My New Life as a Slave to a Dominant Women

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My New Life as a Slave to a Dominant Women

Submitted by: slave Natty

It started when I found a profile from a Dominant Female on Slave Selection. She was seeking full-time live in slave. The prospective slave would have to sign an agreement becoming her total property. If accepted, the slave would not have to work but would live in her home 24/7 under her total control.

This was exactly what I was seeking. Or, at least it sounded like it. I immediately responded by message and expressed my willingness. I begged the Mistress to tell me how to proceed. She sent back a brief questionnaire for me to fill out. It only took a few minutes, and included things like age, height, weight, etc I also told her about my Prince Albert piercing and gave details as to it’s size. It also asked for the earliest date that I could report. I named a date that was only a few days off. I assumed that this would be just a visit to determine compatibility and I would be able to return home to wrap up the details of my life.


On the day in question, I flew to a distant city. I had been instructed to travel light, with no luggage. I was to wear only a pair of pants with nothing on under it, a shirt, shoes without socks, and to carry only my ticket, identification, and as much cash as I could. I was told that a person holding a sign with my first name would meet me at the gate. As I entered the terminal area, a strange man was holding the sign. He handed me an envelope and rushed off. Surprised, I opened the envelope to find instructions from my Mistress. I was to ride the shuttle to the parking lot and in a particular section, I would find a large van. I was given the color and license number of the van. I was to let myself in the side door of the van and look for another note. The instructions said to hurry or Mistress would be very displeased. 

After a short ride from the terminal, I exited the shuttle. It didn’t take long to find the van. The windows were all covered with curtains. I looked in through the front window and saw that the cab area of the van was separated from the back by a hanging curtain as well. I opened the side door and found that a good part of the back of the van was filled with a steel cage. There was room ahead of the cage for the door to swing open, and an unlocked padlock hung from the hasp on the door. I also spotted a white envelope taped to the bars inside the cage. I quickly entered the van and the cage and read the note. It said that if I wished to proceed I should remove ALL of my clothing and lock myself in the cage with the padlock. Again I was admonished to hurry.

Eagerly, I complied as quickly as possible. Once the padlock clicked shut, I knew there was no backing out.

In less than a minute the driver’s door to the van opened and I heard someone get in. A female voice said: “I am your Mistress Kassandra. When you locked the cage, you sealed your fate. Your email said that you wanted to be my slave. Well, now you are. I accept you officially into my service. The only keys to the lock on your cage are at my home, so that’s where we’re going. I could not release you here even if I wanted to. However, I want you to do a couple of things for me before we start our journey. I am going to slide a steel collar under the curtain. To lock it around your neck you need only put it in place and push inward. I am ordering you to do this. You will be punished severely for failure to comply, or even hesitating. You have ten seconds.” 

bdsm collar

I had no choice, of course. As soon as the collar slid into view under the curtain, I locked it around my neck. It was wide… perhaps 2  inches. And it was very heavy. I knew it would not be coming off in the absence of the key or some very good tools.

Again, the female voice spoke: “Very good slave. If you comply with this next order as well, I shall reward you by allowing you to see your owner. Do you have any experience at applying handcuffs?”

I answered: “Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“Good,” came the reply. “You are to lock these cuffs onto your wrists with your hands behind your back.” And immediately a set of regulation police handcuffs was slid under the curtain. I grabbed them and locked one onto my right wrist first. Then, I put my hands behind my back and fumbled a bit, but managed to lock the other cuff onto my left wrist in a reasonably short time. I felt totally helpless. 

The curtain slid aside. It was hard to see well with the light coming from behind my Mistress, but she appeared to be about ten years my junior, had long dark hair, a trim figure with large breasts, and a very stern face. For about ten seconds we looked at each other, and then she said:

“Turn around, I’m going to place this blindfold over your eyes.” She did so, and then the curtain was closed and I heard the van startup. 

