Submissive Man Subjected to a Game of Role -Play

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Discovery of the Submissive “Toy”!


“You’re nothing but a submissive toy.” Be my toy! Be a submissive man!

Her voice was firm, but with a slightly hoarse, very sensual timbre, under cover of the orders she gave him.

Her hand stroked his shoulder, sliding over the fabric of his white cotton shirt. With the other hand, she held a cup of hot tea, which she had him serve a few minutes before. She had taken advantage of the sunlight to let the tea cool down, admiring the trees in the park through the window of the room on the first floor of the large house. With her other hand, she resumed her exploration, clinging firmly to one side of the shirt. Then she pulled his shirt out of his pants, exposing his naked belly to her sight.

Then she reached for his hand. Thus his muscles tightened as she brushed her palm against the little fluffy hairs that partially covered his belly. She endeavored to provoke him further, sensations full of promises. She then took a sip of tea and put down the cup.

With her two hands now free, she undid her belt. He could feel everything starting to tingle underneath. She had ordered him to keep his head high and not to lower his eyes. The prominence now very well formed under the cloth of jeans, she encouraged him with her fingertips down his hard shaft. The latter, thus, seemed animated with an irresistible desire to get out of her grasp.

Undressing the Submissive Man!


Then, with his hand, she easily joined it to her mouth and touched her lips with his fingers. She had a pretty sensual mouth. And there, she slipped two of his fingers into her half-open lips. Her breathing was hot and her mouth moist. His eyes blinked a little, his way of forcing himself not to show any reaction as she moved his two fingers in her mouth, penetrating it.

-That’s a good toy! Who does all that he is told to do! You are there only to satisfy me! You are only a submissive man!

And this is how he stood, this submissive man, his arms dangling and his legs slightly spread before her. She started to undress him a little more by removing his shirt and then his t-shirt. He merely raised his arms to allow the passage of the shirt and then the t-shirt. He put his arms to his side, exposed before her. His torso also had a few fluffy hairs. But she focused more on his nipples titillating her agile fingers. Then she went back to remove the pants. She slid it off after unlocking the last defenses: the zipper and button.

He found himself panting down, falling on his ankles. She passed a finger under the elastic of his boxer and smacked him. Delaying the intensity, she went down the boxers hardly discovering his penis. And then, centimeter after centimeter making a very slowly descend on the boxers.
She noticed that this submissive man had long legs and hips very straight.
She felt his hard, muscular buttocks …

To be continued

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