How to Please my Mistress during a Lecture!

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My Mistress is sitting listening to a lecture for Her class. She is exhausted uncomfortable, and bored with tonight’s class. Nevertheless, She must pay attention. So, She needs to be more comfortable, and She needs to make tonight more enjoyable.

  • “CASTLE”

is all She has to say, and She watches Her slave rush to find her favorite toy.

A normal class at home!

I assume the perfect pose in front of Her, begging Her for attention. She is enjoying Herself so much more already. She is on “mute” in class, and from what it seems, She is, like everyone else, having a normal night in class. Little do they know! She has not stopped begging, She hardly acknowledges me, and She must pay attention to class. My Mistress loves to hear me beg so She let it continue for a little longer.


She takes the crop from my mouth and tells Her slave that Her feet are tired, and they need to rest upon me. I get on all fours, holding myself perfectly, I know She expects nothing less. She uses me as a footrest, finally feeling more comfortable. Then, She takes a deep breath as She continues with Her classes. As She listens and takes notes She runs the riding crop against my ass, tonight I am wearing my collar, a chest harness, and a small tight black thong.

She starts to tease me with the crop caressing my skin slowly. Running it along my body. She knows She’ll be getting a short break from the lecture soon and She cannot wait to see Her slave’s ass turn a bright red from the riding crop.

A human sex toy for my Mistress

Her teacher excuses the class and She reaches over and disconnects the camera She makes sure She is still on mute. SMACK!! She hit me once and began to see the beautiful red mark on my ass. SMACK! Again and again. She loves when my ass is red so She continues until She is pleased. My Mistress loves to see my muscular form react but She also demands me to keep my composure, so She only sees subtle flinches.

She takes Her hands across my body, exploring what is Hers. She can feel how hard I am, how much I enjoyed pleasing Her. My skin is still warm from the crop She just used.

  • “INSPECT” “

She says and my response is immediate. She loves my eyes on HER. Mistress walks around him giving little flicks of the riding crop all over him. Just enough to sting. She walks in front of me, setting the crop back down, She uses Her hands to caress my skin and slowly move them down my body.

My Mistress starts to slowly pull the little black thong down, She takes it off completely and tells me to sit down. Then, She starts to touch my cock, She plays with it slowly, Her grip hard. She can feel my body react to Her touch. She let out a little giggle, knowing how badly I want to cum. It has been days since she has let me.

  • “I will use you for My pleasure, and My pleasure alone. If you are good and I am satisfied, I may let you cum tonight.”

She stands up and removes Her panties She straddles me and slowly slides Her sweet little pussy onto my face. I let out a small moan.

  • “Quiet!” She says.

After her climax, back to class!

She begins to ride my face, harder. Obviously, She wants to cum and She needs to do it fast.

She reaches Her climax, and cum so very hard on my face. Her pussy dripping wet, She feels how close and how bad he wants to. She stands up, grabs Her panties, and says,

  • “Open your mouth!”

Then, She places the sexy little thong in my mouth.

  • “Hold these for me slave!”

She doesn’t want to put them back on and She doesn’t want clutter lying around. She needs Her footrest, She has to get back to class.

My Mistress would be hungry after the lecture, She’d have me make me something yummy and use me as Her chair while She ate.


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