Dominant Mistress Roxanne Captures Me

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How I Met My New Dominant Mistress

Hello, my name is Dan and this is the story of how I met my dominant mistress. One day I was walking down a dark shadowy sidewalk where I thought no one else would be. But little did I know, I was being followed by a woman who seemed curious about me. As I kept walking down the pitch-black sidewalk I could not get the sound of her heels outside of my head. I couldn’t help but look back to see who the woman was. Before I could look over my shoulder, the sound of heels approaching me stopped. My curious self wanted to know why that sound had stopped so I went to the nearest alleyway which was about 40 feet behind me and started looking for the woman in the heels.

As I got closer to the alleyway I looked down to see a shadowy figure on the sidewalk. I started to look upward and saw the shape which I guessed was a woman’s muscular body. I had guessed right. Standing before me was a muscular woman who had to be about 6 feet 5 inches. I tried to walk the other way but she grabbed my shoulder, picked me up, carried me to a nearby car, and put me in the back seat. Once I have been put in the back seat, the dominant woman who captured me, told me not to speak until we arrived at the designated location.

Roxanne Is My New Wife

The woman who had captured me started to introduce herself.

  • “Hello, my name is Roxanne and I am going to be your new wife.”

I was terrified while she was explaining herself but I couldn’t speak or move because I had duct tape on my mouth and my hands were handcuffed to the ceiling of the car. My new dominant mistress started to speak again,

  • “You better settle down there Dan or when we get home you will be severely punished”.

In my head, I was thinking how the heck does she know my name? Roxanne started to speak again,

  • “I will explain myself fully to you once we get home so settle down because we have quite a long drive ahead of us.”

It seemed like forever but the car finally came to a halt. When the car was fully stopped and parked, the dominant woman who had captured me earlier stepped out of the car and headed toward where I was sitting. She opened the door and said,

  • “We are home submissive. This is where you are going to be living for the rest of your life and you better enjoy the outdoors because once you step through this door you will never be able to go outside again unless it’s under my strict supervision. Do you understand?”

As Roxanne took the duck tape off my mouth for some odd reason I said,

  • “Yes, Miss”.

You’re My Property Now

Filled with anger Roxanne slapped me and said,

  • “You don’t call me Miss, you reply with Mistress Roxanne or Supreme Leader do you understand?”

I said,

As I look at Dominant Mistress Roxanne she starts to move her hand toward her pocket and pulls out a dog collar and leash.

  • “Dan, this going to be your new collar, it represents my ownership to you and once I put this on you I completely own everything that belongs to you. If you do not accept this collar there will be consequences.”

Once I hear that statement I start to talk,

  • “What do you mean by consequences Mistress Roxanne?”

She replies,

  • “That is only for me to worry about, but please accept this collar like a good boy so I don’t have to punish you.”

Dan says,

  • “I will humbly accept your offer to serve you until the day I perish.”

After that moment, Dominant Mistress Roxanne and I knew that a strong and trustworthy relationship has begun.

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