My First Experience With Female Dominance

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First Time With A Dominant Woman

female dominanceMy heart was racing. Not only was I new to female dominance but I have never been with a woman before. Quietly, I sat kneeling on the floor with my head down waiting for my mistress. The anticipation building inside me left me breathless.

High heel footsteps could be heard walking towards me and I was not ready but engaging in her female dominance felt so right. So I waited as I was instructed to do so. She strode in with such grace. Her long flowing blonde hair swayed with her strides. Her body glistened in her black leather dress up to her neck. I saw no glimpse of her body, though the lace on her chest and “nethers” would suggest later I would be graced with her natural body.

She bore a riding crop that she tapped in her hand as she approached me. Using the tool, she lifted up my chin so our eyes met. Hers were beautiful blue eyes that burned with passion. She ordered me up while smacking me with the crop.

  • “Strip your shirt slave,” she ordered.

I did what I was told and dropped my shirt to the ground.

She Oozes Of Female Dominance

  • “Did I say you could put your clothes on my floor?!”

She barked, smacking me again. I whimpered this time to which she let out an amused chuckle.

  • “I’ll finish this for you bitch,”

Then she spat on my face. She removed my underwear to reveal her slave’s pathetic cock. She smirked as it pulsated in front of her. So far, I was enjoying my first experience of female dominance.

She made long and slow strides to the other half of the room behind me so I could not see. I heard some ruffles but nothing too distinct to give me any clues. I kneeled back down just in case so as to not upset my mistress. Suddenly it became dark as she threw a blindfold over my eyes. My cock throbbed at the excitement of her controlling me this way.

  • “You think you deserve to lose your virginity easily slave?”

She hissed. I shook my head,

  • “No mistress.”

I quivered. She grabbed my face and pulled it towards her own. I could feel the warmth of her breath travel across my face and give me goosebumps.

  • “Of course not bitch. We’re going to do it my way. Now get on the bed bitch!”

First Pegging

I did as I was told and knelt on the bed for her. A minute went by before she joined me on the bed, and I could tell she brought more toys with her. I felt her climb up behind me and reach around my head. Before I could ask, a silicone ball was strapped into my mouth. I had waited so many years to be ball gagged by a woman, and I nearly came because of it.

A second later she bound my wrists with handcuffs behind my back. She shifted for a bit before finally commanding me.

  • “Now slave… ride my cock,”

As I felt her latex gloves grab my ass as she pulled me towards her. I pushed with my legs to help her bring me over to her. She guided me slowly until my ass brushed upon her cock between her legs.

  • “Now is this what you expected slave? I have a feeling a slut like you will enjoy this,”

She said as I angled myself for penetration, giving her a good view of my asshole. She poked at my entrance with the cock and I slowly slid down on it halfway while getting my ass lubed. I let out a pleasured moan as I never imagined pegging would feel so good, let alone while bound by a beautiful mistress.

Your Anal Virginity Is Mine

Slowly, she began to push into me. I help by pushing the opposite way until it was fully in my ass. The pleasure outweighed the pain. I slowly started gyrating on her cock. She moaned lightly, making me harder. She thrusts into me, making me bounce around her cock for the remainder of our session.

I felt it hit the spot. So many waves of pleasure washed over me having her cock hit my prostate gland. I moaned in the gag and she returned a satisfied moan as well. Suddenly the pleasure is too great and I begin to tense up. She sees and begins to pick up the speed. I began bouncing on her cock until I can no longer and started gyrating again.

Finally, I can’t hold it any longer. I beg to the best of my ability through the gag to let me cum. She chants,

  • “Cum slave, cum for mistress,” a few times before I burst.

The most powerful and satisfying orgasm I’ve ever had squirts out of my cock without even stimulating it.

  • “Good slave, your anal virginity is mine. We’re just getting started!”

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