Selena’s Submissive Male

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Grateful To Be Her Submissive Male

My name is Cesar and I’ve been happily married to Selena for three years. From the beginning of our relationship, Selena was the one that would take total control. I had my doubts at first about being her submissive male but thanks to her firm hand and discipline of Selena, I managed to understand my place in our relationship. I will always be inferior to her and I must be grateful to her for accepting me as her submissive male. Being a submissive male under her female dominance made me extremely satisfied to the point that when I proposed to her, I gave her, along with the engagement ring, a chastity cage for her to enclose my penis.


submissive male

In public with our relatives and friends, we are a normal vanilla couple, but in private our true dynamic appears. I am not allowed to wear any kind of garments inside the house and I am in charge of taking care of all the domestic chores around the house. If I make any request to my dominant wife, I must respond with, “Yes Miss Selena,” in a loud and clear voice. I still remember the punishment she gave me when I disobeyed her or did not serve her to her standards. Also, when it comes to sex she is the main focus of attention. If she did not enjoy the sexual service I gave her, l will receive the worst punishment she can possibly give me..the silent treatment. Selena will stop talking to me and ignore me for a week if I do not give her the orgasms she demands.

The Surprise


Without being able to use my penis in a normal way, I must please her orally or use a strapon to fuck her if that’s what she wants. Of course, as a submissive male, she controls my orgasms. A good day for me is when Selena allows me to sleep in the same bed with her and cuddle with her. But in case she forbids me to sleep in the same bed with her, I sleep in a cage in the corner of the bedroom that she covers with a sheet. Finally, my biggest job as a submissive male in the home is to keep my body clean, shaved, and ripped.

“You already know that I love sexy guys with hot bodies,” Selena reminds me as I do my exercises in front of her. “If not, maybe I’ll trade you in for a couple of male nudists,” she said with an evil smile, while I continued to focus on my daily exercise routine. One evening, I was naked in the house as usual and I noticed on the bed a note from Selena.

“Come to the patio, submissive male and bring all your underwear, I have a surprise for you.”

I did what she asked me and I carried all my shorts and boxer shorts to the patio where she waited for me reclining on a lounge chair with a bonfire in front of her. Her white skin, blonde hair, and beautiful figure made her look like a goddess with the light of the fire shining on her gorgeous hair.

  • “Your late,” Selena says in an authoritative voice. “It doesn’t matter, throw all your underwear in the fire.”

Kiss My Feet!



I look at her surprised,

  • “But Miss Selena…”

I had not finished saying what I was saying before she threw her sandal at me. At that moment I dropped on all fours, put my clothes to the side and grabbed her sandal from the floor with my mouth as any submissive dog would, and gave it to Selena.

  • “You know I don’t like it when you complain,” she says and she slaps me with the sandal.


  • “Do as I say,” my dominant woman says in a stern voice.


  • “Yes Miss Selena, as ordered,” I say loud and clear.

I start throwing the garments in the fire piece by piece as she looks at me from her lounge chair from time to time while on her cell phone. When I was done tossing the garments, I waited for her next instructions on my knees with my hands on my thighs.

“Come to my side and kiss my feet,” she says and I quickly do what she orders me to do.

While I am savoring each part of her beautiful feet I notice she’s wearing a simple flower dress that reaches to the middle of her thighs. It’s something simple and comfortable for the time of year but I am still focused on savoring each toe on her foot.

  • “That’s enough, raise my skirt a little bit!”

I do so silently hoping that I would now savor her intimacy.

submissive male

Surprise Cesar!

When I lifted her skirt, I notice she was wearing a strap-on dildo.

  • “Surprise Cesar!”

She says with a smile.

  • “It’s about time you learn to be a good submissive bitch.”

Then she pushes my head on the dildo so I can put it in my mouth. Instinctually, I avoid putting the phallus in my mouth but Selena insists on it and puts her cock in my mouth, and in the end, I finish savoring the latex penis she is using. Every once in a while I take it out of my mouth because it makes me cough, but Selena encourages me to continue giving her fellatio.

When Selena was satisfied with the fellatio I gave her, she puts me face down on her knees,

  • “You’ve been a very bad submissive male. It’s time I give you a good spanking.”

