her friends for their help, and then her friends kissed me goodbye and headed into the night to carry on with their own plans.

After they left, Mistress turned to me and started caressing my already hard cock through the silk thong.

She whispered,

  • “If you loved these toys, you really love my silk nightgown.  Don’t go away, sweetie.  I’ll be right back.”

I waited in anticipation for Mistress to return wearing the nightgown.  She came back with the nightgown but she was not wearing it, she was carrying it.  She ordered me onto the couch.  Next, she held the nightgown up for me to see.  It was long and milky white with spaghetti shoulder straps.  White lace decorated the top.  The nightgown was so silky and shiny that it almost glowed.  Mistress asked,

  • “Very pretty isn’t it?”

I replied,

  • “Yes. I can’t wait to see you in it.”

Mistress laughed.

  • “You might have to wait for a while for that.  Lay down over here.  You are going to love this even better.”

Enjoying the feeling of the silk nightgown

I was confused but I did as instructed, Mistress kneeled next to the couch and started to undo my wrist cuffs.

  • “First let’s get all this off.”

She removed my cuffs, bow tie, thong, and chastity, leaving me completely naked.  Next Mistress told me to close my eyes.  Then, starting at my feet, she slowly dragged the silk nightgown up my legs, over my cock, and over my nipples.

The soft silk rubbing over my body was unlike anything I ever experienced before.  An erotic shiver ran through me, and a moan escaped my lips.  My body came alive at the sensual feeling of the silk.

Once Mistress reached my nipples, she lifted the silk off me and purposely paused for a moment.  My eyes slowly opened.  Mistress could tell from my gaze that I was slipping into a dreamy erotic state.  My eyes silently pleaded for another touch of the silk.  Mistress’s smile knew.

  • “Close your eyes Toy.  Enjoy the feeling.”

I closed my eyes and Mistress repeated her slow stroke all the way up my body.  She could almost see my body shuddering in delight.  Next, she focused on my cock.  Slowly she dragged the silk nightgown up and down the length of my cock.  The silk was smooth and electrifying as it glided over my already sensitive cock.  The soft fabric created enough friction to get the full attention of my cock and bring me to the edge, but it was not enough pressure to take me over the edge.

My Mistress, the expert on teasing my cock

Mistress whispered,

  • “The nightgown feels incredible on your cock, doesn’t it?”

I moaned,

  • “Yes, you are driving me insane.”


  • “Good.  That’s my plan, Toy.”

Mistress held the nightgown up and let a small amount slide over my balls.  I spread my legs slightly, allowing the silk to slide around my balls.  Mistress lowered the nightgown slowly, causing the silk to continually drop down over my balls.  Then she slowly raised it up again so that the silk slowly rubbed up and over my balls.  The continued rubbing against my balls left me in a state of erotic bliss.  I could even feel the silk sliding down my ass and tickling my hole.  It created sensations in me that were too good to imagine.  I began to thrust forward, trying to create more friction, but it only added to my torture.

Mistress continued to tease my cock, ass, and balls with the soft silk.  After a few minutes, my cock began to twitch uncontrollably.  Cum was even dripping out and covering the tip of my cock. Mistress’s pussy was also dripping in pleasure.  Her panties were drenched and she was fully aroused.  Seeing me so close to the edge was a thrill to her.  She brought me to the point that my cock was twitching and she knew that I had no control over it.  It was her expert teasing that did this to me and that excited her.  My cock was hers now.

Really excited and ready to cum

Mistress was a pro when it came to teasing and manipulating a toy and so she was very aware of my current state of mind.  She knew that the prolonged teasing put me in a subspace that blurred my thoughts and sense of normalcy.  This was the place where she liked to take her toys.  This was where her real playtime started.

She slid the nightgown up over my nipples and whispered,

  • “Mmmm.  This is fun, isn’t it?  You like having my nightgown all over you don’t you.”

I could not argue that.  I did not want it to stop,

  • “Oh yes.  Ma’am.  This is incredible!”

Mistress squeezed my balls firmly and held them tight.  Her voice shifted to an authoritative tone

  • “You will continue to refer to me as Mistress, understood?”


  • “Yes, Mistress,” replied I obediently.”

Mistress released my balls and gently rubbed them with the silk.  With her other hand, she pinched my nipples sending a burst of pleasure through me.

  • “Oh toy, doesn’t it feel heavenly?  Don’t you want to cum in my pretty nightgown?”

Mistress’s words were a blur to me.  I heard the word cum and became excited.

  • “yes..it feels awesome. Please stop or I’m going to cum!  Can I cum now?”

But not authorized to cum yet

Mistress pulled away from me and cupped my chin with her hands.  She looked into my desperate eyes and with a devilish tone said,

  • “Relax I.  I’m not done with you yet.  We all know that once you cum, you will be done, now don’t we?”

My cock was ready to explode.  I could feel cum leaking out.  I concentrated and took a few deep breaths.  Slowly my need to orgasm retreated.  I replied,

  • “Yes Mistress, you are right.”

Mistress complimented me,

  • “Good.  You are doing great.  There is one rule that you must not forget when you are with me.  You must learn that my pleasure comes before yours.  You must never cum before me do you understand?”

In my current state of mind, I would have agreed to anything and so I obediently replied,

  • “Yes Mistress.”


  • “Good.  Let’s go back to my room.”

Mistress took my hand and led me back to her room.

Mistress had me sit on the bed.

To be continued