For the first time, I noticed that the bottom of the cage was a solid steel plate and was becoming quite uncomfortable. With the handcuffs on, it was impossible to find a comfortable position. I didn’t think that I was going to get much rest on the trip. I had no idea where we were going, or how long it was going to take.

slave in bdsm cage

After some city driving, it felt like we must be on a freeway. The fairly high steady speed was maintained for what seemed like four or five hours. I was really panicked. Here I was, naked in handcuffs, a heavy metal collar locked around my neck, a blindfold covering my eyes, and I was in an escape-proof cage. A woman I didn’t know was taking me somewhere. By now I had no idea what State we were even in.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up as the side door of the van was opened. The van was stopped. Again my Mistress spoke: 

“We have arrived. I’m going to move you to a cell now, and I don’t expect any difficulties. If you give me any problems your punishment will be very severe, I promise you.” 

With that, I heard the padlock being unlocked and the cage door opened.

“Crawl out of that cage, slave. Slide feet first onto the floor. ” I complied and felt myself standing on smooth concrete. Since I felt no breeze I assume we were in a garage or parking area of some kind. I felt a thin cord being tied around my ball sack. And then a sharp tug on my balls told me I was to walk forward. 

Without a word being spoken I was led forward about ten feet.

“There is a flight of stairs about two steps in front of you, slave. It’s twelve steps down.” And then there was another tug on my leash. I managed to make it down the stairs and I was pulled forward. We moved some fifteen or twenty feet and she told me to stop. I did, of course. I was quite helpless with my hands cuffed behind my back and a blindfold tightly over my eyes. I heard the sound of a rather massive door being swung open, and we moved a few feet forward. Then I heard the door being closed and we moved forward again. It felt like the surface we were walking on was sloped gently downward. The air was still and warm so I was sure that we were inside. But, we walked and walked. It felt like some 75 to 100 yards.

“We’re outside your cell now, slave. I need to unlock two doors, so just stand perfectly still.” With that, I heard keys in a lock and a door swinging open. It had the sound of a heavy wooden door. I heard her footsteps retreat inside. And then the sound of another key entering a lock. It sounded like metal on metal. Then I heard another door opening… definitely steel or some other sturdy metal. 

Another tug on my leash, and I was led inside. I felt my shoulder brush the side of what was undoubtedly the entrance to my cell. She told me to stop and hold very still. I was powerless to resist and obeyed immediately. I felt her lock something to my collar. She then gently pushed me backwards until I suddenly bumped against a wall. It had the unmistakable feel of a jail or prison cell with solid bars. I felt a slight tug on my collar and heard another padlock snap shut. I tried to move and found that I was locked against the wall of the cell by my collar.

Suddenly the blindfold was removed. The light was blinding and it was a few moments before I could see. When my eyes finally adjusted, I realized that I was inside a very sturdy cell. It was approximately 10 feet by 10 feet, and was centered inside a room that was about 30 feet by 30 feet. All four walls of the cell were typical prison cell barred affairs. The cell was about nine feet high, and had a barred top. There was an open space above the cell, as the ceiling of the room proper was about 18 feet high.

“I’m going to leave you for a while, slave. I need to rest from our trip. Enjoy the view, because when I return you’re going to be hooded and sightless for quite some time.”

With that, my new Mistress exited and locked the cell and swung the massive door shut behind her. She locked it with a big key and exited the room, shutting the heavy wooden door behind her. I heard the door locked from the outside and the sound of footsteps retreating. 

And then silence. Complete, utter silence. I was left standing against the back wall of the cell. Hands still cuffed behind my back. The heavy collar was locked to a bar of the cell by a short chain. I was forced to remain standing… at least until someone came to my assistance. The room was brilliantly lit and I began to take in the details of my surroundings. My cell was completely empty. There was no furniture of any kind. The floor was solid concrete, and all four of the walls seemed to be set right into the concrete. The outer walls of the room were also solid concrete. There was only one door and it was a massive wooden affair. The hinges and lock were on the outside and the inside of the door had no handles or hardware of any kind.