She takes the paddle that was next to her and starts spanking my thighs and buttocks. My screams of pain are drowned out by Selena’s laughter as she continues to paddle me. When she’s finished, she starts to rub my red and swollen butt cheeks,

  • “You’re ready, my love,” she tells me while sticking one of her fingers in my asshole.

Getting Penetrated By Jacob And Selena

Suddenly, I see a naked, dark-skinned man enter the courtyard. He is taller than me, ripped, and well-hung. I noticed he was carrying a bottle of lube in his hands.

  • “He’s Jacob, a friend I met online,” Selena tells me.

Jacob greets Selena with a passionate kiss. Confused, I ask Selena,

  • “Is he going to be your lover?”

In the past, we had talked about having an open relationship but I didn’t expect that day would come so soon.

  • “No silly, he will be OUR LOVER,” Selena says with a mischievous smile.

I’m even more confused and at that moment, I feel Selena put a pair of handcuffs on me.

Selena holds my head while Jacob starts masturbating in front of my face. She opens my mouth with her fingers as wide as possible.

  • “Easy bitch, you are going to like what’s going to happen now,” Jacob says while he slaps his cock in my face.

Selena shoves his cock in my mouth.

  • “Come on bitch, suck on it,” they both say to me in unison.

I repeat the fellatio I gave Selena earlier but this time I have a real, live cock in my mouth.

Fuck Me Harder, Sir

While I suck on Jacob’s cock, he and Selena kiss passionately while he takes off my wife’s dress and begins to caress her with lust and passion.

  • “I’ll do it first if it doesn’t bother you,” Selena tells Jacob.

“Of course. If this is the first time your pet sucks cock, he’s doing a good job of it.”

I continue to feel Selena’s fingers in my anus dilating me. Jacob continues to push my head on his cock so I could keep sucking on it. I start to feel Selena penetrating me with her dildo making me scream with her cock still inside my asshole.

Jacob takes advantage and puts his cock even deeper in my throat. My wife continues to penetrate me while I keep sucking on Jacob’s big, black, cock. After being penetrated by my wife, Jacob pulls his cock out of my mouth,

  • “Now it’s my turn, dear,” the Mandingo tells my wife.

She gladly takes her dildo out of my ass, lays me face down on the lounge chair with my butt in the air and Jacob proceeds to put his huge cock in my ass and starts fucking me with the same rhythm and force Selena did making me cry out in pain.

  • “Come on, darling, it’s not that bad,” Selena says, parting my hair and spitting in my face.

She takes out her cell phone and records the entire scene.

  • “Come on, submissive male, say something to the camera,” Selena tells me, focusing the camera on my face.

So Delicious To Fuck Him

  • “I love being penetrated,” I say between groans. “Fuck me harder sir,” I yell at Jacob

And he penetrates me more forcefully while Selena continues to record the scene. After some time, he finally takes his cock out of my ass and says,

  • “Turn him around quick, I want to cum on his face,” says Jacob.

They turn me around to face him and I feel his semen wet my face and chest.

  • “It was delicious to fuck your submissive male Selena,” Jacob says as he embraces my wife.

“I told you it would be delicious and look, he didn’t complain at all, surely he liked it,” my dominant wife says as I lay on the lounge chair with my face and chest covered in cum.

Selena puts pink panties on me and a dildo in my ass and says,

  • “From now on it will be the only underwear you’re going to wear in this house,” she says as she rubs my swollen testicles.


  • “You still do not have permission to cum but don’t worry, I’ll continue to treat you like you deserve to be treated,” she says before leaving me on the patio floor,


  • “And by the way, don’t dare look at us,” she says before falling into Jacob’s arms.

Getting Paid To Sell My Ass

I close my eyes tightly and can hear their moans a few feet away from me. As I try to process what happened, I came to the conclusion that I would really like to know my wife’s intentions. When they finish, Selena accompanies Jacob to the door and I notice how he gives my wife a stack of bills. She comes back and removes the handcuffs and the dildo from my ass,

  • “By the way, baby, he paid to fuck you,” Selena says as she puts a stack of bills in my face.

I reached out to grab the money and she immediately slaps me across the face,

  • “Silly, it’s not for you, I’ll save it in case we have a financial emergency. I think you can quit your job and we can make money selling your ass,” my wife tells me while she pushes me to the floor and puts her foot on my head, reminding me once again of my place in this relationship….always under her heel.

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