The Gynarchy takeover : The future is female!

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I have a theory that WOMEN WILL RULE !! Eventually, they will enslave men. Why? Because they are far smarter far more intelligent and far stronger than men. The real genius of women is allowing men to keep the illusion that they are women’s equals. Which In really is a ridiculous notion. Let me tell you how the Gynarchy takeover is already happening and has been for a LONG time.

Females are vastly superior to males and WILL rule the earth. It is not a question of IF women will take ALL power from men and eventually enslave them, It’s simply a matter of WHEN.

How is the Gynarchy takeover going to happen?

Yes, men will be subjugated and become slaves but it won’t be as horrible as it sounds on the surface. Women are by nature kind(unless you cross them) and men as slaves will lead very nice carefree lives under the female rule. Women will enslave men but they will take good care of them, It’s their nature.

the Gynarchy Takeover


We do need to realize that birth is painful and the birth of the new world order will not be any different. There will be men (Neanderthals) who will not accept it and who will need to be dragged kicking and screaming (violently if necessary) into this wonderful new world that they can’t see the beauty of.

But mostly it will be achieved through nonviolent means. Those being political and social. It is MEN who use violence as a means to an end. Women use it only as a last undesirable resort and reluctantly.

So, the first thing to be done is to completely strip males of ALL power and authority. How will they achieve this? (It’s already begun.) They will elect ONLY women to political office. Once women hold the vast majority of seats in both the Senate and the House and hold the Presidency as well, then the takeover will go into warp speed. The first thing will be to pass a law stripping men of the right to vote with women holding an overwhelming majority in both houses AND the white house this will pass quickly with NO opposition.

By passing a law forbidding men to run for any political office

Then, the next order of business will be to pass a law forbidding men to run for or hold ANY political office whatsoever.

If the constitution needs to be changed to accommodate these laws the overwhelming majority of women will easily do that. These laws can be made to take IMMEDIATE effect upon passing. Also included will be judges. No man can be a judge, including the supreme court. Once the law passes all men must immediately step down from ALL political office to be replaced by FEMALE candidates.

Elections can be held but only FEMALES may run and any interim officeholders must also be female. This will set the stage for the TOTAL female rule. Laws will then be passed slowly stripping men of ALL rights little by little until men HAVE no more rights. But this is merely the beginning.

Once the seed of the tree has been planted it needs to be fed and watered and maintained so that it lives forever and Patriarchy is buried beneath the scrap heap of history forever.

How will they do this?

Again it’s already begun and has been happening for decades. This brings us to the second part of the plan for the Gynarchy takeover,

Education and REeducation. “Indoctrination“.

Actually, it is already happening in school and has quietly been happening for decades now.
Schools have been steadily teaching male “emasculation“ for years now. The part of the plan which is really the MOST important PARAMOUNT in fact is education/indoctrination. It has been in effect for decades now and is starting to become more normalized, is happening, and will continue to happen and grow!

Men are slowly being taught from their FIRST day in school “subtly“ to accept girls/females as superior. Little by little you can see through policies and enforcement by the mostly female staff of schools today that boys are being stripped of their masculinity LONG before they even understand what it is.

You can see it now more than ever boys are slowly being indoctrinated into accepting that girls are superior and that they should act more feminine.

The REAL brilliance of this is how women have been careful not to try and implement radical change all at once. They get men to accept a little, then a little more, and a little more until finally they have accepted it all and have been completely emasculated and subjugated.

If they are taught from early childhood that females are superior not so much by coming out and SAYING it. But just by subtle teaching and prioritizing girls, boys will subconsciously get the message.

By teaching Boys that they are born inferior to girls!

It’s brilliant and inevitable that the future will lead to teaching boys outright with NO pretense that they are born inferior to girls. Obviously, there is nothing whatsoever they can do but accept it as natural and eventually mandate the physical removal of testosterone from males BEFORE they reach puberty.

This plus education from early childhood should ensure a docile male population that accepts female rule without question.

Naturally, women need to keep some select males for reproduction. Most males will face mandatory castration before puberty. They will be educated that this is for their own good. Testicles and testosterone will be commonly considered very bad for society and they will accept having them removed like tonsils.

Select males will be taken to “sperm farms” where their sperm will be harvested and frozen for reproductive use. Those males, once they have been “milked“ (for lack of a better term) will THEN have their testicles removed. Castration will be absolutely MANDATORY for ALL males either before puberty or after they have
given enough sperm.

Then, by forbidding any formal education to males!

Further, the political power women will wield will make passing laws to COMPLETELY subjugate men ridiculously easy. Formal Education will eventually be strictly forbidden to males, this will start slowly. The first law to pass will outlaw males from receiving higher education.

No college! Only women will be allowed to go to college. A few years later it will be high school, Girls ONLY beyond 8th grade. Then once that has been accepted middle school will be next. Eventually, formal education of ANY Kind for males will be STRICTLY against the law because an educated male is dangerous.

Boys can attend separate facilities where they will learn their place in society is to unquestionably serve and above all OBEY ALL females REGARDLESS of age. For a boy or man to question or disobey an order from a female regardless of age will be a VERY SERIOUS offense and can be met with extreme punishment.

Also that they at ALL times must NEVER show disrespect to ANY woman regardless of age.
They will be taught that it is the worst offense a boy or man can make. Naturally, young girls will need to be taught not to abuse the authority of all males and how it needs to be used properly. This and more will eventually happen.




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9 thoughts on “The Gynarchy takeover : The future is female!”

  1. I’m a male slave, and I already accept all of the things written here as a natural order. I believe men are born slave and serve women. I honestly wait for the moment when it becomes universal and Gynarchy will become real. Men are born inferior.

  2. I know this is Totally healthy animal husbandry for Homo sapiens. The females pass on their genes more dominantly also.

  3. O can’t wait to see my mistress that’s wanting to be there for me and my sexy slutty asshole and cunt for the next 14 weeks

  4. I believe starting at a young age in grade school , boys should be given regular periodic spankings over the knee of a female authoritarian . The boys should be first made to strip completely naked . A few female classmates should be allowed to observe the spanking . This would do wonders for the self esteem of the girls and make the boy more submissive to females.
    The spanking should be hard , by hand and
    Sometimes by a paddle or ruler .

  5. Actually I was supporting banning men from wearing pants forcing them to wear dresses and skirts the shorter the better give the women eye candy. So pants are women’s only privilege naturally they can still wear dresses and skirts. This law would give women economic and political control in order to see that day. I support women in business and politics if only so that it in a referendum that gynarchic forces create to de pants men. Being a self taught I prefer wearing mini dresses and skirts showing long silky smooth legs feeling natural not exposed or vulnerable. I do the same things in dresses and skirts as I do in pants including showing the better sex chivalry weather or not they wear pants. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, waiting until they are seated, changing light bulbs, catching spider irony females eat the males. Cover them with my coat when they are, pay for things if they let me always carry my trusty purse. My only fear of the gynarchy is that being gay I’m doomed. Other than being eye candy and a useful worker what is my fate? Would they force me to marry a woman if so I hope she is bigger and stronger than I. Love a butch femme dynamic but if I have a male spouse he’ll be sissified by those house mates.

  6. very well written article about female dominance. As a submissive man, I could not agree more with the author. I can also admit that while reading the article I felt some kind of arousal throughout my body.

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