There were devices of all kinds hanging on hooks on the concrete walls. Whips, canes, paddles, and other instruments of flagellation. There were restraints of every description. Some devices I recognized, and many I didn’t. One wall had a series of hooks to which aircraft cables were fastened. Each one led straight upward to a pulley at the top of the wall, through the pulley and along the ceiling to another pulley, above the cell. The cables proceeded through their respective pulleys and at the end were heavy metal rings from which were hanging more “toys.” Some had keys. Others had leather or steel restraints. Obviously, a person standing by the wall could release a rope and lower any of these things into the cell. The outer walls and the ceiling were well out of reach of anyone locked in the cell. 

In all four corners of the room, small television cameras were located. They were all trained on the cell and I realized that I could be monitored at any time. In fact, the cameras occasionally panned back and forth and zoomed in and out. I had no idea if someone was remotely controlling this or if it was an automated system, going through a series of programmed actions.

I saw a length of chain coiled in one corner of the cell. It was very heavy; probably logging chain. One end was set into the concrete floor of the cell, and the other end was welded to a sturdy ankle shackle. 

Time passed slowly. I was absolutely terrified. Clearly there was no escape for me. I had no idea if I was still going to be tested and then released, or if I was really a total slave already with my old life behind me. After what seemed like an hour or two, the lights suddenly went out and I was alone and helpless in darkness.

It was impossible to keep track of time and it seemed like an eternity passed. I was getting very sore from being restrained in just this standing position. I couldn’t sleep and was dead tired. And, I was still absolutely terrified of what was to come. With no warning of any kind the lights came back on.

A few minutes passed and then I heard the outer door being unlocked. The door swung open and my Mistress entered the room. She stayed close to the outer wall but walked well into the light. She was absolutely breathtaking! Clad head to toe in tight fitting black leather, she had a tiny waist, large breasts, great legs, and long black hair that hung down to her waist. Her face was gorgeous in a very austere way. 

“Are you frightened, slave?” She asked. I told her that I was very frightened and she laughed. “That’s good, my slave. You should be. It is my intention to be very cruel to you, and it’s time to get started.” With that she approached the cables, and lowered one of the rings into my cell. I saw that I had been positioned exactly under the ring. As it reached the level of the top of the cell, I saw that a single key was fastened to the ring. It appeared to be a handcuff key. 

“Before we proceed, slave, understand that the key to your cell door is hanging from a hook out in the corridor. There is no way for you to reach it from your cell, so attempting to grab me through the bars would be absolutely pointless. Attempting that will earn you a punishment beyond your wildest imagining.” With that, she lowered the ring with the key into my hands. “Unlock your handcuffs, slave,” she said.

I tried and it was almost impossible. I couldn’t see the keyhole, and my hands were aching from the long hours of being cuffed. She just laughed and watched as I continued to fumble. Finally I felt the key enter a keyhole. I turned it and nothing happened. Was this some kind of cruel joke? Then I tried turning it the other way and suddenly one of the cuffs slid open. For the first time in many hours, I could bring my hands in front of me.

“Leave the other cuff locked on your wrist, slave,” she said as she pulled the cable to raise the key back to the ceiling, well beyond my reach. She secured the first rope and released a second one. She lowered a new key down into my reach.

“Unlock the padlock, slave.” I slipped the key into the padlock and turned it, and the chain that fastened my collar to the bars was freed. She immediately raised that key back to the ceiling, like the first.

She then released another rope and lowered one of the large rings into the cell. It was just about dead center in the cell, in both directions. This ring had nothing on it and was about a foot in diameter. She lowered it until it was about six feet off the floor.

“Walk to the middle of the cell, slave, and put the empty handcuff through the ring. Then lock it back on your hand.”

I did as I was instructed, even though I had been desperately hoping for an opportunity to either sit or lie down and rest some. She immediately pulled on the rope, stretching me upwards. She had me stand on my tiptoes and she pulled the rope as taut as possible and tied it off. Now I was strung up with my hands way above my head, and just my toes and the balls of my feet touching the concrete.

She removed a small walkie-talkie unit from a holder on one wall and pressed a key and said, simply: “We’re ready.” With that she walked out the door and immediately returned with what I presumed was the key to the cell. She unlocked the door and left the room. She returned without the key and walked back into the room. From one wall she took a spreader bar which was about three feet long. She fastened the ankle cuff at one end around my left ankle. 

