How Emma Became My FLR Teacher (2)

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When we finally get together alone, my new FLR teacher has me strip for her and stand naked for her inspection. This was now where we were.

  • “So, Guy, you know it’s time for you to show me that beautiful body of yours…” she said with a lascivious smile that betrayed her intentions.

It was clear what she wanted!

There was an awkward silence as I gathered my courage to be one of her naked men. With my heart pounding and my cock beginning to stiffen, I began my striptease for her. I started with my shoes and socks, then my shirt and pants- laying each on the coffee table in front of her as she instructed. Finally, when I got to my underpants, I was fully erect- and I was sure that she could see it. I hesitated and felt myself blushing.

  • “Come on Guy, there is no need to be embarrassed. We both know how much you want it…”

I realized that she was right. As awkward and embarrassed as I felt standing in her presence, I knew she knew my fantasy of being her nude slave. I had often confessed it to her, and she knew that I often masturbated at the thought.

And now this was real.

Completely naked for my FLR Teacher’s inspection



Slowly I slipped my underpants off my erection and down my legs. I picked them up and put them on top of my other clothes.

  • “I am glad to see you keep yourself in shape,” she said as she got up and approached me.

Her words made me feel proud, like a schoolboy getting a good compliment from the teacher he has a crush on.

Then she came up to me, cupped my scrotum in her hand, and held it up so that my erection stood at attention for her. Her unexpected action took me by surprise and made me stand up on my toes for her.

  • “And here is that poor confused manhood of yours, all engorged, as if it will be of any use to me.”

She looked up into my eyes and continued while still clutching my testicles.

  • “But you and I know that you only use it to masturbate- don’t we Guy?”


  • “Yes, Miss,” I admitted.

How many times I had confessed to her about my masturbation and even asked her permission to masturbate as a reward for a good written piece or comment? She knew it was the only sexual release I get lately. She also knew how ashamed I was to be masturbating at my age.

  • “Did you really abstain from it as I asked?”


  • “Yes, Miss!” I replied like an eager schoolboy.


  • “Good boy,” she said with a smile of approval. “I am happy to see that you also shaved for me…”


Preparation of my butt hole for her!

Releasing my scrotum, she took a couple of steps around my side and gently squeezed my buttock.

  • “And did you prepare yourself back here for me?”


  • “Yes, I did, Miss,” I said, remembering the experience of giving myself an enema for her.


  • “That’s good. You probably know how wet I get knowing you prepared yourself for me…”

Yes, I knew exactly what she was feeling and planning because she had so often written to me in great detail about her conquests. I felt my heart palpitate as I realized I had become just another naked prey for her rapacious sexual appetite. How long I had wanted to be one of her men, but now as she fondled my buttocks, I felt the reticence of a naked virgin.

I also knew that she liked to take it slow and heighten the tease.

She walked over to the table and took two exam gloves out of a box. As she put them on, she turned to me and said,

  • “First let’s get your butt hole nice and lubricated for me.”

She picked up a tube of lubrication and walked over to an armless chair and sat down. She then pointed to her lap and said,

  • “Come and lie over my lap, Guy, with your face on the floor and with your butt up high for me.”



On Emma’s lap, my face turned toward the floor!

I was not expecting this. It was a position that she told me she liked to have her men assume when she wanted to spank or paddle them. Was that what she had in store for me?

  • “Come on, don’t be shy…” she said, patting her bare thighs with a smile. “You know the position.”

Awkwardly, I got myself positioned over her lap, and I lowered my face to the floor, inches from her elegant high-heeled shoes. I felt my erection press up against her bare thigh. Also, I wondered if she felt it too…

  • “How does it feel, Guy?” she asked as I felt her lightly caress my buttocks.


  • “Is my dirty old man with his awkward erection pressing on my lap, ready to feel what it’s like to submit to me?”


  • “Yes Miss Emma,” I heard myself mutter.

I was ready, but at the same time, I felt a wave of shame and embarrassment that was far more intense than I had ever felt before.

  • “Good boy,” she said as I felt her gloved and lubricated fingers separate my buttocks and find my anus.


  • “Now, I want you to relax and let me in. Don’t fight me…just surrender to my finger.”

