Female Domination In Ancient Times and The Present

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Women Have Been Worshipped Throughout Time

Upon first entering the world of female domination, we are driven by tabooed instincts – so why are we surprised to discover that during ancient times, women were worshipped religiously? Were they worshipped as “sex objects”? On the contrary, women were worshipped through means and meanings. Perhaps a clue for Western civilization that is familiar, is the name: Kama Sutra, and few dare to read up on it. Having such a book on one’s coffee table… is equivalent to leaving a dildo on the bed except that Kama Sutra is not given the credit it deserves in Western society.

Even our liberal society retains hardcore censorship from its Sanskrit translations. Undeniably, the origins of the Kama Sutra date around the same period of Judeo-Christian writings. How are they different? The answer is within a form of polarity between dogma and truth- or put more controversially: the Bible is considered more political. And many atheists dismiss the Bible for being written by men. However, Kama Sutra was also written by a man allegedly. Even so, there are many of us Westerners who feel more comfortable legitimizing Eastern philosophy these days. Take for example the rise of Buddhism. What has this got to do with BDSM or female domination or even forced chastity?

Female Domination Has Nothing To Do With Sex

The answer is the sheer sexual empowerment of women. Wendy Doniger, a history professor at the University of Chicago explains in her book Redeeming The Kamasutra: “The Kamasutra is for women.” In the so-called “sex dungeons,” female domination professionals state BDSM has nothing to do with sex. To discover the feminine mystique, we need only look back in time at the traditions and culture of India and Nepal around 2000 years ago when Kama Sutra was written. Kali (the Hindu Goddess), is described as a beast mode or evolution of Goddess Warrior Durga who slays demons, riding a lion or tiger in battles. There are many variations of Kali depending on the region and time in Southeast Asia.

In one tradition, the birth of Kali was said to have come when Durga went on a rampage and in her anger, Kali burst from Durga’s forehead while fighting a buffalo (because there was a demon inside the buffalo ). Notably, Kali was a black Goddess who ate demons and strung their heads on a chain necklace. Kali would not stop slaying demons, and she would go on slaying any wrongdoers until Shiva (another amazing Hindu God) decided to lie down, and once Kali saw who she was standing, lost her rage. This just proves female domination has been around since ancient times and it will continue to proliferate in our civilization globally.

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1 thought on “Female Domination In Ancient Times and The Present”

  1. My wife/ Mistress and I sincerely believe that women are pure and perfect and that women are the Goddess that they are naturally on a higher level over men and they should respected and worshipped, men are born to serve men are utilitarian meant to work and provide for women and men by them selves are not clean they carry the sins of the world , now we believe that Woman are at the highest level and men seem to fall into 2 categories Alfa and beta , the Alfa males are the best males they are Women’s choice to have sex to mate and well to make love with they are usually well endowed they serve woman with their sexuality and they are higher up then betas in my case my Mistress’s lover is my Master I submit to him , alfa males have confidence but they also tend resist female authority, the beta males make better husbands Dominant Woman can easily control them, it’s perfect betas accept the whip subjugation chastity cuckolding and in my case worshiping my wife it’s a religious ritual my wife is my Goddess I get onmy knees before her usually twice a month but more if my Mistress feels I need it , she whips me without mercy it’s punishment for all my sins i beg her please do not hold back Mistress it’s to keep me in submission to her authority after she feels I have paid for my transgressions by whipping and as I kneel there before my goddess she fills a brandy glass with her golden nectar in front of me and puts it to my lips and I drink it’s her warm bodily waste that she would normally discard but to me it’s a blessing it’s wonderful I readily take her waste into my mouth as I sip her golden nectar I hold it in my mouth and savor it until my Mistress orders me to swallow the ritual is repeated until the glass is empty then I kiss and worship her feet it’s communion it’s my atonement I feel so good afterward my ass and back are whipped and marked and I take a part of my Goddess inside me and my Mistress is worshipped and respected in the manner that she demands and deserves and of course she will enjoy her love making with her Alfa male her lover but she knows her slave cuckold husband is in line and always ready to serve her in any way she wants ,,, slave cc

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