“Spread em, slave,” she ordered in a strict, no-nonsense tone. I separated my feet as much as I could, and she fastened the other cuff around my right ankle. Now just the tips of my toes were resting on the floor, and my wrists were taking most of my weight.

“And now, slave, we have a few additions to make to your wardrobe,” she said. She left the cell and removed a leather hood from one wall. She stepped inside and began to pull it down over my head. Before my eyes were covered, I saw that around the bottom of the hood were a series of heavy D-rings. These corresponded to a series of matching D rings on the heavy steel collar. There were no eyeholes in the hood, but there was a zipper over the mouth and several small air holes over each nostril. When she had the hood in place she went and got six sturdy padlocks. Returning, she locked the bottom of the hood to the collar with the six locks. No way was I going to be able to remove it, even if my hands were free.

total bdsm slave

Suddenly my Mistress’s voice was shouting in my ears: “Welcome to total slavery. Your hood contains wireless earphones and I’m speaking into a microphone. I can also play a recorded message, or white noise if I wish, slave.” Because the earpieces were pushed firmly against my ears by the hood, and because of the loud volume, it seemed like she was right inside my head. I had no idea what evil plans she had for using this equipment. But, I knew that her power over me was absolute.

I heard a click that I assumed must be the microphone being turned off. Faintly, I heard what sounded like a second voice… a male one. A two-way conversation ensued, but I could not make out what they were saying. Suddenly I felt the cuff on my right ankle being pushed upward, and a second, very hard and cold cuff put on beneath it. I didn’t know it, but this was the ankle cuff that was welded to the steel chain I had seen laying on the floor in one corner of the cell. The male voice was one of Mistress’ trusted slaves and he had brought welding equipment with him. Suddenly my ankle was on fire! It was incredibly painful, and I had no idea what was happening. The slave had welded the ankle cuff closed around my ankle. I screamed in agony, and in fear. It would take weeks for the burns to heal, but as I was to discover, all I had was time. In time the pain and my screams subsided.

Suddenly the voice of my Mistress was screaming inside my head again. “We have just made sure that you will not escape, slave. And now, we have one last little addition to make to your attire.” Again, the sound clicked off and for a few moments, I hung in space, not knowing what to expect next.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my genitals. Again, my terror was beyond reason. For all I knew I was going to be castrated. I felt and heard a sharp noise from the ring in my Prince Albert piercing. I didn’t know it, but it had just been cut with a heavy pair of bolt cutters. It was then spread apart and I felt it removed from it’s piercing. Then, I felt a ring being slid up over my cock and balls, and a noose was placed about the head of my circumcised cock. It was pulled into a steel tube and suddenly I was screaming my head off again. The tube was lined with sharp little spikes! When I was all the way inside, I could feel the head of my penis was in the open air. I felt something being threaded through my P.A. piercing and then I heard or maybe felt the sharp sound of a lock being locked. I then felt a tug on the ring and heard or felt the sound of a second lock. I realized that the evil instrument had been locked in place. 


I had experienced a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet before, as part of a daylong play session with a professional dominant. I knew that even the slightest tendency to get an erection would be immediately punished by the steel spikes. When an erection started, the pain was incredible! And it automatically caused the erection to subside. The only way to avoid the heavy pain was to avoid any sexual thoughts of any kind. I knew that my Mistress Kassandra was serious about denying me any sexual pleasure.

“And now slave, you deserve a rest,” the voice of my Mistress screamed in my head. “We shall place you into one of your sleeping positions and you will be allowed to rest for a while. Save your strength slave, for tomorrow, will probably be the worst day of your life… at least so far.”

I felt the spreader bar being released from my ankles and then the handcuffs were unlocked. I collapsed in a heap on the floor. I felt leather cuffs being placed around my wrists, and my hands were pulled widely apart and fastened in place. Then a leather cuff was placed on my free ankle and it was stretched out and fastened securely. I was in a three-point spread eagle, lying on my back.