With that, I felt her finger circle and then enter my butt hole. I felt an involuntary spasm in response.

  • “Relax, Guy. There is no use fighting me.”


Following her to the bedroom!

I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter and before I knew it her finger slid deep inside me. Then, I gave off a grunt as I felt her finger move around freely and lubricate me.

  • “I want you to get used to the feeling of submission so you will be ready to surrender to my dildo,” she said as I felt my sphincter squeeze her invading finger.


  • “I think I’m ready Miss Emma,” I heard myself say.


  • “I think you are too,” she said as I felt her remove her finger.

I felt my sphincter spasm.

She gave my buttocks a loud slap and with a playful tone said,

  • “Now get up and get your tight ass over to the bedroom and in my bed.”

Clumsily, I struggled to get off her lap, got up on my bare feet, and timidly followed her to the bedroom with my erection swinging awkwardly as I did. When we entered the bedroom, she turned to me and pointed to the side table where I saw a black dildo, a harness, and a tube of silicone lubricant. She had me help her put the harness and dildo over her shorts. Then she picked up the lube and squeezed some on her gloved hand.

As she rubbed the lubricant up and down the dildo (as if she was masturbating it), she ordered me to grab a couple of pillows, put them on the middle of the bed, and get myself in “position” for her. What she meant by the position, was for me to straddle the pillows so that my legs were spread apart, my head was down on the bed and my ass was sticking high up in the air for her.

Preparation for my deflowering

As she was still rubbing her dildo in preparation for my deflowering, I felt her watch me struggle to comply with her instructions. As often as I had fantasized about what it might be like to have Emma peg me, I had never imagined how profoundly humiliating it might be and how submissive she could make me feel, even before she entered me.

  • “Raise your behind higher for me, Guy,” she commanded me patiently. “I’d like to get a good view of that virgin butt-hole of yours- all lubricated and ready for me.”

I arched my back a bit more so that my buttocks spread further and pushed up my anus more prominently for her. She finally seemed satisfied with this position of submission.

  • “Good boy,” she said as if complimenting her pet.

I was no longer the mature man of more than twice her age but rather just another one of her naked schoolboys who she was about to ravage and own. And as I could feel my erection harden, I realized how much I wanted it. How much I wanted to experience young Emma’s dominance over me.

  • “After all these years of revealing to me your shameful secret desires, how does it feel to be lying naked on my bed and all ready for me to have you?”


  • “A little nervous,” I said, rather than admitting to her how aroused I was- aroused and humbled at the same time.


The oldest man Emma has ever pegged!

But it seemed that Emma understood.

  • “That’s how I like my men,” she replied. “Nervous with anticipation.”

She paused and added,

  • “But I have to admit that today, I also feel a little nervous. You have known me since before I ever pegged a man, and yet now here you are the virgin, and I am your mentor.”


  • “Yes Miss,” I said, feeling her fingering my bared anus.

My heart started pounding as I understood what was next.

  • “You are also the oldest man I have ever pegged, old enough to be my teacher- and yet you are my pupil.”


  • “Yes, Miss Emma,” I said, acknowledging her now as my teacher.


  • “Well, Guy, I am going to teach you what I teach all my men- the joys of complete surrender and submission to a woman.”

The words barely left her mouth when I felt the firm end of her dildo probe my butt-hole.

  • “Now just relax your anus for me, just like I showed you, and let me in…” she said.

But as her dildo entered, I felt my sphincter have an involuntary spasm.

  • “There is no use in resisting, old boy. Surrender to me…”

Trying to please my young FLR teacher

Trying to please my young teacher, I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter and suddenly felt her dildo pass inside. I gave off a grunt as I felt her dildo continue its unimpeded penetration. I groaned loudly and heard myself saying “Oh my God…”

She continued her slow unyielding thrust, stopping only when she had fully entered me. Then she leaned forward over my back and cooed into my ear,

  • “Don’t you mean, oh my Goddess?”


  • “Yes, Miss,” I replied, too overwhelmed by the sensation to argue.


  • “How does it feel to finally be owned by me?”

