The Unexpected Night With Dominant Maya

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Dominant Maya And Her Surprise Visit

  • “Oh, honey I almost forgot to tell you, a friend of mine from the bridge club is staying with us Saturday night. She had nowhere else to stay for the weekend so I volunteered to let her stay with us.”


  • “No problem,” I replied.

The following Saturday around 7:00 pm, the doorbell rings. I walk to the door and open it.

  • “Hello, it’s Maya! Annie is waiting for me. I’m the one staying in your house tonight.”


  • “Ah yes, I said surprised remembering suddenly what my wife said to me a few days ago.”


  • “Is it my friend, the dominant Maya? My wife asks sheepishly.”


  • “Yes, hun.”

Annie walks in and I take a good look at her. She is a woman in her 40s, with blue eyes, and long blonde hair, looking very confident in her heels, busty, and very sexy. Annie was carrying a black leather briefcase. I offered to take her bag but she refused.

I shake her hand noticing how oddly engaged I am with her. My wife walks up to her and they both walk away together to take her bag to a different room and chat. When dinner started, Annie changed her outfit. She was wearing a sleeveless, red dress which was quite short and you could see her panty lining. She looked so sexy. I gave her a light tap on the butt. She looked at me, blushed, and smiled.

  • “Calm yourself down, we have guests.”

The three of us go into the living room.

The Professional Life Coach

Maya looked gorgeous wearing a buttoned, black chiffon dress that showed her cleavage and had my imagination wandering. I served champagne and the conversation begins. I learned Maya lives in San Francisco so I think I understand why she’s staying in Los Angeles tonight. She’s a professional life coach of some kind. We talk about everything and nothing. We continue chatting and drinking the rest of the night and then, after the second bottle, Maya looks at me and says,

  • “Take your clothes off!”

I looked at my wife and Annie says,

  • “Tell him I’m in charge tonight and to do what I tell him to do,” she looked directly at me when she said this.


  • “Maya is in full control now. You listen to her, obey her, and do everything she orders you to do. She will do whatever she sees fit with you. I absolutely agree with everything she says and require you to obey her without question.”

I am dazed, shocked by the events that transpired. Maya explained to me that she trained men and women to be submissive to her and become her sexual objects. She added that my wife hired her to educate me on female domination.

dominant maya

Your Browser History Discovered

  • “Your wife knows that you have been fantasizing about submission for a long time. She checked your browser history and discovered your kinks. You were looking at websites with dominatrixes, sissies, transvestites, transgenders, and even Gays. You secretly dream of being disguised and offered to people. Thanks to me, she has access to your nickname and some very explicit emails that you wrote to people on these websites. So she decided to use me to bring out who you really are. I will teach her how to dominate you so she can have you as her submissive.”

I was ambushed. They set up a trap for me and I fell into it.

  • “From now on, you will call me Mistress and you will call your femdom wife Madame. You are the toy that we will use and abuse. Your unacknowledged vices will help us. So continue taking your clothes off while we watch you.”

Stunned, I did what I was told.

When I was fully naked, Maya ordered me to turn around, bend over and spread my butt cheeks. She congratulated Annie on my having a great ass. Here are some activities or article topics you seem to appreciate. She handed me a sheet of paper with the following words: sadomasochism, feminization, scat, strapon, latex, leather, face-sitting, CBT, forced chastity, collar, and leash etc.

  • “Choose the ones you secretly fantasize about and excite you the most. Your lucky Annie proposed the party theme tonight.”


  • “Yes, I’m curious to see what he chooses,” Annie said. “You’re even going to get to see them immortalized on camera,”

Maya said as she was hanging a go pro camera on the wall of the living room.

Being Offered To My Dominant Mistresses

Finally submitting to the fact that I am forced to play their game, I answered their question:

  • “Feminization, collar, and leash forced chastity. These are my favorite fantasies.”


  • “The Mistress appreciates your choices,” Annie said.

She turns to my wife and says,

  • “You see what a slut he is. No worries, I’ll prepare him for tonight’s activities.”

Maya opened a box and hands me a pair of black stockings, panties with a garter belt, a bra, and finally, some heels.

  • “Come here slut, I’ll help you put your bra and panties on.”


  • “There you go. Take a few steps back so we can see what you look like. I’ll put makeup on you so you can look like the beautiful whore you want to be.”

My wife walks away for a second and I am left alone with dominant Maya for a few minutes. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. For the first time, I get to be who I really am inside… a female ready to be offered to his dominant mistresses.




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  1. I know just what he means. When I go to serve my Mistress, I wear panties, nail polish on toe nails, shaved body, and a cock cage. I start on my knee’s kissing her feet, her pussy, and her tits. At that point she puts on my collar and leash. She then owns me and does what she wants with me. I’m very happy at that point because she knows how to treat a sissy slut like me. I’m her bitch and I love it.

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