I heard the sound of footsteps and then I heard the door to my cell slam shut. Just barely I heard the key in the lock and knew I had been locked in. Suddenly, my ears were filled with white noise at a high volume. It was like I was locked in place under Niagara Falls and the constant sound coupled with the lack of vision meant that I was in total sensory deprivation.

I was tightly bound, lying on my back on solid concrete. And this was a “sleeping position?” I didn’t see any way I was going to get any rest, but I had nothing else to do but try. It felt like hours passed, but it was hard to know. The constant white sound made coherent thought impossible. I felt as if I was a piece of clay. Totally helpless and ready to be molded into whatever my new owner wished. I did sleep occasionally, but it was a restless, fitful sleep. The time dragged on, it seemed like an eternity. My body had attempted a nocturnal erection, and I was immediately punished by heavy pain to my encased cock. I tried not to think of anything exciting, but at this point I had little control over my feelings. This was, after all, my wildest fantasy come true… but I was allowed no sexual satisfaction from it. How ironic. My cock had gotten me into this situation, and now I was not allowed a simple erection, let alone the opportunity to masturbate. Indeed, even thinking sexual or kinky thoughts was not possible, unless I wanted to experience the severe pain of the spikes inside my chastity tube.

Still the time dragged on. It felt like it had been days since I had been taken captive and brought into this cell. There was absolutely nothing I could do but wait and suffer. The hard floor was causing constant agony to my back, and the simple spread eagle position had become pure hell for my outstretched arms. 

Suddenly with no warning the white noise ended. And I heard the voice of my Mistress in my head: “You should be very thankful, slave. I’ve given you 24 hours to get rested up. Before your suffering can begin, we have a task to complete. You will now sign a contract of slavery. This is merely a formality, slave. You have already given your consent and I have accepted you into my service. You are my prisoner here and escape is impossible. So, you had better obey all of my commands quickly because my punishments will be awesome.” I felt my bonds being released, but not knowing what to do I continued to lay in exactly the same position I had been in for so long.

 slave selection

“Sit up, slave. I’m going to hand you an envelope and a pen. You may feel the envelope, but do not open it.” I ran my fingers over the envelope. It was large, probably 9 by 12 inches. And it felt like there were several sheets of paper within. On the front side, near the bottom I felt a small opening, like a window cut into the envelope.

Again my Mistress spoke: “Good, you found the window in the envelope. Since you have consented to be my TOTAL slave, I’m sure that you are willing to sign whatever contract I wish. For that reason, you will now sign the contract without reading it. For my protection, I need you to sign on each page of the contract. So, take the pen in your writing hand, locate the window, and sign your full legal name in it. I know that you can’t see, but do the best that you can.”

 I knew that while I had no choice in the matter, that this was the final irreversible step. I hesitated, trying to think of some way out of doing this. Suddenly my back erupted in pain! It probably wasn’t the worst pain I’d ever felt, but coming so suddenly and unexpectedly it was awesome.

“Don’t make me wait, slave. That mild stroke is nothing compared to what I can do to you if you don’t hurry up and follow my orders.”

Immediately I put the envelope down onto the concrete floor and signed my name in the window as best I could.

“Very good, slave. I can actually read that.” 

With that I felt the envelope removed from my grip, a moment passed, and then it was returned to me. 

“I’ve removed the top sheet with your signature, slave. It’s time to sign the next page. There are 17 pages; let’s get this over with quickly.”

I knew that I had no choice. I quickly signed each page in turn. In short order, it was done.

“I’m going to go and lock this in my safe, slave. When I return, your new life will begin.” 

With that, I heard the cell door close and lock. And then I could barely make out the sound of the outer door closing as well. The white sound resumed in my head. 

I got onto my knees and then stood. I walked in the direction of the door of my cell, but found that my ankle chain would not allow me to go much beyond the middle of the cell. In the process, I caused a lot of pain to my still hurting ankle. I knew that escape was totally out of the question. Even with tools, it would take an eternity to cut through the ankle cuff or chain, and if I did, I was locked in a steel cell. I understood that I would remain in this cell for just as long as my Mistress wished. I hoped that my training would go quickly and that I would soon be released to serve Mistress in her home. I also desperately hoped that the horrible tube with its inner spikes would be removed from my cock soon.

