The Night That Changed My Submissive Life

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The Night That Changed My Submissive Life

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I will always remember the night when my submissive life started. I went out to a club with a couple of my buddies to have some drinks and maybe hook up with some ladies like any other Saturday night. The club was pumping and we were having a good time. I noticed a few hot girls I hadn’t seen before and figured I would ask one of them to dance. I was fairly confident because I typically did well with the ladies. So, I chose the one that was dressed very hot, she had these sexy thigh-high boots and a leather mini skirt. I tried making small talk but she didn’t seem interested so I tried her friend. Strike one, then strike two.

Slapped by this very hot Lady

So, I got a beer and went back to my friends. After some time, and a few beers, I saw the ladies on the dance floor. I figured why not try again. So, I tried my best dance moves and my first mistake was getting too close. Whap! The first girl I approached slapped me across my face. Wow, didn’t see that coming I thought. All I could think to do was apologize and lick my wounds. So, I did.

Then surprisingly, she started chewing me out saying that I needed to learn how to treat a lady. Ok, again I took it. But, she didn’t stop, she went on and on about learning respect. I listened and then again said Sorry! Then I asked if I could buy them a drink to make up for my rudeness. They accepted and we sat down with me facing both of them trying to be really nice because after that slap they had my attention.

After a little chat, I got their names: Liz and Michelle. Then, Liz said,

  • ” I’ve noticed you can’t stop staring at my boots.”

She was right.

  • Do you like them?”

I answered,

  • “yes, very much.”


  • “Do you want to touch them?”


  • ” Sure, ok,” I said.

After getting down on my knees to touch them, Liz said:

  • “kiss them!”


Kissing the boots of this Lady

I was shocked, no girl had ever said something like that to me before. After a little thought, I started to kiss her boots right there in the club.

  • “Good boy, you might be useful after all” Liz said.

Then Michelle said,

  • ” I think we found a little bootlicker, maybe you are ready to learn your lesson on how you should treat women.”


  • “Are you prepared to learn how to treat a lady,” Liz followed.


  • “I think so,” I answered.


foot slave dating

I was then directed to follow them to Michelle’s apartment to continue my lesson. I must admit, I was sooo turned on that I didn’t hesitate. Second mistake. When we arrived, I was ordered to strip and present myself at their feet. I did and was thrilled to do so. I had never thought about female domination, but this night would change my life. Liz had gotten up and left the room for a moment.

When she returned, she had a collar and leash in one hand and a crop in the other. She proceeded to place the collar and leash around my neck. Then she sat down and yanked my head down to those glorious boots.

  • “Continue where you left off! She commanded.

While worshipping her boots, Michelle started whipping me with the crop. It really hurt, but I must admit I liked being Under their control. The night went on with me being mentally and physically abused and used as their servant. They told me that they could see a change in my attitude. I went on to become their slave for the next couple of months. I learned a lot about how to treat women and I am now living a submissive life and constantly think about female dominance.




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