As many times as I had imagined how it would feel to be taken by Emma, I never really appreciated the level of submission and humiliation I would feel with her dildo deep inside of me. The sensation of my sphincter helplessly contracting around her conquering dildo, as if overwhelmed by its girth and firmness, only emphasized my state of humbling capitulation. She waited for an answer as if wanting me to have more time to experience this new sensation.

After my sphincter squeezed her unyielding dildo a couple more times, I meekly replied,

  • “Good, Miss…” but I knew she knew it was more than good.


  • “Is it what you expected?”


  • “No, Miss, ” I admitted.


  • “Well, I guess I need to teach you to get used to the feeling of being under me- under my complete control.”

With that, she raised herself up, grabbed my hips with both her hands and I felt her dildo withdraw. I gave out another moan. Then, without waiting, she thrust her hips and I felt the dildo enter deep into me again. Again I moaned and cried

  • “Oh, my Goddess!”

Emma seemed amused at my tribute, and with a giggle, continued her ravishment.

The sounds of surrender and acquiescence to my young Goddess!

I lost track of time as she slowly, but deliberately, forced her dildo in and out of me. I could hear myself moan, groan and even squeal like I never had before. These were not the sounds I usually make when having sex or masturbating. They were the sounds of discomfort, pleasure, and humiliation all at once. They were the sounds of surrender and acquiescence to my young Goddess.

Then, with the dildo fully in me, she stopped and leaned forward again.

  • “You know how much I love to hear men moan and groan as I rape them,” she cooed, reminding me of how she linked to tell me about her many conquests.


  • “I hope now that you are one of my boys, you are enjoying this as much as I am…”

Probably knowing the conflicting feelings I was having, she did not wait for an answer.

  • “I found that it’s hard for most straight men to acknowledge to me their pleasure of being ass-fucked” she said understandingly. “I think the admission of enjoying sexual submissiveness- especially to a girl half your age- must be profoundly shameful…”


  • “It is…” I confessed tersely.


  • “Well,” she replied, “You won’t be able to deny your shameful proclivities when my dildo and I make you orgasm and cum for me!”


My first continuous and unrelenting orgasm!

No sooner than the words left her mouth than I found myself overwhelmed by the most penetrating surge of rapture. It took me a few seconds to realize that her dildo was vibrating deep inside of me…

Although the sensation affected my whole body, I could feel it most in my loins- and I was quickly building to climax. With her words about the same of enjoying being fucked by a girl still fresh in my ears, I found myself pleading

  • “No, please… I don’t want to cum. Please no.”


  • “Does it feel good?” she asked.


  • “Yes…” I admitted, and then said, “Oh no,” just before an uncontrollable wave of ecstasy set me into orgasmic convulsions.

Every muscle in my body went into spasm, with arms and legs clenching the pillows- and I felt my manhood swell just before it erupted.

Unlike any time before, this orgasm didn’t come in spurts but rather like one big tidal wave. It was continuous and unrelenting and all I can remember is the complete loss of control of my spurting cock. I lost track of time as the orgasm continued- but then she suddenly turned it off.

  • “Quite down!” she said with a giggle.

It turns out I was screaming in orgasmic delirium and she was worried about what people in the adjoining rooms might think.

  • “Shh,” she said as I slowly came back to consciousness, “calm down.”

As I started to regain my composure, I realized that not only had I been screaming and squealing with abandon, but I had also been hyperventilating.


Ready to be the slave of my FLR Teacher!


  • “Now we can enjoy the afterglow of your ravishment…” she said, as I felt her body lay on top of me- as if she had also had an orgasm and was recovering.

We lay there for a few minutes, listening to each other’s breathing. I could feel residual orgasmic spasms, as my anal sphincter continued to intermittently squeeze on her dildo, which she kept deep inside of me.

After a few minutes, still collapsed on top of me, she quipped,

  • “If this was our wedding night, I think I just consummated our marriage…”

The idea of being married to Emma had never crossed my mind. But now, as I experienced the afterglow of her ravishment, and ever since, I cannot think of anything I want more. I knew that I could never be her husband in a traditional way, but I was ready to be her slave or whatever she wanted in a Female Led Relationship, just to be in her presence.

And now, she wears the key to my manhood on her ankle bracelet…





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