I explored the cell and found that each of the three walls that I could reach was made of steel bars. I could climb up a wall, until I reached the top. I reached through the openings in the top of the cell, but could reach nothing. I climbed back down and sat leaning against the back wall of the cell. I felt the collar around my neck. It was very solid and I could detect no keyhole of any kind. I did not understand how it would be removed when the time came. The leather hood fastened to it was of very stiff, heavy leather. I supposed that in time I might be able to claw through it with my fingernails. But I was aware that the TV cameras were trained on the cell, and I knew if I was to attempt it I would be discovered and punished. My hands roamed downward to my genitals. The ring around the base of my cock and ball sack was quite smooth and fairly small. It was locked to the steel tube surrounding my cock with a padlock. A curved retaining pin went through my P.A. piercing and was locked to the steel tube with another secure lock. It was impossible to withdraw my cock from the tube, and while it was locked in the evil tube, any attempt at an erection would be immediately punished.

I heard the sound of the outer door opening, and again, the voice of my Mistress was inside my head:

“And now, slave, we have a small pillory we’re going to lock you in. You would be wise to cooperate fully.”

And then I heard muffled voices, and the sound of something being dragged into the room. Next, the cell door was unlocked and I heard the pillory dragged into the cell. I retreated to the back wall of the cell to make plenty of room. I felt a hand on my arm and I was pulled to the middle of the cell. A downward pull told me I was to kneel, and I did. I was scooted sideways a bit and my knee contacted hardwood of some kind. My knee was lifted over some kind of bar and then the other one followed. I felt my ankle lifted upward and placed onto a support of some kind. The other ankle followed and I heard and felt the ankles locked into position. Then my head was pressed downward into a low pillory and my wrists followed suit. I felt a top piece close over my neck and wrists. I tried to move and found that I couldn’t. I was on my knees and my ankles, wrists, and neck were fastened into place.

“Good, slave. Now that wasn’t difficult. This is my kneeling pillory and you will be spending a lot of time in it. You will find that it quickly becomes very uncomfortable. In an hour, you’ll want out so desperately that you would do anything to gain release. But, release will not come for a very long time, I assure you. I am now going to tell you what is in store for you, my new slave. I think you will find it most interesting.

 In case you think that there is any chance that you will be rescued from your imprisonment, let me explain a few things. It is theoretically possible, although unlikely, that someone that knew you spotted you at the airport. So, we took a few precautions. The van that brought you here was rented. And it was not rented in the state where my home is, or in the state that the airport was located in. And, one of my slaves stole a license plate from a van in another distant city. We put the stolen plates on the van before driving it into the airport, and the put the proper plates back onto the van before it was returned. If someone at the airport had spotted you, and even jotted down the license number, it would not give them any clues as to your present whereabouts.

All of our e-mail correspondence was carried out through a secure, blind address that will never be used again and which will yield no clue as to my location. 

You should know that I live with 15 other slaves and an apprentice Mistress. Two of my slaves were independently wealthy before joining my stable and that wealth has become mine. I can support all of us indefinitely. However, six of the other slaves work outside my home and turn over their paychecks to me. The others all live here and serve me in various ways. One or two will assist me in your care.

 This cell is underground. My compound is a small farm at the end of a country road. No traffic ever approaches except by mistake. The farm appears from the outside to be deserted. All of the vehicles are hidden in the barn, and my home appears to be a very old, abandoned farmhouse. Inside it’s full of modern conveniences and high-tech equipment. Hidden behind a false wall in the basement is a long underground tunnel that leads to this cell. If a stranger ever came upon the farmhouse and was allowed to explore it’s doubtful that they would find the entrance to the tunnel. The tunnel is 80 yards long, so you can be assured that no sound made in this cell will ever be heard in the outside world. Nor will any sounds from outside ever penetrate the cell. The cell has a silent air exchange system which brings in clean air from the outside. I can monitor what’s happening in the cell from inside the house on four television monitors. I can also hear any sound made in your cell through speakers. 



You are not here for training in the ordinary sense, slave. While I beat and torture my other slaves quite often, my sadism is not yet fulfilled. I need to know that one slave exists only to suffer for me. I want to know that at all times one helpless male is undergoing near-constant agony and is allowed no pleasure of any kind. I have chosen you to fill that need for me, slave. And so, you are going to be kept in this cell forever. Since you are 12 years older than I am, it is unlikely that I will die first, but if I do, my apprentice Mistress who will take over your punishment. You will be allowed no contact with the outside world, slave. Nor will you have any knowledge of what is happening out there. You will never again look at the sky, or a tree, or anything but this cell. You will have contact with no one but me and one or two of my slaves. Down here, time will stand still for you, slave. Within this cell, you will be allowed nothing that gives you pleasure. There will be no television, no radio, no computer, no games, no music, and nothing to read. In fact, the hood that you are wearing will seldom be removed and so you are now essentially blind. Once a year, on a random date, you will be allowed out of the hood for an hour and you will be allowed to look at your Mistress. 

I will control all that you hear, slave. And hearing will be my pipeline into your mind. It’s not sufficient to know that your body is suffering, slave. I want to make you suffer mentally as well. Your thoughts are no longer your own. I shall control them as I control your body. You have already experienced high volume white noise. You now know that when it’s on, coherent thought is impossible. Only rarely will you be allowed to exist in silence. Most of the time, you will hear my voice or white noise. Occasionally, like right now, I will speak to you through a microphone. But usually, when you hear my voice, it will be recorded. These recordings are all computerized and will be repeated over and over. You will be powerless to turn them off, of course. Many of the recordings will be hypnotic in nature. Designed to influence what you think about any topic I choose. Some will be simple mantras designed to be. They will be repeated for hours on end until you are powerless to believe anything to the contrary.

But, many will be response statements, requiring your active participation. You will hear a statement, slave, and then there will be a period of silence during which you are required to repeat aloud the statement you have just heard. For these sessions the zipper over your mouth will be open. Someone will usually be monitoring your responses. They will be listening in my office. If you fail to repeat even a single phrase, you will be severely punished, slave. You will soon learn just how terrible my punishments are. I will expect that you will memorize all of the statements. A session may have only three or four statements, or it may contain 25 or even 50. A session may last an hour, or it may last a week. You will never know. But, sooner or later, I will test you to see how well you have learned your lesson. A passing grade is 100%, of course. Should you fail the test, you will be punished and then your training will resume. Until you pass a test, you will have no rest, and no food or water. I have selected material for you to learn which is as dull and boring as possible. Populations of cities, states, and countries from randomly selected time periods, numerical scientific data like chemical valences, and boiling temperatures of assorted substances. To make it worse, much of it will not be accurate, and after you’ve learned, for example, the population of Boise, Idaho, in 1950, I’ll change it and you will have to learn the new figure. 

These sessions will not necessarily take place with you in a comfortable physical situation. Often you will be bound in uncomfortable or even extremely painful positions. The only way you will be released will be to pass the test.

That will require your fixed attention on all of this boring and often false information, my slave. It will have no value to you at all; it is just a way to make you suffer. For your suffering is my pleasure.

And now, slave, it is time for you to learn about my punishments. You are about to receive a typical punishment session. You’ve done nothing to earn it, slave, but I want you to learn to fear your Mistress. Most of the time, you will not know how long a punishment will last, or what form it is going to take. But this time, I’m going to be kind and tell you. Your punishment will last a total of 36 hours, slave. For this period of time, you will be kept locked in the kneeling pillory. The first 12 hours will be a waiting period. While nothing more will be happening to you, slave, it will become worse and worse to kneel as you are. Your muscles and joints will become very sore, and you will wish you could die and escape the suffering. But you won’t, of course. After the first 12 hours, you will experience 12 hours of continuous pain and torment. It will take place with you still locked in the pillory as you are now, but it will be the worst kind of pain you can possibly imagine and over the 12 hour period of time it will gradually intensify. You will certainly scream and shout and beg and cry, slave. But none of that will earn you the slightest mercy. The final 12 hours will be another waiting period. You’ll still be kneeling in your pillory as you are right now. At this point, you’ll be absolutely desperate to be released. You will be willing to do anything at all to gain your freedom. But, your will is absolutely meaningless. Your desires will be meaningless, and you will learn how complete my control over you is. Finally, slave, through all of this the white noise will be playing into your ears at maximum volume.”

With that, the white noise started up at an extremely high volume. Much higher than I had experienced before.

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15 thoughts on “My New Life as a Slave to a Dominant Women”

  1. slave caged is desperate to relocate and serve it’s Mistress / Goddess. Goddess enslaved slave caged on 1 / 4 / 2015, never once allowing slave the privilege of accepting or denying it’s enslavement. slave was given the name slave caged, cause slave owned a chastity cage.
    almost one month to the day on 2 / 3 / 2015 slave was told to find it’s cage and to notify Goddess once found. slave did as told and notified Goddess, slave was told to put the cage on and lock it, that it would be locked for a year. on 2 / 3 / 2016 slaves lockup anniversary, slave was told if would remain chaste indefinitely. slave has not been out of it’s cage since 2 / 3 / 2015. slave is now butt plugged every waking moment and will be dildo’d the same way, as soon as Goddess Decides to do so.
    slave caged is now totally controlled, and has just begun it’s cocksucker training. slave is being trained to be Goddess’s cuckold slave and total property, forever.

  2. This is the ultimate enslavement, taking to the utmost what has been begun in all of us males who are owned. It hits the place we are all in – trapped between endless fascination and permanent fear – more strongly than anything i have known so far.

  3. I dont think it is a true story just like some mistress write a fiction to fulfill their meaningless aim or just a fantasy. If it is true, i want to experience it, you can connect to me dom. If the story is true why does the slave can type it down, and remember every detail clearly

  4. I guess i just don’t see the point that this mistress went to such lengths to enslave her slave. To punish a slave for no reason at all, seems pointless
    and spending so much effort to confine and abuse this slave seems unfathomable. Obviously for the first few hours to a few days you are making the slave realize that his goose is cooked, everything in his new life is controlled by his new owner. It would appear that she is a mean &
    evil person whom gets her rocks off by Total Control, total de-humanizing & giving or dolling out un-imagined amounts of PAIN, physical, mental & emotional; I guess I just can’t understand the why of it, (as ‘Spock” would say it’s totally illogical). Usually giving Pain is used to train a submissive or slave to Obey instantly without Question.

  5. I am owned by a wicked Mistress that just ignores me and threatens to leave me when I talk about BDSM,I have been her slave for 9 years. I want to be a pain slave that goes through constant torment by my Beautiful Mistress. She beat me so badly lastnight. I loved every second of it. If she ever passed which I pray she never does I will need to be taken off of her hands. I can do many things. I am a non destructive technician and I am smart but I Nice and Faithful and I have never cheated on anyone I am a good Slave and I only aim to please.

  6. Fantasy and maybe nefsrois as this is nearly if not exactly verbatim to a story. I red years ago. Even then the impossibility if it stuck me. At best this “slave” would shape psychological, more likely ends in his death. There is no conscent there just coercion.

    As a dark fantasy it is erotic, and cam be a goal to move to a deeper level of surrender but seriously people cannot be that careful such an operation would attract attention.

    I am too much a realist to buy any of it and especially the fact I red before just wish I could remember where.

  7. A nice story, but I had expected an even longer story and I end it very sad.
    Then in the story you only get water to drink if you do everything right and that is as illogical as it can be 1 again without food will go but 1 week without drinking in simply impossible and if you are still alive you are weak and you can nothing more and you don’t see anything in the story that he also pees and defecates also that is not possible in the long run and you read nothing about that but the rest is an exciting story but it is not reality there are too many eyes and hooks to pity.

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